Best Method to Convert OLM to CSV Format to Open in MS Excel

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 9 Min Read

In today’s data-driven world, effective data management is essential for businesses and individuals alike. When it comes to email data, especially in a Mac environment, the need to convert OLM (Outlook for Mac) files to CSV (Comma-Separated Values) format is becoming increasingly common. Whether for data analysis, archiving, or migrating between platforms, a seamless and accurate conversion process is essential. In this blog post will describe about how to convert OLM to CSV file including email, contacts, etc.

Quick step to convert OLM files into CSV file

  1. Firstly, Download and install OLM to CSV converter.
  2. Then, launch the tool and select the OLM files.
  3. Then, select the CSV file format as the output.
  4. Select the destination folder for the converted file.
  5. Finally, click the “Convert” to start the conversion.

Some insights about OLM file and CSV file

It is a file format to store the email messages, Mac Outlook 2011 or Mac Outlook 2016 editions give the facility to their users to export the database in OLM format. An OLM file is a combination of email messages, email folders, contacts, calendars, address book, tasks, notes, journals, etc. means that an OLM file can store all of them. In simple words, OLM is a Mac Outlook exported database archived file.

A CSV (Comma Separated Values) is a common data exchange format, which can store tabular data including numbers or text in plain text. CSV is one of the best file formats to store contacts. Most of the email clients and cloud-based email services allow importing the CSV contacts. A CSV file can be accessed with MS Excel or Google Spreadsheet as these are known as Spreadsheet programs.

There are various users who ask on multiple platforms about how to convert Mac OLM to CSV file format. If you are also looking for such a solution, then use OLM to CSV Converter application. You can read more about this software in the below section.

Reasons why you should convert your OLM data file into CSV

There are many reasons why you might want to move an OLM to CSV file format. Here are some of the most common reasons:

Benefit Description
Easy to read and share CSV files are a standard format that can be opened by most spreadsheet programs. This makes it easy to share your email data with others.
Smaller and more efficient CSV files are typically much smaller than OLM files. This means they take up less space on your hard drive and can be transferred more quickly.
Can be imported into other email clients If you want to switch to a different email client, you can easily import your CSV file into the new client. This saves you the time and hassle of manually recreating your email data.
Good for data analysis CSV files are a good format for data analysis because they are easy to read and parse. This makes it easy to use them to create charts, graphs, and other visualizations of your email data.

Overall, there are many reasons why you might want to convert an OLM file into CSV extension. If you need to read, share, or store your email data in a more efficient way, then converting to CSV is a great option.

Here are some additional benefits of converting Mac OLM data to CSV:

  • CSV files can be easily updated.
  • CSV files can be viewed in multiple email clients.
  • CSV files can be used for data analysis.

If you’re considering converting your OLM files into CSV, I recommend doing some research to find a reliable converter that meets your needs. There are many different converters available, so you should be able to find one that fits your budget and your technical expertise.

Best Solution: The OLM to CSV Converter

OLM converter is a recommended solution to transfer OLM files to CSV extension (OLM to Excel). It a software application that allows you to convert OLM files into CSV extension. OLM files are proprietary files used by Outlook for Mac to store email, contacts, and other data. CSV files are a standard format that can be opened by most spreadsheet programs.

This software is also known as an OLM Outlook Mac into CSV converter and an OLM to Excel converter because it can convert Mac OLM files to CSV file format, which can then be opened and viewed in MS Excel.

How to Export OLM to Excel Supported format?

Follow a few simple steps to export your Mac Outlook OLM Contact to CSV (convert OLM file to Excel) format.

Firstly, download and run the OLM files to CSV Converter and then install it.

Now, you can convert OLM file to CSV by using options i.e. Select Files… or Select Folders…

Select files to convert olm to csv

This screenshot is showing all items in the software panel, select them and press the Next button.


Then, from here choose the Contacts and Outlook Contacts option as shown in the screenshot.


By default it will save the resultant data at the desktop, if you want to change the destination path, then click on the Folder icon and press Convert button.

how to convert OLM to CSV file

Mac Outlook into CSV conversion process is running.

Convert OLM file to Excel

The process to export OLM file to CSV has been completed successfully with pop-up information, now click on Ok button.

Export OLM to CSV

Here is converted data in CSV, this CSV file can be opened with MS Excel, Google Spreadsheet, OpenOffice Calc, etc.

Converted data in CSV format

Steps to convert Outlook Mac contacts to CSV file 

Follow steps to convert OLM file to CSV:

  1. Launch the software and choose OLM files.
  2. Then, add OLM data file or folders.
  3. Then, select OLM Outlook contacts from GUI.
  4. After that, Choose the saving format >> CSV.
  5. Specify file saving location for resultant data.
  6. Finally, start to convert Mac OLM contacts to CSV.

Functionalities of Mac Outlook Exporter

Best and versatile solution: This Mac Outlook OLM to Excel converter is an optimal technique to convert bulk OLM files to CSV and save time and effort.

Any saving path: The tool saves converted data at desired storage location even it allows saving the converted data into external storage devices.

Keeps intact information: The tool preserves all the details of contacts i.e. title, first name, middle name, last name, suffix, company, department, job title, business street, business city, business state, business postal code, business country/region, home street, home city, home state, home postal code, home country/region, assistant’s phone, business fax, business phone, mobile phone, anniversary, birthday, email address, email type, gender, etc.

Compatible with all editions: OLM Outlook to CSV converter permits to convert Mac Outlook 2011, 2016 OLM files to CSV format.

Supports Windows OS: OLM to Excel converter is compatible with all Windows OS-based computers including Windows Server editions to export CSV files to CSV.

Installation in various languages: Product setup can be installed in multiple international languages i.e. English, Deutsch, Francais, Italiano, Nederlands, etc.

Live conversion: Displays the live status of OLM file to CSV conversion with number counts.

Free trial: Lab-tested product, OLM to CSV converter free is also available for evaluation.

The Benefits of Moving Mac Outlook Contacts to CSV Format

In this digital world, millions of users want to extract the contacts from Mac Outlook exported OLM file to CSV format because…

  1. CSV contacts can be easily accessed by any spreadsheet programs like MS Excel, Google Spreadsheet, OpenOffice Calc, etc.
  2. A CSV contact file can be imported into various types of email services or email clients, for example, MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Gmail, G Suite, Yahoo Mail, etc.
  3. CSV file can store unlimited contacts with complete details so most of the users prefer to use it to store the contacts.
  4. If you are using a CSV file, it uses simple columns and rows to store the plain text so it can be easily understood by both technical and non-technical users.

The Judgment

The above procedure to convert OLM to CSV format is 100% verified as our experts have tested this procedure again and again in the BitRecover lab. One can also use the trial version free of cost by converting a few OLM contacts. After getting complete satisfaction grab its license keys to convert OLM contacts to CSV format, which can be easily accessed with MS Excel.


Que 1– I am using Mac Outlook 2011 and I want to change OLM file to CSV format. How do I convert OLM files to CSV format within simple steps?

Ans – Just follow these steps to export Mac Outlook 2011 OLM file to CSV format.

Step1: Export OLM file from Mac Outlook 2011.

Step2: Copy OLM file from Mac computer to Windows computer using the pen drive.

Step3: Download OLM file to CSV converter on your PC.

Step4:  Start to convert OLM file to CSV format.

Step5: This resultant OLM file can be opened with MS Excel or other spreadsheet-related programs.

Que 2 – Can I export OLM files to CSV format in bulk?

Ans – Yes, OLM to Excel converter gives permission to migrate unlimited Mac Outlook OLM files to CSV format.

Que 3 – How do I convert OLM file to CSV format on my Mac machine?

Ans – This software cannot be installed on a Mac machine so please use Windows OS-based PC to export OLM contacts to CSV format.

Que 4 – Does this software convert both Mac Outlook 2011 or 2016 OLM files to CSV format?

Ans – Yes, this software is well suitable to change OLM to CSV from Mac Outlook 2011, 2016 editions.