Convert OLM to vCard (VCF) Contacts in Professional Way

Mark Regan | September 10th, 2018 | Convert Your Data

In this blog post, users will get the following information

  1. What is OLM file?
  2. What is vCard (VCF) file?
  3. Reasons to convert OLM contacts to VCF format.
  4. The technique to convert OLM to VCF format.
  5. How to convert OLM to vCard contacts?
  6. OLM to vCard converter features.
  7. OLM to VCF converter FAQ’s
  8. The Verdict

What is OLM File?

It is Mac Outlook exported database file, which allows storing emails, contacts, calendars, notes, journals, including attachments. Users can extract OLM archive files from Mac Outlook 2011, 2016 editions to use it as a backup of the database. Mac Outlook extracted OLM file cannot be opened in Windows Outlook because OLM file is supported via only Mac Outlook 2011, 2016 editions.

What is vCard (VCF) File?

VCF (Virtual Contact Format) is a file format for electronic business cards, which gives permission to store various types of information related to contacts. A vCard file is also known as VCF file, which allows to save name, address, telephone number, email address,  websites link, photos, date, time, logos, audio clips, etc. vCard file was founded by the consortium of IT industries like Apple, AT&T, Siemens, IBM, etc.

Reasons to Convert OLM Contacts to VCF Format

Basically, the reasons to convert OLM contacts VCF format depends on user’s situation and need. Here few possible reasons are given, which may be the cause of OLM to VCF conversion.

  1. OLM file is a combination of various items like emails, contacts, calendars, journals, notes, etc. but sometimes, users want to use only contacts so other information is not useful for them in this situation they want to extract the contacts from OLM file to vCard format.
  2. Some users want to change OLM to VCF format because it is the standard international file format to store the contacts information. After converting Mac Outlook OLM to vCard format, users can import it to different types of electronic devices and email services.
  3. OLM files take the large size of space to store because it has the various types of information while the vCard file is known as the lightweight file format, which allows saving the contacts information only so users prefer to use the vCard file instead of OLM for contacts related purpose.
  4. It is a difficult task to access OLM files in different types of electronic devices while vCard file can be easily accessed in Mac Computers, Windows Computer, Android Mobiles, iPhones, Tablets, etc.

The technique to Convert OLM to VCF Format

Use OLM Converter, which has separate option to extract contacts from OLM to vCard (VCF) format. The tool is also known as OLM to vCard converter, OLM to VCF converter, OLM contacts migrator tool because it gives the permission to extract contacts from OLM files to VCF format. It is the greatest technique to convert OLM to vCard because it comes with simple to use and advanced features like bulk conversion of OLM to VCF format at once to save the time and efforts.

How to Convert OLM to vCard Contacts?

Follow given steps to change OLM to VCF format without manipulating any contacts related information like name, address, company logos, photos, audio clips, etc.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

  • After download, run OLM to vCard converter, it offers dual options to choose OLM files i.e. Select Files… or Select Folders…, choose any option according to your need.

Select Files

  • All email items are shown in software panel from here, users can choose all or required items to convert them from OLM to vCard format. After selecting the items click on Next button.


  • First, choose Contacts option after that select vCard Format as shown in the screenshot.

vCard Format

  • Select option to create single or combine vCard file and also select destination path to save the resultant vCard. After selecting the advanced options press Convert button.


  • Mac Outlook OLM to VCF conversion process is running so please wait.

OLM to VCF conversion

  • OLM to vCard conversion process has been completed with the completion message. Now click on Ok button.


  • Here is the resultant data in vCard (VCF) format. Now users can use vCard file according to their requirement.

Resultant data

OLM to vCard Converter Features.

  1. OLM contacts migrator tool allows to convert bulk OLM contacts to vCard format at once, which beneficial to save valuable time and efforts.
  2. OLM to VCF converter has separate option to create single or combine VCF file for each OLM file.
  3. OLM to vCard converter allows saving the resultant data at the desired location of the computer.
  4. OLM contacts migrator tool permits to change OLM to VCF format including all information like name, address book, logos, photos, date, time, telephone number, email address, audio clips, etc.
  5. OLM to vCard converter supports both Mac Outlook 2011, 2016 exported OLM files to convert them in VCF format.
  6. The tool allows extracting contacts from large sized OLM to vCard format as there is no size limitation to change OLM to vCard contacts format.
  7. OLM to VCF converter is compatible with all 32 bit and 64 bit Windows Operating System including Windows Server editions.
  8. OLM contacts migrator can be installed in various types of languages so it is well suitable for all worldwide users.

OLM to VCF converter FAQ’s

Que 1 – I am owner of a medium-sized IT industry where employees are using Mac Outlook 2016 edition and I have approx 100 Mac Outlook exported OLM files in my Windows computer, now I want to extract the contacts from all OLM files to vCard format for database marketing, can I use this product to solve the problem?

Ans – Yes, of course, it is well suitable software to extract contacts from unlimited OLM files to vCard format.

Que 2 – Can I install this OLM contacts migrator tool on my Mac machine?

Ans – No, it cannot be installed on Mac computer, it supports only Windows OS based computers.

Que 3 – After converting OLM files to VCF format, can I import converted vCard into my  Android mobile?

Ans – Yes, most of the electronic communication devices support vCard file format successfully.

Que 4 – Can I test this product before purchasing the product license keys?

Ans – Yes, the tool comes with free demo edition to convert few contacts from OLM file to VCF format so that users can test the software and working procedure before purchasing the license keys.

The Verdict

After reading the above information, anyone can easily convert OLM to vCard without loss of any information. OLM to VCF converter comes with free trial version, which permits to convert few contacts from OLM file to VCF format that is helpful for users to evaluate the product before purchasing the license keys. Just download this OLM to vCard converter for solving how to convert OLM to vCard related issues.

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