Introduce Your Essence with Microsoft Windows Server 2019

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 9th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

On the mid of this year, Microsoft is bidding release Windows Server 2019. As Microsoft has announced the accessibility of Windows Server 2019 in a preview with details of most pertinent latest features in platform.

Here is just a glimpse at certain handpicked features, which may give you a kind of qualitative changes that will arise forward with the upcoming Windows Server 2019. The latest technology update with which you can get hands on experience in middle of this year, i.e. 2018.

So gear up, act now and upgrade from old to the new and improved server for better compatibility, security, and assistance.

Upgrade Your Data, Update Yourself

Microsoft has spent huge time for its customers to understand future challenges as well as where an organization is going. There are mainly four themes, which are consistent – Hybrid, Application Platform, Security, and Hyper-converged infrastructure. Therefore, Microsoft has come up with various many innovations on these 4 themes in Microsoft Windows Server 2019. It will be easy to understand as it is mentioned in details below:

  • Hybrid Cloud

Migration to cloud is drive and repeatedly a hybrid way, which associates on-premises and cloud environments functioning together. Dispersal of Active Directory, synchronizing file servers, and data backup cloud are some examples of what customers are presently doing to extent their data centers to public cloud. Moreover, hybrid method allows the applications on running an on-premises to get revolution in cloud such as Artificial Intelligence, etc. Hybrid cloud permits future-proof, long-term method, which are just a way we understand it playing central role in cloud policies for our near future.

With Windows Server 2019, users will be allowed to smoothly integrate Azure services such as disaster recovery, Azure Backup, Azure File Sync, etc. In a way to influence all these Azure facilities without upsetting its applications and infrastructure.

  • Security

Presently security is main priority for each person. As number of cyber threats are rising in our present life. Microsoft totally understands this concern therefore; they carry on their journey by providing its user’s safe cloud-based applications such as Office 365, Microsoft Azure, etc.

Our ways to safety are just three-fold, i.e. Protect, Detect, and Respond. Therefore, Microsoft has come up with its safety features in all three areas in Windows Server 2019.

On the Detect plus Respond front, in Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Windows Defender ATP (Advanced Threat Protection), which gives preventative protection, recognizes attacks as ell as zero-day feats among other skills into an OS. This provides customers usage to the deep kernel and memory sensors, refining presentation, and allowing reaction actions on server systems.

  • Application Platform

The key features to call out for the developer community are improvements to Windows Server ampules and WSL (Windows Subsystem on Linux).

Microsoft endures to development the diversities existing when it comes to the arranging Windows Server container deployments. In MS Windows Server 2019, are giving significant improvements to figure, storage, as well as networking devices of Kubernetes cluster.

  • HCI (Hyper-Converged Infrastructure)

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure is one of the updated trend in the server industry presently. Its market has grownup up to 64% in the year 2016 and about to be $5 billion market by 2019. This tendency is mainly because of the customers who know the value of using x86 servers with the high performance local disks to implement their compute as well as storage need at same time.

In Windows Server 2019, Microsoft is designing building this stage by addition of the scale, performance, and reliability. Microsoft is adding an ability to undertake HCI deployments in Project Honolulu, to shorten management and daily actions on the HCI environments.

Final Words

Let us wait for the mid of this year for Windows Server 2019. If you have any other knowledge or update related to the same Windows Server 2019 then, do not feel shy just share with us.