How to Print Email from Outlook Web App (OWA) Account?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 9th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Sometimes users want to print email from Outlook Web App (OWA) accounts to fulfill their requirements. But they don’t know how to print an email from online. Let’s continue to read this informative write-up and get the 2 best solutions to resolve your problem.

Before going to learn a technique to print email from Outlook App first understand the reasons behind the printing purposes. After reading this blog post, anyone can easily print email messages one by one or manually. Hence, opt for the right solution for your printing requirements.

Why Print Email from Online Account?

  • Physical Copy: Printing email from Outlook App permits to keep a physical copy of crucial communications for record-keeping and other purposes.
  • Legal Needs: Forensic experts, advocates, lawyers, and cops may prefer to print emails to submit proof of evidence for legal requirements.
  • Offline Access: Several home and working professionals wish to print Outlook Web App email messages to access them offline.
  • Sharing: Sometimes users prefer to share some important information with their friends, colleagues, and clients who don’t use digital platforms.

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How to Print an Email from Manually?

  1. Sign in to your and open an email.
    Sign in to OWA
  2. Select the Print option to print this OWA email.
    Print option
  3. Press Print to print email.
    Print button
  4. Choose a connected printer as a Destination.
    Choose Printer
  5. Click the Print button to start printing OWA email.
    Print email from Outlook Web App

Note That: After printing this email from Outlook App, you need to repeat the same steps to print another email.

Know Manual Method Limitations

The manual way permits to print email from web-based accounts one by one. This is a time-consuming task to print multiple emails in Outlook Web App (OWA) account.

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Pro Method to Print Email from Outlook Web App Backup Software is a perfect tool to print multiple emails in Outlook Web App accounts. This software is suitable for printing emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes. Even you can enable advanced filters while completing the process.

This application comes with a free demo version that accents to print 25 items from each folder with a company name watermark. You can upgrade this utility anytime if you want to remove the watermark from physical documents.

How to Print Multiple Emails in Outlook Online?

  1. Launch the suggested tool, enter credentials, and press Login.
    Outlook live credentials
  2. Select the required items from the software window for printing.
    Select folders
  3. Enable a filter option to print selective emails.
  4. Pick PDF from the listed saving options.
    Saving options
  5. Use naming conventions for renaming documents before print.
    Renaming options
  6. Select the destination location using the Change button to continue.
    Print email from
  7. Click the Backup button to print email from Outlook App to PDF.
    Print Outlook Web App Email
  8. Finally, get resultant PDF documents from the destination folder.
    Converted PDF files

Note That: After exporting emails to PDF documents, you can easily print resultant PDFs instantly.

Software Features to Print Outlook Web App Email

  • An excellent utility to print multiple emails in Outlook Web App.
  • Fully automated software that asks only your OWA credentials.
  • Select required items to print from online accounts.
  • Enable filtration options to print email from web.
  • Export emails from Outlook Web App to PST, MSG, EML, MBOX, PDF, etc.
  • Various renaming options to store output data professionally.

Any Question? Get It Resolved!

Q 1: How do I print an email from Outlook on my phone?

You can access same account using smartphones, tablets, and computers. You can directly use on your mobile and connect a printer to print email. However, you can use this software on your Windows and Mac Computer to print emails from OWA that is configured with mobile device.

Q 2: I use an account with a email address. Can I still print my emails?

Yes, first convert Hotmail email to PDF then you can easily print Hotmail email messages.

Q 3: How do I print an email from Outlook Web App?

  1. Log in to your Outlook Web App program.
  2. Open an email to print accordingly.
  3. Select Print and choose a printer.
  4. Click the Print button to print OWA email.


Above we have revealed the top 2 techniques to print email from Outlook Web App (OWA) accounts. Both methods work successfully without showing any warning or error messages. However, the manual method has some limitations, but it still seems suitable for home users. Business professionals can use our software to print emails, contacts, and calendars simultaneously with no limitations.