How to Convert Hotmail Email to PDF Document?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 15th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Are you still using a Hotmail email account and looking for a reliable way to convert Hotmail email to PDF documents? If your answer is yes, then this blog post is specifically written for you.

This blog post explains 2 tried and tested approaches to save Hotmail emails to PDF documents one by one and batch. You can opt for any solution according to your preference.

Before reading the techniques to export Hotmail emails to PDF documents, first know the reasons and requirements for conversion.

Motive to Convert Hotmail to PDF Format

  • PDF documents seem suitable for sharing email so that recipients can read them offline when the internet is not available.
  • Sometimes users want to print Hotmail email messages on a hard copy for various reasons.
  • After saving Hotmail emails to PDF format, users can lock PDF files for printing, copying, editing, and opening.
  • The court, legal agencies, and government agencies accept PDF documents to submit documents and proofs.
  • Forensic investigators, advocates, and lawyers download Hotmail to PDF format to collect digital evidence.
  • Users can open and access Adobe PDF documents using different types of devices and operating systems.

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How to Save Hotmail Emails as PDF Documents?

There are two trustworthy ways available to do this task i.e. Manual and Automated. The manual method permits saving a Hotmail email as a PDF document at once. The automated method is perfect for batch converting Hotmail email to PDF format. You can use any technique at your convenience, we have tested both solutions under BitRecover Lab and got appreciated results with 100% accuracy.

How to Save a Hotmail Email as a PDF Manually?

  1. Sign in to your Hotmail account and open an email.
    Open Hotmail email
  2. Choose Print by clicking on the Printer icon.
    Choose Print
  3. Next, press the Print button in selected Hotmail email.
    Print button
  4. Select Save as PDF from the dropdown under Destination.
    Save as PDF
  5. Next, choose More Settings to convert with graphics.
    More settings
  6. Enable the Background Graphics option and tap Save.
    Save Hotmail emails to PDF
  7. Browse destination and save a Hotmail email as a PDF.
    Destination folder
  8. Open destination path and get the exported PDF file.
    Exported PDF

Know the Downsides of the Manual Approach

  • The manual method allows you to convert Hotmail email to PDF documents one by one.
  • If someone wishes to export Hotmail emails to PDF format in bulk, repeat the steps multiple times.
  • Sometimes users forget to check the “Background Graphics” option and unfortunately download PDFs without graphics.
  • This technique is only suitable for home users who want to download a few Hotmail emails to PDF.

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How to Convert Hotmail Email to PDF Professionally? Backup Software is an excellent and expert-recommended tool that permits to convert Hotmail emails to PDF documents in batches. This is a fully automated Hotmail to PDF Converter that asks only your Hotmail account credentials.

This utility shows all Hotmail folders in the software panel including emails, contacts, and calendars in File Explorer view. Thereafter, our respective clients can choose the required items to export in PDF documents.

Steps to Export Hotmail Emails to PDF Using Software

  1. Launch Hotmail to PDF Converter on your Windows and Mac computers.
    Hotmail to PDF Converter
  2. Enter valid Hotmail account credentials and click Login.
    Hotmail credentials
  3. Select required items and folders to convert them into PDFs.
    Select Hotmail folders
  4. Enable additional filters to selectively convert Hotmail to PDF.
    Filter options
  5. Choose PDF as a saving option from 30+ available choices.
    Select PDF
  6. After that, select renaming formatting for resultant PDFs.
    Renaming options
  7. Browse the destination folder to store output data and press Backup.
    Convert Hotmail email to PDF
  8. Save Hotmail emails to PDF process is started, please wait.
    Export Hotmail emails to PDF
  9. Hotmail to PDF conversion has been completed successfully.
    Completed successfully
  10. Lastly, it opens the destination path to get PDFs instantly.
    Converted PDF files

Hotmail to PDF Converter Noteworthy Features

  • Convert Hotmail emails to PDF format with attachments, inline images, background graphics, and all items.
  • Backup Hotmail emails to hard drive in several standard formats such as PST, MSG, EML, MBOX, PDF, XPS, DOC, RTF, etc.
  • Save Hotmail emails to PDF documents using various email filtration options like date range, sender, receiver, and subject.
  • Hotmail to PDF Converter has separate options to extract email address from Hotmail account.
  • Select required folders to convert Hotmail to PDF format by maintaining the folder hierarchy and structure.
  • Export emails, contacts, and calendars from your Hotmail account to PDF documents with details.

Questions and Answers

Q 1: How to save email from Hotmail as PDF format?

We have revealed both manual and professional ways, you can use any method to download Hotmail to PDF format.

Q 2: Can I install your Hotmail to PDF Converter on a MacBook?

Yes, you need to download Mac Hotmail to PDF Converter for your MacBook. We have put both Windows and Mac download buttons on this webpage.

Q 3: Why are my Hotmail emails downloading to PDF without images?

Enable the Background Graphics option from More Settings to change Hotmail to PDF with inline images.

Summing Up Together

The above article disclosed 2 of the best manual and automated approaches to convert Hotmail email to PDF format. You can use any method according to your preference to save Hotmail emails to PDF files. While using the manual method then don’t forget to check the Background Graphics option.

Hotmail to PDF Converter is highly recommended to bulk export Hotmail emails to PDF format. This software preserves complete email information in Adobe documents and creates a log report too.