How to Convert Thunderbird Email to PDF Document?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 15th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Do you wish to convert Thunderbird email to PDF document? If yes, then continue to read this complete writeup. Here we will discuss 3 simple and best techniques to export Thunderbird to PDF using free and pro solutions.

Thunderbird is the first choice of millions of home and professional users because it is an open-source email client. Thunderbird is still serving the email client industry. Users prefer to use Thunderbird due to its simple GUI, advance features, and open-source availability.

Requirements to Export Thunderbird to PDF Format

  • Sometimes users may have a desire to print Thunderbird emails for different reasons and PDF is compatible with print requirements.
  • PDF documents are supported by cross platforms and devices such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Computer, MacBook, iMac, iPhone, etc.
  • Various professionals prefer to lock PDF files to restrict users from printing, copying, and editing.
  • PDF is a widely accepted digital format for legal use used by forensic investigators, lawyers, advocates, government officers, etc.
  • Various organizations and individuals use PDFs for documentation requirements and identification proofs for different reasons.

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How to Save Thunderbird Email as PDF Manually?

Thunderbird has an inbuilt option to convert Thunderbird email to PDF format one by one. However, sometimes users want to batch export Thunderbird email to PDF document. They can install ImportExportTools NG Add-On which is available 100% free of cost. The upcoming write-up sections discuss single and batch modes with proper instructions.

Learn How Thunderbird Export to PDF One by One

  1. Launch Thunderbird client and open an email.
    Select an email
  2. Right-click on the email and choose Print option.
    Print option
  3. After that, select Save to PDF as a destination.
    Save to PDF
  4. Tap Save to save Thunderbird email as PDF file.
    Thunderbird save email as PDF
  5. Browse the destination path and press the Save button.
    Select destination path
  6. Go to the destination location and get the exported PDF.
    Exported PDF

Important Note about Single Mode

  • If you want to convert multiple Thunderbird emails to PDF documents, then you need to repeat the same steps several times.
  • This is a short and easiest way to export Thunderbird email to PDF document for a few email messages.
  • The manual method maintains the Subject, From, Date, To, Email Body Text, Hyperlinks, Headings, Inline Images, and all.
  • This manual way seems time-consuming if someone wants to save Thunderbird email as PDF document.

Batch Convert Thunderbird to PDF Using Add-On

  1. Start the Thunderbird desktop client on your PC.
    Start Thunderbird
  2. Select Tools and choose Add-ons and Themes.
    Add Ons and Themes
  3. Search ImportExportTools in the search bar.
    Search for import- export tools
  4. Add ImportExportTools NG Add-on in Thunderbird.
    Add to Thunderbird
  5. Gives permission for add-on and press Add button.
  6. Ensure ImportExportTools NG should be enabled.
    Enable Add-ons
  7. Now select a Thunderbird folder to export emails.
    Select Thunderbird folder
  8. Right-click and pick the ImportExportTools NG option.
    ImportExportTools NG
  9. Choose Export All Messages in Folder > PDF Format.
    Select PDF format
  10. See a popup warning message and click OK.
    Warning message
  11. Confirm Thunderbird export to PDF without attachments.
    Convert Thunderbird to PDF without attachments
  12. Browse a folder to store PDFs and press Select Folder.
    Select destination folder
  13. See Thunderbird is exporting emails in PDF format.
    Export Thunderbird email to PDF
  14. Open the destination path and get exported PDFs.
    Exported PDF files

Important Note about Batch Mode

  • Batch mode allows you to export all Thunderbird emails to PDF documents from a folder at once.
  • This technique permits you to save Thunderbird emails to PDF without attachments.
  • You will need to repeat steps number 7 to 14 to export Thunderbird emails to PDF from another folder.
  • It also takes much time to convert Thunderbird email to PDF from multiple folders.
  • Please note that all Thunderbird profile folder emails can’t be exported at once.

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Pro Method to Convert Thunderbird Email to PDF

First, download the all-in-one Thunderbird Converter Software from the official product page and install the product setup on Windows and Mac Computers. This software is also known as Thunderbird to PDF Converter which has a separate option to batch convert Thunderbird email to PDF with attachments. It offers multiple file naming options too for renaming the converted PDF documents in different professional styles.

How to Export Thunderbird to PDF [All Folders]

  1. Start Thunderbird to PDF Converter, it will automatically load Thunderbird profile data in the software panel from the default storage location.
    Thunderbird to PDF converter
  2. The tool is capable of previewing Thunderbird folders in the software panel. Select email folders from the software interface and press the Next button.
    Select email folders
  3. This application offers multiple saving options, choose PDF as saving format.
    Choose PDF
  4. Thereafter, select the file naming option according to your choice and select the destination path.
    Export Thunderbird emails t PDF
  5. After that, press the Next button to convert Thunderbird mail to PDF documents.
    Convert Thunderbird email to PDF
  6. After completion of the task, get your converted Adobe PDF documents from the selected destination path.
    Thunderbird export to PDF

Thunderbird to PDF Converter Benefits Over Manual Ways

  • This utility is suitable to batch convert all Thunderbird folders to PDF so that users can save valuable time and effort.
  • Thunderbird to PDF Converter assents to export Thunderbird to PDF including email attachments and all components.
  • The tool keeps folders and sub-folders structure during the completion of the task for better output.
  • The toolkit permits to convert selective Thunderbird folders to PDF format.
  • Thunderbird to PDF Software provides several file naming options for storing the resultant documents in professional ways.
  • It is an excellent product for lawyers and forensic investigators to export Thunderbird email to PDF using filters.
Get Answers to Your Queries

Q 1: How to save Thunderbird email as PDF documents?

Above we have explained the top 3 ways to save Thunderbird email as PDF format. You can use any method according to your preferences.

Q 2: Can I export batch Thunderbird emails to PDF Adobe documents at once using your software?

Yes, there is no size limitation to export Thunderbird emails into PDF Adobe documents.

Q 3: I have Thunderbird profile data, but Thunderbird is not installed on my computer. Can I still use your software to convert Thunderbird mail to PDF?

Yes, Thunderbird to PDF Converter works without Thunderbird. You can add Thunderbird data in the software panel using the Select Files or Select Folders button. Thereafter, choose PDF as a saving option and complete the process.

The Closure

We have disclosed proper instructions to convert Thunderbird email to PDF documents using the 3 best methods. These all are tried and tested ways to complete this task with benefits and limitations. Home users can use freeware methods while this is advisable to use pro solutions for business professionals.

Above mentioned Thunderbird to PDF Converter is a great software that permits to export Thunderbird emails to PDF documents together with email attachments and attributes. The tool comes with a free trial version so that our respective clients can check the software functionality before upgrading to Pro.