How to Print Hotmail Email and Calendar? [Updated]

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Published: March 20th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Summary: This blog post describes the best methods for how to print Hotmail email securely. Here we have explained manual and professional techniques that will help you to print emails from Hotmail account. So, if you are interested in exploring quick and easiest methods, read the complete article.

Now, Hotmail has been replaced with, but still, various users are using email accounts. Users don’t want to change their email addresses because old email addresses may have crucial data since started to use them.

Why Print Emails from Hotmail Account?

Get Hardcopy: To have a hardcopy of Hotmail email data for reading or accessing emails as physical documents.

Access Without Internet: You may want to access your important email data without the Internet.

Backup Requirements: Sometimes users want to print Hotmail calendar and email messages to create a backup of crucial items for specific requirements.

Sharing Purposes: You may want your Hotmail messages to be shared with your friends and colleagues.

Legal Needs: Various forensic experts, lawyers, advocates, cops, and government officers may have urgent requirements to print Hotmail calendars and email items.

How to Print Hotmail Email Messages Free?

  1. Sign in to your Hotmail and open a specific email.
    Open an email
  2. Select the Print button to print Hotmail emails.
    Print option
  3. After that, tap the Print button to continue.
    How to print Hotmail email
  4. Choose a connected printer as a Destination.
    Choose printer
  5. Hit the Print button to start printing Hotmail email.
    Print emails from Hotmail

Using these built-in features, you can print Hotmail messages manually. But remember, for multiple emails, you need to repeat the same steps for each. However, there are several other drawbacks to using manual methods to print Hotmail calendars and emails manually.

How to Print Hotmail Calendar Event Free?

  1. Login to your Hotmail and select calendar event.
  2. Enable Show mini-month and print detailed agenda options.
  3. Choose the Print option and preview the calendar before printing.
  4. Then, choose a specific printer from the Destination.
  5. Press the Print button to start Hotmail calendar printing.

Disadvantages of Using the Manual Method

  • As mentioned above, you cannot print multiple Hotmail emails at once.
  • This method does not help to print attachments.
  • It does not provide any option to print only the specific data.
  • Repeating the same steps over and over again can consume a lot of time.
  • Internet fluctuation and errors can cause file corruption and data loss.

Another method to print Hotmail messages is using a solution. If you want to know how to print Hotmail emails in bulk at once, you should try the next method.

Read Also: Quick Way to Download Hotmail Emails to Computer Backup Software is your specific application for your specific data migration. Since the Hotmail account can only be accessed via the Outlook account, this application can easily connect to the server and then print e-mails from it and of course on the platform that suits you.

The advantages of this application are: First, it gives you a small process for printing emails & the other big advantages are that it gives you tons of platforms to keep your Hotmail emails on. Hence, before you encounter the process of how to print emails from Hotmail account, we recommend that you know what storage option it offers you.

To give a try to this software, you can also take advantage of its free version to ensure, it suits your needs.

How to Print Hotmail Email Messages?

  1. Download and start the software, type Hotmail account credentials, and Login.
    Hotmail credentials
  2. Now click in front of the email folders that you want to print.
    Select folders
  3. Enable a filter option according to choice to print Hotmail messages by date.
  4. Choose the saving option as per your need. PDF is recommended for printing.
    Saving options
  5. Now select the file naming as per your convenience.
    Renaming options
  6. Tap the Change button to specify the destination path to store your resulting files.
    Print email in Hotmail
  7. Click the Backup button to convert Hotmail email to PDF document.
    Hotmail print calendar
  8. After completion, the software opens the destination path. Now get exported PDFs and print them.
    Resultant data

That’s it; these are the only steps if you are looking for how to print Hotmail email. Your Hotmail emails will now be printed in a matter of moments on the platform you choose. Your task is now solved.

What Are Software Features and Benefits?

  • This application can print Hotmail emails in bulk without any restrictions. With this app, you can easily migrate multiple folders at the same time.
  • The tool allows you to print all Hotmail data. None of your information is left behind during the migration. It can print emails and any related attachments, contacts, or calendars.
  • It allows you to choose the folders of your choice. No need to print unnecessary folders.
  • It offers you over 30 saving options hence you can choose according to your convenience and that perfectly suits your needs.
  • This utility permits to print emails from Hotmail accounts within a date range, subject, sender, and receiver email addresses.


In the above article, we described several effective methods to how to print Hotmail email. We gave some of the common circumstances that are why you may need to print Hotmail emails. Also, we suggested a reliable tool that helps to print multiple Hotmail emails at once quickly and with ease. On the other hand, it offers you tons of features as well as storage options. So, if you want to enjoy all these benefits, this tool is a must to try.

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Repeatedly Asked Queries

Q1: How do I print emails from Hotmail inbox?

  1. Login to your Hotmail and open your inbox.
  2. Select an email and click the Print button.
  3. Choose a specific printer under the Destination.
  4. Click Print to start printing Hotmail inbox email.

Q2: How to print all emails from one person in Hotmail?

  1. Start the recommended tool and login with Hotmail credentials.
  2. Select email folders from the software panel accordingly.
  3. Enable the filter and enter a specific person’s email address.
  4. Lastly, print all emails from one person in Hotmail.

Q3: Does your software support both Windows and Mac OS?

Yes, this utility is well suitable to work with all the latest Windows and Mac OS versions.