How to Backup cPanel Email Messages to Computer ?

cloud, Data Backup, February 7, 2021


Stay tuned to this article to know about how to backup cPanel email messages to local PC in an automated manner.

Have you taken a big decision to create a new startup? Well, if so then you must be knowing that the Company and Business Website are an integral core of a new business. Any company would require a Business/ Corporate email address for official dealing. It will tend to use your company domain name rather than,, etc.

For this, the cPanel permits you to effortlessly deal with web availability services altogether in one place. It is perhaps the most famous Linux-based control panel for web hosting sites. The webmail is perhaps the common feature in cPanel. Rather than having email conveyed from the mail server to a desktop email app, Webmail permits to access their emails from their web browsers. The cPanel incorporates three standard webmail applications for getting up the business email account. These are Horde, Roundcube, and SquirrelMail.

This article discusses a definitive method to backup cPanel email messages to local PC.

Let’s dig into the most professional and expert-recommended technique to backup cPanel email accounts.

Three-in-One Solution to Backup cPanel Email Messages Locally

Are you looking to safely backup email from cPanel accounts to your computer? Try the enterprise-grade solution of BitRecover Email Backup Wizard. It’s software that is made up of rich algorithms. The tool provides an option to backup all three cPanel Horde, Squirrelmail, and Roundcube webmail email account messages into a series of hard drive file formats.

Please download the software from the below link. (It’s a demo version)

Download for Windows

How to Get Email Backup from cPanel to Local Computer ?

Learn the steps for an automatic backup of cPanel emails to local PC.

After downloading the software, install it properly on your Windows machine.

Now, select the cPanel webmail option. The three options available to backup cPanel emails are-

cPanel Horde webmail option:


The cPanel Roundcube option:-


cPanel Squirrelmail Webmail option:

So, fill up the desired cPanel email account details in the respective fields.


Now, select the required mailboxes from the list.

Here, choose any destination saving option in which you wish to backup cPanel account.

Lastly, tap on the Backup button. This will immediately start the process to take email backup from cPanel account.

Prime Features of cPanel Email Backup Software

Email Filters to Backup cPanel Account- The software offers various data filters option for taking backup of email data from cPanel. These options are particularly meant for selective backup of cPanel email messages. Some of them are Date Range (between two date intervals), From (messages received from a specific email address), To (messages sent to a specific email address), Subject (the particular subject of an email), Only Export Sent Folder, Exclude Exporting Email body contents & attachments.

Backup Any of cPanel Mailbox- Users have the freedom to backup cPanel account having any folders. It allows to backup all cPanel mailbox data like cPanel inbox, cPanel Sent, cPanel drafts, cPanel personal labels, etc.

Allows to Backup Multiple Users from cPanel- It permits to backup of multiple cPanel users at one time. With the batch mode option, users require to upload a CSV file comprising all email account login details.

Supports all Windows OS- The suggested solution of backup cPanel emails is compatible with all Microsoft Windows Operating System including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, etc.

Regularly Asked User Queries – How to Take Email Backup from cPanel ?

“I have been attempting for last three days to configure my Horde Webmail into Outlook. Though, I have continuously tried yet every time when I check the setup of SMTP, ISP, POP, IMAP, each of these settings includes IMAP Access SSL alternative. The appeared error during Horde Webmail configures into Outlook. So, presently I am searching for an answer backup cPanel account into Outlook PST format. Can you suggest to me how to take email backup from cPanel?” -Alcott, USA

“Hi, I purchased a web hosting for the organization’s site. The web hosting offered me with cPanel to deal with my website. Plenty of client accounts have been made by our chairman. In any case, we chose to alter our hosting provider to another hosting provider. Be that as it may, before migration, we need to figure out how to get email backup from cPanel. Kindly give us assistance!!!!” -Corliss, Germany

Being working as an accountant in a big IT firm, I have an email address with the company domain name. This email address is my authority address gave by the Company proprietor to business correspondence. However, the issue is, my organization utilizes an inner communication server with the Outlook app. Accordingly, there is a major issue to migrate all business emails to the company’s internal server. Since cPanel permits you to effortlessly deal with all your web connection mail services in a single spot so, my company utilizes cPanel Roundcube Webmail Service for a corporate email account. Now, we are in urgent need of backup cPanel email accounts locally. Please help us to know how to backup email on cPanel to computer?” -Borden, UK

Let’s Conclude

In this blog, we have explained a complete solution about how to backup email from cPanel to computer. You can take a free trial of the software to evaluate the tool’s features. It will help you backup a few cPanel email messages. If you wish to backup unlimited email data from cPanel, you will have to upgrade the license keys.

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