How to Manage Thunderbird Profiles Hassle Free?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 4 Min Read
Many Mozilla Thunderbird administrators as well as home-based users are looking for mechanisms to manage Thunderbird profiles. After receiving multiple enquiries about the use of the Thunderbird profile manager. Now, team, BitRecover is providing the complete solution for users’ inquiries.
  • How to manage Mozilla Thunderbird profiles?
  • How to open Mozilla Thunderbird profile manager?
  • Is Mozilla Thunderbird manager identities?

How to Open Thunderbird Profile Manager?

  1. Firstly, launch your Mozilla Thunderbird open-source email client and choose Help option.
    How to Open Thunderbird Profile Manager
  2. After that, choose More Troubleshooting Information option under Help.
    More Troubleshooting Information
  3. Lastly,  you can see complete Thunderbird Management information as given below…
    Thunderbird Management information
  • Application Basics – Name, Version, Build ID, Distribution ID, Update Folder, Update History, Update Channel, User-Agent, OS, Application Binary, Profile Folder, Build Configuration, Memory Use, Performance, Registered Service Workers, Third-party Modules, Launcher Process, Multi-Process Windows, Fission Windows, Remote Process, Enterprise Process, Google Location Service Key, Google Safe Browsing Key, Mozilla Location Service Key, Safe Mode, Profiles, Telemetry Data, etc.
  • Mail and News Accounts – Account1, Account2, etc.
  • Calendar Settings – Name, Type, Disabled, Username, URI, Refresh Interval, Read-Only, Suppress Alarms, etc.
  • Remote Processes – Web Content, GPU, etc.
  • Add-ons – Google, Wikipedia, etc.
  • Security Software – Antivirus, Antispyware, Firewall, etc.
  • Graphics – Compositing, Asynchronous, Pan / Zoom, WebGL 1 Driver WSI Info, Direct 2D, Target Frame Rate, etc.
  • Media – Audio Backend, Max Channels, Preferred Sample Rate, Roundtrip latency (standard deviation), Output Devices, Input Devices,
  • Accessibility – Activated, Prevent Accessibility, Accessible Handler Used, Accessibility Instantiator, etc.
  • Library Versions – NSPR, NSS, NSSSMIME, NSSSL, NSSUTIL, etc.
  • Sandbox – Content Process Sandbox Level, Effective Content Process Sandbox Level, Win32k Lockdown State for Content Process, etc.
  • Startup Cache – Disk Cache Path, Ignore Disk Cache, Found Disk Cache on Init, Wrote to Disk Cache, etc.
  • Moreover, Internationalization & Localization – Requested Locales, Available Locales, App Locales, Regional Preferences, Default Locale, System Locales, Regional Preferences, etc.

How to Manage Mozilla Thunderbird Profiles?

Firstly, default Thunderbird profile manager program, click on about:profile from Profiles option.
Thunderbird profile manager

Thereafter, users can easily check Mozilla Thunderbird manage identities as per their requirements.
Mozilla Thunderbird manage identities

What You Can Manage?

  • Open root directory and get stored Thunderbird profile data from storage location. Thunderbird profile default storage location is – C:\Users\HP\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\ee3qayew.default-release
    Thunderbird profile data
  • Open local directory directly and get detailed information about cache data / safe browsing / startup cache, etc. However, Thunderbird profile default directory storage location is – C:\Users\HP\AppData\Local\Thunderbird\Profiles\ee3qayew.default-release
    Manage Mozilla Thunderbird profile
  • Users can rename their Thunderbird profile name by clicking on the Rename button as you can see in the respective screenshot.
    rename their Thunderbird profile name
  • Moreover, Mozilla Thunderbird manager tool also allows deleting Mozilla Thunderbird profiles as well as profile data using Remove option.
    manage Thunderbird profiles
  • If you have configured multiple email account with Mozilla Thunderbird. Then you can set default profile according to your choice while managing Thunderbird profile data.
  • This profile managing software also allows to launch profile in new browser.

Limitations of Default Manager

  1. If your Thunderbird got crashed and is unable to start then the manual Mechanism will not work. But using BitRecover tools, users can easily restore crashed Thunderbird profile data in the new Thunderbird.
  2. Using the manual method users get Thunderbird profile folders without extension raw emails. But with the help of suggested software users can convert Thunderbird emails into various file extensions.
  3. Default Thunderbird profile manager software can manage only internal Thunderbird profile data. While using the recommended application users can easily manage Mozilla Thunderbird data on desktop and cloud platforms.
  4. In the default manager, there is no option available to manage Mozilla Thunderbird profile contacts. But you can manage Thunderbird contacts as well as calendar data if you will use BitRecover Software.

In Conclusion

I Hope, now you have a complete solution to manage Thunderbird profiles using both manual and automatic approaches. However, you can go with any solution according to choices while Mozilla Thunderbird manage identities. If you have any queries about Thunderbird management then you can feel free to ask our technical experts 24 hours.