How to Transfer Emails from Thunderbird to Gmail, G Suite?

Move Data, November 4, 2020

This blog post will define the following information step by step.

  1. About Mozilla Thunderbird.
  2. About Gmail or G Suite (Google Apps).
  3. Factors to import Thunderbird to Gmail.
  4. Recommended software to export Thunderbird to Gmail, G Suite.
  5. How to forward mail from Thunderbird to Gmail?
  6. Mozilla Thunderbird to Gmail software features.
  7. Conclusion

About Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free and open-source email client to send and receive email messages with multiple advanced features i.e. email management, spam filtering, address book, external themes, etc. Users can configure Mozilla Thunderbird with any email id using IMAP or POP3 protocols. Mozilla Thunderbird supports MBOX or Maildir file formats to import and export email messages.

About Gmail or G Suite (Google Apps)

Gmail is a cloud-based email service, which is provided by Google Inc. free of cost, which is also known as an advertising-supported email service. Millions of users worldwide are using Gmail id for their email requirements because of it simple to use email service with advanced features i.e. 15GB free cloud storage, spam filters, advanced-level security, inbuilt search option, multi-lingual support, inbox via Gmail, etc.

G Suite is known as the upgraded version of Gmail, which is a paid email service to access corporate email ids on Gmail platform. At present time most of the corporate users prefer to use the G Suite email service because it is full filled with advanced features i.e. access corporate email IDs (, 99.9% downtime, unlimited cloud storage according to plan, 24×7 technical support, etc. G Suite was previously known as Google Apps for work.

Factors to Import Thunderbird to Gmail

  1. Mozilla Thunderbird is a desktop-based email client while Gmail is a cloud-based email service, which is the main difference in both. At present time users are switching from desktop-based clients to cloud-based email service because it can be accessed from anywhere at any time.
  2. Mozilla Thunderbird cannot be accessed on all devices while Gmail accounts can be easily run on all devices i.e. computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc.
  3. Some users face issues when they configure their email id with Thunderbird after the crash so they want to import the emails from Thunderbird to Gmail or G Suite account.
  4. Most of the computer users already have a Gmail account to use Google’s services that can be also a reason to transfer Thunderbird to Gmail because some users want to merge their email services into one to save valuable time.

Recommended Software to Export Thunderbird to Gmail

Use Thunderbird Converter Software for the automatically forward email from Thunderbird to Gmail or Thunderbird to G Suite accounts within few simple steps. The tool supports all Mozilla Thunderbird editions. To solve how to transfer emails from Mozilla Thunderbird to Gmail or how to forward mail from Thunderbird to Gmail related queries, please read the given steps carefully.

How to Forward Mail from Thunderbird to Gmail?

First, download and install the tool after that follow the given steps to upload Thunderbird to Gmail.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

1 – Run the tool, it is capable to pick up Thunderbird mailboxes from the default storage location of the configured Thunderbird profile.

Thunderbird to Gmail Software

2 – Thereafter,  choose Thunderbird email folders from the software interface and press the Next button.

Choose Thunderbird email folders

3 – Choose Gmail as a saving format from product UI.

Gmail as saving format

4 – After that, fill Google Mail account credentials and press the Next button.

Import Thunderbird to Gmail

5 – Thunderbird to Gmail migration process is running.

Thunderbird to Gmail migration

6 – Now login to your Google Mail account to access imported mailboxes.

Gmail Account

Mozilla Thunderbird to Gmail Software Features

  1. Automatically forward email from Thunderbird to Gmail without Google App Migration Tool.
  2. Import Thunderbird to Gmail account without size limitation.
  3. Convert Thunderbird to Gmail account including attachments and email components.
  4. Also allows to migrate Thunderbird to Google Apps (Thunderbird to G Suite).
  5. Convert Thunderbird to Gmail from unlimited Thunderbird accounts.
  6. Dual options to load emails for backup Thunderbird to Gmail.
  7. The tool supports all editions of Windows OS including the latest Windows 10.


After reading this blog post anyone can copy emails from Thunderbird to Gmail easily. Here we have mentioned the actual screenshots so that anyone can easily understand the process. Just download this recommended software to import Thunderbird to Gmail or Thunderbird to G Suite. The tool comes with a free demo edition which is helpful for evaluation before purchasing the full editions. Users can test this application by moving a few emails from Thunderbird to Gmail account and after complete satisfaction grab its license keys, which are available at affordable prices with 30 days money-back guarantee.

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