How to Export Thunderbird Address Book to CSV Contacts?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 3 Min Read

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free and open-source email client which is well suitable to send and receive email messages. Mozilla Thunderbird supports MBOX and Maildir formats successfully, users can extract Thunderbird Backup in MBOX format which can be easily open with the help of FREE MBOX Viewer.  Mozilla Thunderbird offers the facility to send and receive emails as well as Chat, Address Book, Quick Filters, Calendar, etc. Users can configure Mozilla Thunderbird email client with their email address using POP, IMAP, LDAP, S/MIME protocols which is beneficial for users. A lot of professional or home users use Mozilla Thunderbird as their default email client as it comes with great and advanced features.

Export Thunderbird Contacts to CSV Format

If you are thinking how to export Thunderbird address book to CSV format manually then this blog post will be most helpful for you because it is all about the process to export Thunderbird contacts to CSV format with actual screenshots.

  1. Start Mozilla Thunderbird email client on your Windows machine and click on Address Book button to start the first step to extract Thunderbird contacts.Click on Address Book button
  2. Showing all address books on the right side of Address Book section, choose any to view contacts in the panel.Showing all address books on right side
  3. Click on any contact to check its all details in the panel like Image (Photo), Display Name, Phone Number, Work Detail, Email Address, etc.Click on any contact
  4. First, click on Tools button and after that select Export button to continue the process.Click on Tools button
  5. Browse and select destination path to save exported CSV file and after that click on drop down icon as shown in the screenshot.Browse and select destination path
  6. It offers multiple file formats to save exported Thunderbird contacts like Comma Separated (System Charset) (*.csv), Comma Separated (UTF-8) (*.csv), Tab Delimited (System Charset) (*.tab, *.txt), Tab Delimited (UTF-8) (*.tab, *.txt), vCard (*.vcf) and LDIF (*.ldi, *.ldif) so you can choose any file format according to your choice. It’s free.Multiple file formats
  7. After selecting saving format, click on Save button to save exported contacts.Click on Save button
  8. Here is Thunderbird exported contacts in CSV format at selected destination path.Thunderbird exported contacts in CSV
  9. After double clicking exported CSV file, it will be open with MS Excel as shown in the screenshot. This file has all information related to Thunderbird contacts as First Name, Display Name, Nickname, Primary Email, Secondary Email, Screen Name, Work Phone, Home Phone, Fax Number, Pager Number, Mobile Number, Home Address, Home Address 2, Home City, Home State, Home ZipCode, Home Country, Work Address, Work Address 2, Work City, Work State, Work ZipCode, Work Country, Job Title, Department, Organization, Web Page 1, Web Page 2, Birth Year, Birth Month, Birth Day, Custom 1, Custom 2, Custom 3, Custom 4, Notes, etc.Open with MS Excel


Now everybody can easily extract Thunderbird contacts to CSV format which can be easily open with MS Excel and it can be easily imported into MS Outlook. In this blog post, we have described step by step process to export the Thunderbird address book to CSV format because a lot of users want to know the right solution for how to extract contacts from Thunderbird-related queries.