How to Convert Thunderbird to EML Format? [Disclosed]

Rollins Duke   
Published: March 11th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

There are many instances where an individual or professional wants to convert Thunderbird to EML format. They prefer to export Thunderbird messages to EML files because EML is suitable with several email clients Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, eM Client, Outlook Express, Foxmail, Zarafa, etc.

Thunderbird is an open-source and free-of-cost email client that is famous among Windows, Mac, and Linux OS users. It grants permission to the users to configure various email accounts with the help of IMAP and POP3 Server settings. By default, Thunderbird saves all its email messages in the .mbox file extension.

In such circumstances, one needs a proper Thunderbird to EML converter solution. In this user guide, we will explain to you the manual as well as the automated approach to convert MBOX files to EML format.

But, before we talk about the solution, first understand the problem from a user point of view, see the figure below:

Export Thunderbird to EML query

Motive to Export Thunderbird Messages to EML

Switch Email Client: When Thunderbird users want to switch from Thunderbird to EML-supported email client, then they prefer to export Thunderbird to EML format.

Backup and Archiving: EML is a simple and lightweight email file extension hence, users prefer to convert Thunderbird to EML format. This is best for long-term storage and backup is helpful to restore Thunderbird emails.

Sharing: Sometimes users urgently want to share some crucial emails with colleagues and friends for various reasons. Then Thunderbird export to EML is a great choice because EML is the best choice to store single emails.

Compatibility: Instead of other file extensions users prefer to convert Thunderbird to EML format because of its wide compatibility. Nowadays several email programs support .eml file extension.

How to Convert Thunderbird to EML Manually?

  1. Run Thunderbird client and choose a specific email folder.
  2. Select all emails from a specific folder by pressing (Ctrl + A).
  3. Right-click and choose Save as option as shown in the figure.
    Convert Thunderbird to EML
  4. Choose the destination path and press the Save button.
    Select folder
  5. Open the destination path to get Thunderbird exported EML files.

Limitations of the Manual Method

  • If your Thunderbird is corrupted and unable to run, then the manual method will not work.
  • The manual method allows exporting emails from one Thunderbird folder to EML format. If you have 10 folders, then you need to repeat the same process 10 times.
  • It is a time-consuming technique, so it is mostly used by home users while professional users avoid this.
  • It can save resultant EML files in the default structure while the upcoming automatic technique gives multiple file naming options too.

Pro Method to Export Thunderbird to EML Format

BitRecover Thunderbird Converter Wizard is a recommended tool to export Thunderbird messages to EML format. The tool is also known as Thunderbird to EML Converter because of its separate functionality.

This utility comes with a free trial version that permits to conversion of 25 emails from each Thunderbird folder to EML format. Hence, this is beneficial to evaluate the software’s working process before upgrading.

How to Convert Thunderbird Emails to EML Files?

  1. Run Thunderbird to EML Converter, it will automatically load Thunderbird profile data in the software interface. You can also choose the Select Files or Select Folders button to load data manually.
    Start Thunderbird to EML Converter
  2. Select all or specific Thunderbird folders from the software panel. Click on the Next button to continue.
    Select Thunderbird folder
  3. After that, Choose EML as a saving format from the list of saving options.
    Choose EML
  4. Thunderbird EML Export Tool offers multiple file naming options for file management. Choose according to your needs.
    Naming options
  5. After that, select the destination path and click on the Next button to start the process of exporting Thunderbird messages to EML.
    Export Thunderbird messages to EML
  6. At last, it will automatically open the destination path so that users can get the resultant EML files.
    Resultant EML files

In this way, users can easily export Thunderbird to EML files inclusive of email attachments. The tool preserves all email items & components and users can save their time and effort.

Why Choose Thunderbird EML Export Tool Instead of Manual Method?

  • Multiple file naming options for easy file management and renaming.
  • Convert Thunderbird email to EML from several folders at once.
  • No technical knowledge is required as it is an easy-to-use method.
  • No Thunderbird installation is required to perform this task effectively.

Benefits of Thunderbird to EML Converter

  • The tool permits to export Thunderbird email to PDF as well as EML, PST, MSG, HTML, RTF, EMLX, MBOX, MBX, CSV, and Zimbra formats.
  • This tool allows you to add Thunderbird profile data automatically in GUI from the default storage location.
  • It can convert all Thunderbird folders to EML format at once so you can save your time.
  • This application offers multiple file naming options for easy file management.
  • Thunderbird to EML Converter preserves email attachments, folder structure, email components, etc. during the task.
  • The tool shows live conversion progressive reports during Thunderbird to EML conversion.
  • Thunderbird EML export tool is available with a free demo edition which allows converting 25 emails from each Thunderbird folder to EML format.


Above we have discussed a manual method to export Thunderbird messages to EML format in easy steps. We also suggested a professional solution to resolve this issue immediately. Just download Thunderbird to EML Converter and check the procedure to convert Thunderbird to EML files by exporting 25 emails from each folder free of cost. The tool can be installed on all 32-bit and 64-bit Windows OS such as Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc. Let’s enjoy the conversion professionally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: How do I convert Thunderbird emails to EML?

  1. Launch the Thunderbird client on your PC.
  2. Open a Thunderbird folder and select emails.
  3. Right-click and choose the Save As option.
  4. Browse a preferred destination path.
  5. Click Save to export Thunderbird to EML format.

Q 2: Do I perform a manual method to export Thunderbird emails to PDF if Thunderbird stopped working?

No, Thunderbird should be in working condition to use a manual approach.

Q 3: Does Thunderbird support EML files?

Yes, Thunderbird is compatible with EML files, so you can easily import EML to Thunderbird.