Don’t Make Fool of Yourself This April And Backup Your Data Before 31st March!

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 3 Min Read

World Backup Day is celebrated as an initiative to aware users about various types of backup strategies and backup importance. It was created by a few “reddit” users to spread awareness for data security and celebrated on 31st March from the year 2011.

 “Memories” – A Treasure Beyond Measure!

We all cherish our memories and want to capture each and every moment using latest technologies to preserve it. Be it your first job appointment letter via email, your baby’s first tiny little steps video, your wedding photographs, precious emails everything is the inestimable and electronic medium is mostly preferred to all these memories as data files. But have you ever thought what if because of a minor mistake all these data is permanently lost? Theft, natural disaster, alien invasion, obsolete file formats, accidental deletion, virus attacks, etc anything can engulf all your data. It will be your mistake of not backing up these data.

Excuses! Excuses! Excuses!

  • Overconfidence – “My computer will never crash I take precautions for that!!!”
  • Lack of knowledge – “How to take backup and what to do if it crashes too?”
  • Don’t have Time- “Yes, of course, I will do it as soon as I get time!”

All these are usual replies when we ask people about creating the backup. Stop making excuses and being lethargic now, it is never wrong to be prepared for the worst so on the occasion of World Backup Day celebrated on 31st March worldwide let us all make commitment to ourselves that we will make all type of data safe by creating backup of our local data or data on cloud and protect it. This definitely does not mean that you should backup your data only once in a year. It treats as a welcome reminder to look upon our backup strategies and implement the best method amongst them.

We Have Awesome Solutions to Backup Any of Your Data!

Users who want to backup their Mailbox data can use any of the desired application as we have a range of backup utility. All the applications are designed with easy and simple user’s interface. The tool is 100 % secure and safe to use. Some features of the software such as tremendous speed, interactive UI, accessibility with all Windows OS, etc. makes the BitRecover Backup software, the most valuable applications in the online domain.

BitRecover Celebrating World Backup Day 31st March 2018

Our organization welcomes World Backup Day as we know the importance of backup and hence, provide technical solutions for backup creation and recovery. On this very delightful occasion, we provide you with our precise solution to backup your data in the desired format. Our range of software makes easy for you to create a local backup on your machine. Not only this, we ensure that the integrity of your data is preserved in its original form after downloading it locally. All the range of utilities is easily operable on all Windows OS both 32 and 64-bit.

Final Words

World Backup Day was a thought up few years ago to remind users to backup up your data, which is important. While we at BitRecover believe that, every day is Worlds Backup Day by using our range of software.