Tips and Tricks to Resolve Issue – IncrediMail Can’t Send/ Receive Emails

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read
I can’t send or receive any emails in my IncrediMail application. When trying to send messages, I get an error “Authorization for account failed. Please review server details below”. I want to know why IncrediMail cannot send emails? Why my IncrediMail has stopped working properly? Please help!

Are you also annoyed with the IncrediMail service because your IncrediMail email not sending or IncrediMail cannot receive email as well?

Well, these blunders give inconvenience to a user in progressing work with an email application. Such circumstances either confines one from opening the IncrediMail or conveying over the network.

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IncrediMail Cannot Send/ Receive Emails – Reasons Explained

There is a heap of reasons because of which the functioning method of IncrediMail transforms into non-working. One can examine the following reasons to comprehend causes for this error:

Inappropriate Email id Configuration: It is very conceivable that some obscure activity in the middle of the mail configuration task can lead to such an error. This happens on the grounds that the mailing account isn’t as expected set up in IncrediMail, which causes a problem during the server communication.

Problems in PC Firewall Settings: A circumstance may happen where you need to change settings of Firewall, which is viable with another program, however, not for IncrediMail. Consequently, it is essential to recollect each one of those changes that you make so it turns out to be not difficult to think that why IncrediMail email not sending or IncrediMail email not receiving.

Damage in IncrediMail Data File: At last, the framework failing, virus attack, and so forth, each one of these unsafe exercises additionally prompts IncrediMail unsteadiness. These PC dangers cause corruption in IncrediMail documents, which become out of reach while running the email app.

Let’s Resolve ‘IncrediMail Cannot Send Emails’ Problem

The actions are subject to the reasons for the issue. Accordingly, whenever you are finished with the cause of this issue, pick any of the recommended workarounds to resolve the issue right away.

Method1: Reconfigure IncrediMail Email Account:

First, erase the current IncrediMail account. Then, continue with these guidelines:

  • Start IncrediMail app and hit on Tools and after that Email Accounts option.
  • You can see a Mail Accounts wizard in which you need to tap on the Add icon.
  • Now, you will see a new dialog box with the name of the Account wizard. So, hit any of your email accounts like for example Gmail.
  • Next, in the new page that appeared, enter the credentials of your Gmail account and click on Next.
  • Then, enter the Gmail account password and hit on Sign in to proceed with the problem to resolve ‘IncrediMail can’t send emails’.
  • So, now permit IncrediMail that it can access your email account by tapping on the Allow button.
  • Make the server changes if required otherwise click on the Next button.
  • Select the necessary account settings and then a Congratulations message will appear.
  • Hit on OK to exit the process.
  • Lastly, you will redirect to the Mail Accounts window. Tap on the Close button.

Method2:  Change System Firewall Settings: You may have controlled the current firewall settings. Consequently, if the “IncrediMail cannot send emails” issue doesn’t happen, kindly check the firewall settings.

Method3: Repair IncrediMail Emails

In the wake of executing all the above methodology, assuming you find that your concern is still not fixed, the only approach left is to use a reliable automated software i.e. IncrediMail Converter. The product fixes all data files of the IncrediMail email client and restore mailboxes from it. Regardless of what is the degree of corruption, the software upholds any harmed file and changes it into a healthy file. Moreover, it is the best option to backup IncrediMail emails locally to your hard drive.

One can easily export emails from IncrediMail to standard file formats. Also, if you want to import IncrediMail folders to some other webmail or want to move to a free email clients like IncrediMail then use this software. It provides an ample number of saving options for all!

Closing Words

At whatever point any issue happens, it is your obligation to fix it in the briefest time frame. This is so in light of the fact that disregarding the issue will lead to another huge issue. Thus, when you face ‘IncrediMail cannot send emails or IncrediMail cannot receive emails issue, don’t neglect it. Just, resolve the issue by utilizing the procedures that are depicted in this write-up.