How to Export IncrediMail Contacts Along with Contact Properties ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 4 Min Read


What are you searching for? Still in search of how to export IncrediMail contacts to other email clients? Do not worry! Today, we have come up with multiple techniques to migrate contacts from IncrediMail. Just read the complete blog to understand more in-depth.

Quick Glance on ‘How to Export IncrediMail Contacts’

In this technical arena, almost every single person rely on email clients to get in touch with each other. As there are so many finest email application presents. It becomes difficult for a user to choose the perfect one. Here, so many users are using IncrediMail and believed it as one of the best. But sometimes users of IncrediMail mail want to export their contacts to Outlook or other email clients. However, in every user’s life contacts are playing an important role. So, most of the user wants a solution to export IncrediMail contacts without losing a bit of data. Keeping in mind the necessities of a user, we are going to explain the top 2 comprehensive techniques simply.

Where Does IncrediMail Stores Email Contacts?

IncrediMail contacts are stored is a data file which is known as “AddrBook.db3”. This database file is a part of IncrediMail identity and in case, you have multiple identities so, several Address books would be saved. And the time of migration, you have to import each one separately.

An Efficient Solution to Export IncrediMail Contacts

After understanding all the aspects now, its time to get an eminent solution for how to transfer IncrediMail contacts to a new computer. Using the IncrediMail Converter, you can easily export IncrediMail address book without any hassle. The application is specially designed to migrate contacts from IncrediMail to other email clients such as MS Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Maildir, Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, etc.

However, it has an explanatory interface so, any user can use this application without taking any expertise help. Also, the tool supports all advanced and below editions of the Windows Operating System.

Steps to Convert Contacts from IncrediMail

  • Download IncrediMail Contacts Converter on your Windows machine.

Note: The demo edition allows you to convert 25 data items. For unlimited conversion, please purchase the licensed edition of the software. 

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  • Run the software and the tool automatically detects IncrediMail files if your profile is already configures. Else, manually select IncrediMail Files or Folders.


  • The tool loads all the email folders of IncrediMail.


  • Select vCard as file saving option.


  • Select the destination path and click on Next button. The tool starts converting IncrediMail contacts to vCard format.


All your IncrediMail contacts are converted into vCard format. Now, import vCard into Outlook by following the given steps:

  • Run Outlook on your machine
  • Select File > Import and Export. Then, a Import and Export Wizard dialog appears.
  • Now, click on the Import a VCARD File (.vcf) and click onNext.
  • Select the location of the VCARD, click Open.
  • Click on the contacts in the left navigation panel.
  • Your new vCard should be available and visible.

Is There Any Free Technique Available?

Yes, the manual solution is obtainable to export IncrediMail contacts to another email client. There is no direct solution is available to do so. Initially, you have to export IncrediMail contacts to vCard file format and then import vCard file to Outlook. Simply go through the upcoming segment to understand.

How to Export IncrediMail Contacts Manually?

Here, We are going to explain step by step procedure to import IncrediMail contacts to Outlook. You just have to follow all the instructions sequentially to execute the process properly.

  1. Run MS Outlook and configure your profile
  2. Navigate Menu File>>Open and click on Import to open the Import / Export Wizard
  3. Then, choose the list item a VCARD file and hit on Next button
  4. Choose the contacts file which one you need to import and confirm the selection.
  5. Here, this will import the preferred contact file into the Contacts folder.
  6. At last, you can repeat the same instructions 2 to 4 times to import all contacts files

Note: As users think that the manual procedure is quite simple. But in case, you have many vCard files of IncrediMail contacts, then it became the problem. So, If you want to export the bunch amount of IncrediMail contacts, then the third-party application will be the best option.

Concluding Thoughts

Above in this article, we have discussed multiple ways for how to export IncrediMail contacts to other email clients such as MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, and much more. But, keep one thing mind, i.e., the free manual solution does not have surety to provide you an expected outcome. In this situation, it is better to choose an above suggested alternative method to export contacts from IncrediMail without any data loss.