Best IncrediMail Replacement – Choose the Best IncrediMail Migrator Online

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 4 Min Read


Many tools to migrate IncrediMail data is available online – choose the best one by checking the brand credibility, feature list and last but not the least ease of access.

IncrediMail Migrator from BitRecover is one of the most downloaded software to backup IncrediMail.


This tool has been widely accepted and is in huge demand from user, among the many competitors because of its unique, user friendly product attributes & fast processing algorithms.

IncrediMail is shutting downYes you heard it right, after March 2020 IncrediMail will no longer be in business. They have officially informed the end date as March 20 2020 to shut down their email servers. But, is it the end of access to the data that user have saved and generated in IncrediMail. The first hand answer is Yes – As the service provider has officially announced its decision to shut down its IncrediMail services, user will no longer be able to access (send, receive, view) emails, contacts and attachments from their IncrediMail account. But, if you ask us, the experts from RecoveryTools, the answer is No – You can access your every bit of data even after the officially retirement of IncrediMail, what you have to do is just download IncrediMail Migrator Software & migrate your complete IncrediMail data to any new email service provider of your choice.

IncrediMail Migrator – Designed to Bring Back Your Data & Peace of Mind !

For the 4 million customers of IncrediMail over 20 years, we are prepared to provide our best of the support to backup IncrediMail data. Among the 270 million emails sent from IncrediMail and equal number received till date, if we are of any help for the existing IncrediMail user to migrate IncrediMail emails, contacts or other data to any safe emailing platform like Gmail, Outlook, Lotus Note or others we consider ourselves satisfied. We have done our preparations well, including extended technical support system and developer availability 24×7 to make sure , not even a single IncrediMail user should face data loss due to the IncrediMail shutdown scheduled for 20 March 2020.

Qualities of the Best IncrediMail Migrator Software

If you are searching for any tool to backup IncrediMail data to the best alternative email service provider, you can see many websites listed with unending promises for a safe data migration. When you have the best IncrediMail Migrator software at RecoveryTools, why to settle for a mediocre option? All your requirements will be perfectly full filled with this amazingly fast, easy to use, feature rich software specially designed to export IncrediMail IMM Files to various email service providers & Mail Servers & Webmail Services.

  • Automatically detect IncrediMail mailboxes from configured path
  • Multiple export option to migrate IncrediMail data
  • Batch IncrediMail mailbox conversion possible in easy steps
  • Supportive to all Windows OS versions

Best IncrediMail Replacement

There are many options into which users can backup IncrediMail data. To choose the best IncrediMail replacement, one should know their requirements. Analyze the nature of data that you have accumulated in IncrediMail, and then choose the best option that is available with IncrediMail Migrator software to export IncrediMail data.  If you are dependent on IncrediMail mainly for emailing purposes, choose an alternative that provides faster facilities for emailing. If you have the bulk of other data like calendar entry, journal, and task update, then choose a service provider that provides provision for ease of access to these from IncrediMail.

A few of the best IncrediMail Replacements are:

  • Thunderbird
  • Mailbird
  • Gmail Inbox
  • Yahoo
  • Apple Mail
  • Zimbra
  • eM Client
  • Windows Live Mail
  • Outlook
  • My Office Mail
  • Exchange Server
  • Lotus Notes
  • Hosted Exchange Server
  • G Suite
  • IBM Verse
  • Amazon Webmail

Good News: IncrediMail Migrator comes with the option to migrate data to all these Best IncrediMail Replacements!

If you have made up your mind with the best IncrediMail Replacement, we have good news for you – All these and more export options are available with IncrediMail Migrator software. You can now download free IncrediMail backup software, run it on any Windows machine and then load the IncrediMail Mailbox to export the data to any of the listed best IncrediMail replacements.  Back up your complete IncrediMail data in a go using the IncrediMail Migrator software designed to safeguard your IncrediMail data. With this perfect IMM File Converter software, the IncrediMail shutdown is no more shocking news to you.

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