Top 6 Free Email Clients like IncrediMail in 2021

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Looking for free and useful email client like IncrediMail ?

It’s understandable. IncrediMail is no safer to use because it’s desktop and server services was closed down on March 20, 2020. You cannot poperly access IncrediMail application now a days. Also recently Incredimail application no longer works because of Flash player being discontinued.

But do not worry! We don’t have one, two, but six best free email programs like IncrediMail that can definitely be your replacement.

So, let’s start.

But, before starting, it is recommended to download the IncrediMail Migrator. It is the only solution that directly transfers IncrediMail files and folders to the following:

  1. IncrediMail to Thunderbird
  2. IncrediMail to eM Client
  3. IncrediMail to Zimbra desktop
  4. IncrediMail to Windows Live Mail
  5. IncrediMail to Maildir
  6. IncrediMail to Windows 10 Mail App

Email Programs Like IncrediMail (Migrate IncrediMail Data to Another Email Client)

It is easy and simple to move data into an email client like IncrediMail with the mentioned software. People can use this on all the available versions of MS Windows OS. It maintains the IncrediMail folder hierarchy. Also, it automatically detects data from the configured IncrediMail profile. The application is the reliable and best way to move folders from IncrediMail to email solutions.

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Steps to Save IncrediMail Data to Similar Email Client

Step-1. Start the program.


Step-2. It detects data from the configured profile. Also, it moves IncrediMail files and folders. After selecting the required option, then press Next.

Summary: Are you a novice IncrediMail user and wish to backup IncrediMail data to Outlook. Have you changed your email client from IncrediMail to Outlook and intend to backup IncrediMail to Outlook. If yes, read this blog which explains a complete solution to backup IncrediMail folders to Outlook.

Step-3. Now, the tool lists all the IncrediMail mailboxes. Select as required.

Summary: Are you a novice IncrediMail user and wish to backup IncrediMail data to Outlook. Have you changed your email client from IncrediMail to Outlook and intend to backup IncrediMail to Outlook. If yes, read this blog which explains a complete solution to backup IncrediMail folders to Outlook.

Step-4. Here, choose email client like IncrediMail from the Saving option list. Then, enter the destination location to save the final results.


Step-5. Click Next and analyze the live process.


You did it! All the IncrediMail folders are moved into free email clients with attachments.

Now, let’s have a look at free email programs like IncrediMail.

List of Best Email Programs like IncrediMail for Terrific Email Experience

Mozilla Thunderbird

The email program similar to IncrediMail is Thunderbird. It is a free, open-source and desktop-based email solution. People can easily customize it according to their needs. It not only serves standard features but also has a strong security system. If you are concerned with privacy, there is an Email encryption function provided by Thunderbird.

Thunderbird offers a Wide Array of Features:

  1. Free to download and installation is easy.
  2. Additional Customization option.
  3. Themes to personalize email experience.
  4. Advanced Privacy and Security Plugins.
  5. Excellent mail-filtering and management capabilities.

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eM Client

Another worth email client like IncrediMail to eM Client. It is a modern and feature-rich email solution that also integrates with Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo accounts. The latest edition of eM clients offers functions such as PGP encryption, basic image editing capabilities, live backup and auto-replies for Gmail.

Notable Features of eM Client

  1. Provide support for popular email services such as Gmail, etc.
  2. An integrated chat app that supports Jabber and Google Chat.
  3. A search function is superior to other Webmail applications.
  4. Pro version offers VIP support and unlimited accounts.
  5. Modern, beautiful and clean user interface.

Zimbra Desktop

One can also choose Zimbra as an email client like IncrediMail. This email client is used by a large number of people to satisfy modern needs. It comes with a three-panel layout to access your emails, calendars, and contracts in seconds. It also supports common email services such as Gmail and Outlook for easy on-board. Migrate IncrediMail to Zimbra Desktop.

Highlights of Zimbra Mail desktop

  1. Simple to install and use.
  2. Compatible with multiple OS such as Windows, Linux, or Mac.
  3. Available for both open-source and commercial versions.
  4. ActiveSync for mobile devices and Plugins for Outlook.
  5. Clean & simple graphical user interface.

Windows Live Mail

The Windows Live Mail is a good option to email clients like IncrediMail. It requires less effort to use due to its easy setup and simple working. This email solution comes with Windows 10 operating system. It is one of the best email clients for simple needs, primarily for basic communications. Export IncrediMail to Windows Live Mail.

Prior Advantages of Windows Live Mail

  1. Sleek and simple-to-use graphic interface.
  2. Support for iCloud, Office365, Exchange, POP and IMAP.
  3. Automatically synchronizes with Windows Live Contacts.
  4. Offers customized filters, spell check and calendar functions.
  5. Free to use with Windows OS.


Maildir is another email client like IncrediMail to manage the email work. It is a desktop-based email client that supports multiple email accounts such as Outlook, Google, Yahoo, Exchange, and IMAP accounts. People can customize the layout of Maildir as per their needs. The user can master the application in 5 minutes, Maildir is this much simple and easy.

Sophisticated Features of Maildir

  1. Clean, intuitive and simple layout with quick navigation.
  2. Integrate with messaging and management applications.
  3. Connect all your email accounts in a single interface.
  4. Sync your email account with LinkedIn.
  5. Search attachment and preview before downloading.

Windows 10 Mail App

It is a great deal to use an email client like IncrediMail and access emails after IncrediMail shut down. It can handle multiple email services with single or several email addresses. It offers a focused inbox that helps to segregates important emails into the Focused tab and low priority email in Another tab. It provides a feature called mention that helps to tag a contact in the email conversation.

Valuable Features of Windows 10 Mail

  1. Add your email accounts and start sending and receiving emails.
  2. Give notifications about the latest Java updates or received emails.
  3. Link your multiple email accounts Inboxes to work easily.
  4. It offers loads of customization options to work accordingly.
  5. Allows making a folder as Favourite folder.

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That’s the Wrap!

As you know, IncrediMail will shut down in a few days, so better to use email clients like IncrediMail. There are several email clients similar to IncrediMail such as Thunderbird, Maildir, Windows 10 Mail and many more. We provided a complete list in the above blog with worth features. So, choose your email client that is pretty much like IncrediMail to work easily.

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