How to Import All IncrediMail folders to Email Services & Document Formats ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Introduction: – In this blog, we are going to import all IncrediMail folders to popular email services without taking much time. As we want to simplify things, we are moving directly to the solution to import IncrediMail data folder to Webmail and Cloud Server.

Use a Valuable Solution to Import IncrediMail Mail Folders to Email Services

IncrediMail Import tool is a Windows-based solution that transfers IncrediMail folders to Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, Exchange Server, IMAP Server and more. It maintains the original folder hierarchy of IncrediMail folders while transferring to Cloud email services. Let’s take an example here:

“There is a user who wants to import IncrediMail folders to Gmail. He wants that his IncrediMail folder hierarchy remains similar in the Gmail account, then the IncrediMail Converter Tool comes in use. It preserves IncrediMail original folder hierarchy and one will find see the same in the Gmail account.”

There are so many helpful features of the tool that makes the import IncrediMail local folder easy & accurate. One is that the program detects the data from the configured IncrediMail profile automatically.

What are the Email Services Offered: The program provides 12+ email services to import IncrediMail mail folders to cloud email services ? It allows to import IncrediMail to Gmail, IncrediMail to Yahoo, IncrediMail to Office 365, IncrediMail to Exchange Server, IncrediMail to Hosted Exchange Server, IncrediMail to, IncrediMail to IBM Verse, IncrediMail to Amazon Workmail, IncrediMail to My Office Mail, IncrediMail to G Suite, IncrediMail to Kerio, IncrediMail to SmarterMail, and IncrediMail to MDaemon, and more.

Importing folders from IncrediMail to multiple email services is pretty simple. Follow these steps to migrate IncrediMail mail folders to Webmail account.

How to Import IncrediMail Folders to Multiple Email Services ?

Read me First: Please enter a valid email address & password of an email service to import IncrediMail all folders. Also, make sure that the Less Secure App is enabled to your email account. If not, open the link: and turn on access.

Follow the below steps to import all IncrediMail Folders to an Email Account: –

  1. Start the IncrediMail import tool.
  2. It automatically detects folders from configured IncrediMail profile.
  3. Check the required folder in the interface panel.
  4. Choose the required Saving option from the list. Enter login credentials.
  5. Click on Convert button to start the import process of IncrediMail folders.
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This way, the user can import folders from IncrediMail to multiple email services directly. The tool migrates IncrediMail mail folders along with attachments.

See The Screenshots to Learn How to Import All IncrediMail Folders to Cloud Server

Download & run IncrediMail migrator on Windows. Then, read the instructions mentioned in the software interface and hit Next.

Now, you will find two modes to upload IncrediMail data. Enable the configured option, if you have IncrediMail installed on the machine. The tool will automatically detect IncrediMail folders. Otherwise, choose Select Files and Select Folder to add IncrediMail data and click Next.

Here, the tool lists all the folders from IncrediMail client. Check as per your need and click Next.


In the Saving option list, choose the email service in which you want to import all IncrediMail folders. Then, enter the credentials to login. Check copy to default folder option to keep the IncrediMail folder hierarchy original.

At last, click on the Convert button and analyze the IncrediMail folder import process. Once all your IncrediMail mail folders transferred to email services, the software gives a complete conversion. Also, it provides a log report.

Can I Try The Import All IncrediMail Folders Tool for Free ?

Yes, the users can access the software for free of cost to import IncrediMail local folders to Webmail. But, it has limitations that one can transfer only 25 IncrediMail emails to common email services. The user can upgrade to license edition to transfer all IncrediMail folders with attachments.

Print Your All Emails from IncrediMail Folders to Document Format with Maintained Folder Hierarchy

The IncrediMail migration is capable of importing IncrediMail folders to document formats with attachments. It is a direct & easy process. Using the solution, the user can transfer IncrediMail to DOC files, IncrediMail to PDF documents, IncrediMail to HTML and more. Here also, the IncrediMail folder hierarchy is maintained.

Let’s see how can you print IncrediMail email folders to document formats.

  1. Run the software.
  2. It detects IncrediMail configured folders automatically.
  3. Check the IncrediMail folder to work.
  4. Select document file formats as shown in the folder. Choose the file naming option.
  5. Enter destination location and click Convert.

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The software by default opens the final results at the desktop location. You can change the location accordingly.

Remarkable Features of IncrediMail Import Toolkit

100% Secure: The tool is tested and completely free of errors to import IncrediMail folders to email clients with attachments.

Support IncrediMail Editions: The software supports both the versions of IncrediMail i.e. 2.0 & 2.5 to transfer IncrediMail email folders to Webmail.

Auto-Detect IncrediMail Folder: The user doesn’t need to put efforts, the product automatically detects folders from the configured profile.

Maintains IncrediMail Original Folder Hierarchy: The utility is a fabulous application. It preserves the IncrediMail folder structure and gives 100% accurate results.

Rich & Consistent Interface: The application comes with a clean & intuitive interface. The user can effortlessly migrate IncrediMail local folders.

Windows Compatibility: The software is specifically designed for Windows OS users. They can download & start it on all the available Windows editions.

Read Some Frequently Asked Queries

I want to import some personal folders from IncrediMail to Gmail ? What is the best solution ?

Ans. Use the IncrediMail import tool to securely migrate IncrediMail personal folders to Gmail.

I want to know where are IncrediMail folders stored ? Please help.

Ans. The location of IncrediMail folders is C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\IM. Also, it is the only place where IncrediMail 2.0 & 2.5 folders are stored.

Can I import IncrediMail local folder to Yahoo Mail ?

Ans. Yes, the recommended tool is an easy solution to import IncrediMail folders to Yahoo.

Reasons to Choose IncrediMail Email Folder Migration Tool

The Utility will help you achieve the following:

  1. How to import local folder from IncrediMail to Yahoo ?
  2. How can I migrate IncrediMail personal folders to Gmail ?
  3. What is the best way to import IncrediMail email folders to Exchange Server ?
  4. Is there any tool that imports my IncrediMail data folder to Gmail with attachments ?
  5. How can I print my important IncrediMail emails to PDF ?

The Conclusion

If you are someone who wants to import IncrediMail folder before it shut down, use the IncrediMail migrator. It is a professional’s designed solution to transfer IncrediMail data folder to popular email clients with attachments. Also, it is a fast and safe way that works. The software maintains the original IncrediMail folder hierarchy during the transfer of folders. There is no chance of data loss. The user can also try the software for free.