How to Achieve Cloud Data Protection Amid COVID-19 Crisis ? – Valuable Tips for You!

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Published: May 13th, 2024 • 7 Min Read

Since 11 March, 2020 the day when the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic, a few days later, most of the countries including India has announced a complete lockdown. This COVID-19 crisis has upended the lives of many including the businesses and large enterprises too. One sector that has definitely got hit by it is the cloud computing industry. To that end, let’s look at how rapidly the COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged remote working and more importantly how you can achieve cloud data protection amid COVID-19 crisis.

What is Need for Cloud Data Protection During COVID-19 ?

I’ll admit it – I clicked that link. Fortunately for me, that email was a fake one. Actually, I am trying to do work from home due to the COVID-19 outbreak. I read on the internet that there are plenty of cyber security scams that have recently widen up due to this COVID-19 crisis. The resultant spike in homeworking has now enforced me to take some precautionary measures to protect my sensitive data in my inbox. Please can you guide me how can I do cloud data protection amid COVID-19 crisis? I will be very thankful to you for your instant response!

These days our team receive such queries asking for data security tips for remote working organizations.

Actually, the criminals have misused COVID-19 outbreak to carry out email phishing through spam campaigns. There is a huge list of cyber-attacks which the individuals, big organizations, small and large enterprises are suffering due to this global pandemic. These hackers distribute malware via malicious hyperlinks and attachments and thereby executes ransomware attacks. This all-in-all contributes a great loss to individual’s data.

Top Security Challenges that Remote Organizations Face Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

The current global pandemic of Corona virus has lead the organizations to take work from home strategies. However, it very important for any person to pay attention to the security of their data. There are many challenges regarding cloud data protection amid COVID-19 crisis.

  1. Deficiency of Data Backup and Data Recovery Strategy

Not having a proper implementation of data recovery can end up in big problems. All of the business or personal data needs to be periodically backed up so that one can recover it during data breaches, loss of devices, accidental mishaps, etc. Even the work from home people can suffer from it and can crash their data properly.

So, what’s the solution to achieve cloud data protection amid COVID-19? Well, our BitRecover Data Recovery Software have the proficiency to retrieve the deleted files, and lost data from multiple data storage devices.

  1. Handling files locally

Even during this period of digital age, where you have ample cloud storage solutions available. There are still many people who save their data locally. The remote working people mostly save the data on their computer, or a local network storage which can cause any sort of loss.

So, the most important data security tip for remote working organizations during COVID-19 pandemic is that you should implement a proper data backup strategy before anything. To meet this need, Email Backup Solution is the most ideal choice. It’s an all-in-product using which any kind of user can take a safe and secure backup of their webmail emails to other cloud-data storage email services effectively. This can help to a great extent to a major group of people – the personal user, professional user, small, large or medium level enterprises.

  1. Using Wrong tools for communication

Read this user-query: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our organization has too adopted work from home policy for few months so as to ensure business continuity. I have some of my important email messages in my Office 365 account which are actually my business emails. I have been using some communication tools to share the business emails with my seniors. But, due to this global pandemic, I am also uncertain about the cloud-data security against the ransomware attacks. How to ensure cloud data protection during COVID-19 crisis? Please tell me how to protect Office 365 emails from ransomware attacks? Sure to have a quick reply from your side!

Can you see how remote workers are affected badly due to this? Well, if you are working from office premises, then it is quite possible to meet in person and share the emails and data. But, when you are doing this sitting at your home, then your data can be leaked. Hence, one should ensure a proper data privacy to achieve cloud data protection during COVID-19 crisis.

Some Data Security Tips for Remote Working Organizations During Coronavirus

If you own a business, or working from home due to corona pandemic, then you must follow these data security tips to secure your information.

  1. Backup data to other Webmail

Data is the lifeblood of your organization and you can’t simply lose it due to this global pandemic. That’s why we suggest you to take a quick backup of your webmail emails to your hard drive, other webmails, desktop email clients. As mentioned above, out data backup solution is the ultimate product which you can use to backup multiple email accounts in batch at once. Such as the ones given below:

Gmail Backup

G Suite Backup

IMAP Mail Backup tool

Yahoo Backup

Backup Hotmail folders

AOL Backup

Exchange Server Backup Software

And many more…..

  1. Avoid using public Wi-Fi

The open internet connections can automatically bring cyber security risks to your operating devices. What you can do to avoid this is to use a dedicated internet connection, personal hotspot, a broadband connection. Though the connection between your personal hotspot and device in your emails are present is also unencrypted, But, certainly there will be no risk of being used by anyone else without your permission. Thus, you can avoid public WiFi to ensure cloud data protection amid COVID-19 crisis.

  1. Apply strong passwords

There are so many people who use the same password for so many years or are using weak password such as abcd1234. Such individuals and their email accounts works as a loopholes for data protection. So, you can create a unique password for each of your email account in order to do protect sensitive information of your data to be leaked.

Important Note: If you want to recover a password, use a trustworthy password recovery product.

  1. Use cloud-based productivity communication tools

The teams or the people who are working from home due to the corona outbreak needs the right tool for productivity. If you are using a traditional or cheap solution to share some sensitive or confidential documents, then you are leaving your data at a risk of compromise.

Hence, one should always opt for an efficient productivity tools such as Office 365. These email communication tools not only have best features but are also considered as a top-notch secured platform. Surely, this will help to achieve cloud data protection amid COVID-19.

Handling Over To You

Whether you are running a small business or a big organization, we highly suggest you to implement these data security tips for remote working organizations during the COVID-19 outbreak. If you are not using these practices, then there is possibility to leave you data at the risk of cyber attacks. We hope that how to get cloud data protection amid COVID-19 crisis is now clear for you. Work on these tips quickly and decisively in order to secure your data.

If you need any sort of help or technical assistance, feel free to reach out to us. Our team of technical experts will definitely help you out!

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