How to Remove Duplicate Emails from Google Takeout Mailboxes?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

User Query: I have recently backup Gmail emails using Google Takeout service. But I saw that my Takeout mailboxes have duplicate emails so I want to remove duplicate emails from Google Takeout mailbox files. When I view Google Takeout files and search for specific emails then I got multiple same results that create confusion. I am facing this problem because of duplicate emails, please suggest a professional solution to delete Google Takeout duplicates. Now I cannot tolerate duplicates so I want to get rid of Google takeout duplicates.

Julian Williams, California

Expert Choice to Delete Google Takeout Duplicates

Download BitRecover MBOX Duplicates Remover Tool on your machine and install it. The tool is compatible with Takeout exported mailbox files. This Google Takeout Duplicates Remover comes with a free trial version that allows processing the first 25 emails from each Takeout mailbox. The demo version works the same as the licensed edition so that users can easily get complete satisfaction before upgrading to the licensed version.

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How to Delete Duplicate Emails in Google Takeout Mailbox?

  1. Start Google Takeout Duplicate Remover and use Select Files or Select Folder option to add mailbox files.
    start google takeout duplicate remover
  2. Now select the required Google Takeout files from the software GUI from which you want to remove duplicate emails.
    select the required google takeout files
  3. Thereafter, choose a mode to remove Google Takeout duplicates within and across the folders.
    two modes to delete google takeout duplicates
  4. Use advance filters to remove duplicate emails from Google Takeout mailboxes by date range, email address, and email subject.
    advance filters
  5. Afterward, click on the Folder icon to browse a specific destination folder. However, the software automatically sets the Desktop as the default destination path.
    browse destination path
  6. Click on the Extract button to start deleting duplicate emails in Google Takeout mailbox files.
    remove duplicate emails from google takeout mailboxes
  7. Google Takeout duplicate emails were erased successfully, see the message of completion.
    delete duplicate emails in google takeout
  8. At last, the software opens the destination path so that users can get the resultant data instantly.
    processed mailbox files

Google Takeout Duplicate Remover Features

  • The tool grants permission to remove Google Takeout duplicate emails within and across the folders according to the choice of users.
  • Advance filters are helpful to delete Google Takeout duplicates via specific date ranges, email subjects, and email addresses.
  • It permits to the removal of duplicate emails from multiple Takeout mailbox files at once without size limitation.
  • This software gives freedom to set a specific destination path to store resultant processed resultant files.
  • Google takeout duplicates remover does not affect the actual Takeout mailboxes instead it creates new resultant files.
  • Users can select required fields to find duplicates based on To, From, Cc, Subject, Body, Attachments, and Time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1: Is it possible to remove Google Takeout duplicate emails without the software?

Ans: Yes, this is possible but you will need to complete 3 main phases and each phase has several steps. You can complete below mentioned steps free of cost.

  1. First, import MBOX files into Thunderbird
  2. Then, remove duplicate emails in Thunderbird using add-ons
  3. Lastly, export MBOX file from Thunderbird via add-ons

Que 2: Can I use your Google Takeout duplicate remover on Windows 11 computer?

Ans: Yes, this software is compatible with all latest and old Windows OS editions. So don’t worry!

Que 3: How can I check if duplicates are available or not in Google Takeout mailboxes?

Ans: First open Google Takeout files and do multiple search operations. If you are seeing the same emails twice or multiple times then it means duplicates are available.


If you have downloaded Google Takeout backup into the MBOX extension and you think that the downloaded files have duplicates. Then use the above-mentioned steps to remove duplicate emails from Google Takeout mailboxes. Even additionally if you are looking for a manual solution to delete Google Takeout duplicates then check FAQ 1. If you have any other questions then free to connect with our support team.