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Free Google Takeout MBOX Viewer

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  • No installation required as it is a portable software which can run directly even you can run it through pen drive or external hard drive.
  • Standalone software to view Gmail MBOX files inclusive of email attachments and other components.
  • No supported email client installation required for previewing Google Takeout Zip files.
  • The tool shows the size of each email in KB (Kilobyte) in the software panel.
  • It uses MessageSense technology to scan messages from corrupt MBOX file and then allows you to read Google Takeout files.
  • Advanced search option is most helpful for searching specific information within MBOX files using several filters options.
  • Users can open Gmail Takeout attachments in the software interface by double-clicking on a specific email attachment.
  • Pro Google Takeout Viewer software gives facility to export emails into CSV, Text, HTML, and PDF formats. Pro feature
  • Pro edition also allows to merge several archive files into single mailbox file. Pro feature
  • Forensic / professional users can use multiple print configuration settings according to the requirement. Pro feature

Why Google Takeout Reader Portable

BitRecover developers recently developed Gmail Takeout Viewer portable software for the forensic investigation of Google Takeout MBOX files. It is a portable software so it can be run without installation even users can run it directly from pen drive or external hard drive. Pro edition of this software is specially designed for forensic investigators, lawyers, detectives, and professional users which allows export pieces of evidence in several commonly users file formats i.e. CSV, HTML, TXT, PDF, etc.

Best Forensic Software

Best Forensic Software

It is an excellent toolkit for Google Takeout forensic because forensic investigators don’t want to install any software on the affected machine and this product is capable to run directly without configuration. Forensic investigators, lawyers, and detectives can run this product without installation during investigating Gmail Takeout MBOX files.

Export MBOX Evidence

Export Takeout Evidences

Pro edition of Google Takeout MBOX Viewer is capable to export evidences from Google Takeout MBOX files in several popular file formats such as Gmail Takeout MBOX to PDF, CSV, HTML, Text, etc. In most of the cases, forensic investigators want to save evidences in PDF format because the court accepts only PDF documents for evidences.

Merge Archive Files

Merge Archive Files

In the pro edition of Gmail Takeout Viewer, BitRecover developers have added an isolated option to merge multiple MBOX files of Google Takeout into single MBOX files without manipulating original information. This function of the software is helpful for keeping mailbox files in the easiest way by combining them in a single mailbox file in the same structure.

Advance Print Configuration

Export Configuration

The tool comes with multiple print configuration settings as Compose File Name Pattern From – Date, Time, From, To, Subject, Unique ID / Print Menu Option Setup – DO NOT PROMPT, PRINT PROMPT, PRINT PREVIEW / PDF Menu Option Setup – Chrome Browser, Path To User Defined Script / Export Mails to Separate Files – PDF, HTML, etc.

Also, Open MBOX Files of These Email Clients

FREE Google Takeout Viewer Software is also able to preview MBOX files of various email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Opera Mail, Netscape, Evolution Mail, Eudora Mail, Entourage, Apple Mail, Mac Mail, Spicebird, Postbox, etc. If you are using any mentioned email client then you can also use this software for successfully previewing Takeout mailboxes.





Opera Mail

Opera Mail



Evolution Mail

Evolution Mail

Eudora Mail

Eudora Mail



Apple Mail

Apple Mail

View Gmail MBOX Files with Information

FREE Gmail MBOX Viewer program gives permission to open Google Takeout ZIP files inclusive of complete information i.e. Email Messages, Attachments, Email Sending & Receiving Date, Email Size, E-mail Subject, From E-mail Address, To Email Address, Signature, Email Body Text, Heading, Header, Footer, HTML Links, Inline Images, and other important information.

Open Google Takeout File with Components



Email Date

Email Date



Email Size

Email Size

View Gmail Takeout Zip File Items

Email Subject

Email Subject

From Email Address

From Email



To Email Address

To Email

Users Expectation

Unique product with simple graphical users interface.

Allows to open several Google Takeout files at once.

Technical experts are available for solving all product related queries.

100% free of cost software for viewing Gmail Takeout files.

Use MessageSense™ technology for opening damaged files.

Preview all email components and attributes in the software UI.

No email client installation required for reading Google Takeout zip files.

What Does Google Takeout Reader Provide ?

Capable to open large sized Gmail MBOX files with detailed information.

Supports all variants of Google MBOX files.

Views all email items and components in the software panel.

Pro edition gives permission to export email in 4 different formats.

Open Google Takeout Zip file attachments in software panel.

Pro version is authorized to merge Google Takeout archived files.

Advance search option for searching within Google Takeout mailbox files.

Key Features of Gmail MBOX File Viewer
Know the software functionality to read Google MBOX files.

View Gmail MBOX Files

Open Google MBOX File Free of Cost

Google Takeout Viewer is available 100% free of cost in the online market place without any hidden charges which assent to preview Google Takeout ZIP files without size limitations. It is also a well-suitable program for opening the corrupted Gmail mailbox files and users can add multiple files at once for previewing them in software UI.

Complete Details

Read Gmail Zip Files with Full Information

The best Google Takeout Reader grants permission to view Gmail MBOX files in the software interface, including e-mail attachments, e-mail date and time, e-mail size in KB, e-mail subject , E-mail address, signature, header and footer on the Internet, HTML links, text format, text of the e-mail, headers, etc. It counts the total number of e-mails of the entire MBOX file.

Search Emails

Option to Search for Emails in Takeout File

Google Takeout Reader offers facility to find out specific information within Google Takeout Zip files with the help of Search option. Search option comes with modern email filter options for browsing the specified information such as Whole Word, Case Sensitive, Highlight all occurrences in the message, Search within dates, Search by email address, etc.

Several Email Clients

No Email Client Installation Required

There is no need to install Google Takeout MBOX file supported email client because it is a standalone software which is an adequate technique for opening Google Takeout Zip files without the need of third party email clients and services. It is a perfect toolkit for opening the various Gmail Takeout MBOX files at once inclusive of proper information.

Portable Software

Portable Software, No Installation Required

This software is built with portable functionality so it is operable without installation of the product setup. You can download and run the tool simply by double-clicking on the setup, even it can be directly run from external storage devices for example pen drive or hard drive. Because of this functionality, it is the first choice of forensic investigators and lawyers.

Open Google Takeout Attachments

Smart Option for Opening Takeout Attachments

After loading Google MBOX files in the software interface, it will show emails in the software panel instantly. If any particular email contains attachments then it will show particular email with (*) star icon so that users can easily find out the specified emails. After opening the specific email, users can double click on the attachment for previewing in the software GUI.

Export Formats

Export Evidence for Forensic Investigation Pro feature

Pro Gmail MBOX Viewer is specially developed for forensic investigator / lawyer / detective because upgraded edition gives facility to export evidence emails into four different commonly used file formats i.e. CSV, HTML, Text, PDF, etc. At most of the time, users choose PDF as saving format because the court allows accepting digital evidence in PDF format.

Merge Archive

Merge Google Takeout Archive Files Pro feature

In pro edition, our developers has added an isolated option for merging Google Takeout archived files into single mailbox file for easy file management. Using this amazing feature, users can easily combine unlimited Gmail Takeout files into single large file without manipulating the original information, email items, subject, signature, subject, hyperlinks, etc.

Free Google Takeout MBOX Viewer Download
Know Minimum System Specifications to Download & Use the App with Ease

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Size 3.13 MB
Version 8.0
Take a Trial - Download the tool for previewing Google Takeout Zip files with attachments.
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Trial Limitations

There is no demo limitation for this product, it is capable to open unlimited Gmail Takeout files in the software interface however users can upgrade it to pro edition for getting the extra functionality for exporting and merging emails.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
10 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 512 MB is required

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor(x86,x64) or equivalent

Supported Editions

Win 10 & All Below Windows Versions

Comparison of FREE & PRO Version

Feature Comparison of Google MBOX Viewer - FREE and PRO Version

Features FREE Version PRO Version
Load Mailbox Folders
View Google MBOX Attachments
Advance Search Option
Windows 10 & All Other Previous Windows Version Supported
Export E-mails No Export in CSV, Text, HTML, PDF, etc.
24*7 Tech Support & Secure 100%
Cost FREE $29

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked User's Questions and Answers

How to open Google Takeout MBOX file ?

Follow these simplified steps

  • Start BitRecover Google Takeout Viewer Software and press Open button.
  • Choose a folder having several Gmail Takeout files and press Ok button.
  • Now you can preview Takeout files in the software interface.
  • Click on any file for previewing all email messages inclusive of complete details.

Google Takeout gives facility to export Gmail emails into MBOX file using a few simple steps. You can watch this complete video tutorial for complete details.

Yes, it has a separate option to view Gmail MBOX file attachments in the software panel.

It shows (*) star sign if any email contains the attachments, it’s very simple.

During opening Google Takeout MBOX files in the software interface, it shows the size of each email in KB automatically.

Freeware version allows opening unlimited Google Takeout ZIP files while pro edition provides some extra features such as export emails in four different commonly used file formats and merge archived files.

No, it is capable to export email in 4 different formats but you can use BitRecover MBOX Converter Wizard for storing Google Takeout MBOX files into various standard file formats.

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