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Technology Overview ~ 2 Min Read

Learn What is WPD (WordPerfect Document File)?

WPD aka WordPerfect Document File is a text document file format that was developed for WordPerfect word processing software. It is mainly used to process formatted text and is capable

Rollins Duke • June 21, 2017
Add Signature to PDF ~ 4 Min Read

Add Signature to PDF and Own Its Authority

You are not always supposed to sign a document in as a hard copy by going through the struggle of printing it, signing it, and then mailing it back. We

Rollins Duke • June 20, 2017
Read Your Emails ~ 2 Min Read

How to Make Lotus Notes Default Email Client in Windows OS?

IBM Notes (formerly known as Lotus Notes) is a collaborative email client best suited for mid-scale and large-scale organizations. It offers various business collaboration features such as emailing, calendaring, micro-blogging,

Rollins Duke • June 11, 2017
Technology Overview ~ 3 Min Read

Virtualization vs Cloud Computing: Which Is Better?

In the present arena Virtualization and Cloud Computing, are the two most talked about technologies. Similar to the technologies that were only available to large-scale enterprises in their initial stage,

Rollins Duke • March 20, 2017
Recover Your Data ~ 4 Min Read

Thankfully Recover My SD Card Photos That Were My Life Relived 

Being an ardent user of many social networking platforms, my photos were a way of reliving my life! Be it my Smartphone, my digital camera or my tablet; I am

Rollins Duke • February 14, 2017
Move Data ~ 3 Min Read

Move Exchange 2010 Mailbox to PST with Exchange Management Console

The blog post has been written so as to facilitate the Exchange 2010 users in the process of exporting/moving their mailbox to a PST file. When an idea to move

Rollins Duke • January 31, 2017
Recover Your Data ~ 3 Min Read

Acknowledge How to Recover Data from Outlook PST

If you have worked with Outlook you might be well aware of the data files that are used to store Outlook database. If no, then read on to find more.

Rollins Duke • January 30, 2017
Convert Your Data ~ 6 Min Read

Technique to Perform NSF to Word Conversion Effectually

“Hey, I’m David from the USA. I used to use lotus notes last 2 years ago, but now it has become difficult to use due to its renaming. But I

Rollins Duke • January 18, 2017
Case Study ~ 4 Min Read

Learn How to Archive in Lotus Notes in A Few Steps

No matter whoever you ask, storing older mails is a practice which is done by everyone. One of the main reasons behind this is the incoming and accommodation of hundreds

Rollins Duke • January 18, 2017
Case Study ~ 3 Min Read

How to Fix USB Problem Code 43 ?

Observe How to Fix USB Problem Code 43 One of the most frequently occurring errors when a USB drive is plugged in a system is the Error Code 43. The

Rollins Duke • November 16, 2016
Technology Overview ~ 4 Min Read

Introduce to Latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with Their Additional Features

In Short; The iPhone is one of the most iconic device all over the world, in the grand scheme of things, it is not very old. But the two question arises

Rollins Duke • September 8, 2016
Cloud ~ 4 Min Read

Know About Google Cloud and Their Advantages

Before providing the knowledge about Google cloud I just need to give some information about Cloud and Cloud Storage: About Cloud: It is a significant development and is being adopted

Rollins Duke • September 6, 2016
Data Backup ~ 5 Min Read

How to Do Word Recovery, Media Recovery and Archive File Recovery?

If you are Word user, then you are quite familiar with the problem where you are not able to open Word document. The situation gets more complicated when the documents

Rollins Duke • March 30, 2016