How do I Export Emails from Mailbird? – Complete User Guide

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

I want to transfer important information from my Mailbird email to a desktop computer. How do I export emails from Mailbird account? Please guide me in an easy way. Thank you very much in advance.

It may surprise you, but our support team receives requests like this almost every day. Since there is no native export option available in the Mailbird email application, the need for a solution to export Mailbird emails becomes more obvious than ever.

Are you also looking for the best solution to export Mailbird emails with attachments? Fortunately, you ended up in the right place. In this post, we will detail all the instructions for exporting Mailbird emails using a highly rated third-party tool.

So, let’s start.

An Ultimate Way to Export Emails from Mailbird with Attachments

Mailbird Converter Tool is the best solution to export multiple emails from Mailbird account with attachments. This utility works without any limits. It comes with a consistent interface that guides you on how to export emails from Mailbird directly. It is an independent solution that doesn’t require a Mailbird configuration to achieve the process. The user can add Mailbird files and folder directly for the export process. This utility works only on the Windows-compatible system.

Next, we will take a look at the step-by-step guide to know the easiest way to export Mailbird email.

How do I export emails from Mailbird account? – 5 Steps to Follow 

1 – Download and start the recommended software on the Windows machine.

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2 – It automatically uploads Mailbird profile data after selecting the configured Mailbox option. If you just want to add emails without Mailbird, choose Select File and Folder option. Then tap on the Next.

How do i export emails from Mailbird

3 – Check the required Mailbird folder and click on Next to continue.

required Mailbird folder

4 – Select the desired option from the list of 30+ saving formats as shown in the screenshot.

Mailbird export email

5 – Now, enter a location to get results at your desired location and tap on the Convert button.

Export Mailbird File and Folder

The export emails from Mailbird process begins. You can see the live conversion process in the software panel. Once the process is finished, a complete conversion message pops up on your screen. The software opens the user filled destination location to get the results.

List of Complete Alternatives to Export Mailbird File and Folder

The software provides more than 30 Saving options to easily export email files from Mailbird account. We are categorizing the options in the following way:

  1. Export Mailbird to Common Email File Types: The users can quickly transfer Mailbird email messages to different file formats, for example, Mailbird to PST, Mailbird to EML, Mailbird to MBOX, Mailbird to PDF, Mailbird to HTML, Mailbird to MHT, Mailbird to DOC, Mailbird to XPS, Mailbird to EMLX, Mailbird to CSV, Mailbird to vCard, etc.
  2. Extract Mailbird to Common Email Application: This powerful solution is capable to import Mailbird to Thunderbird, Mailbird to Windows Live Mail, Mailbird to Lotus Notes, Mailbird to Zimbra, and more.
  3. Export Mailbird to Free Web-based Email Services: The software is a professional solution to easily migrate Mailbird to Gmail, Mailbird to Yahoo, Mailbird to, and more.

Tips for the Smooth Export Mailbird Email Process

The user can download the mentioned software on all the available Windows editions. The solution is completely free of any type of errors. Hence, you will not face any trouble with the solution. Now, let’s have a look at the capabilities of the product. Also, what you need to keep in mind when using the tool.

  • You can export selective emails from Mailbird account directly. All you need to do is click on the Select File button and choose emails.
  •  You are capable to export bulk of Mailbird emails to commonly used file formats. For this, choose the Select Folder option in the software panel.
  • If you want to convert Mailbird to cloud application then you need to provide the login credentials of your email account. Don’t worry all your personal information is safe with the solution.
  • This utility provides an “I am Admin” option if you want to export multiple account emails from Mailbird to Office 365. The user needs to enter admin credentials for smooth functioning.

Want to Try the Software Free? Download it now!

The utility is designed by professionals in the industry. It comes with a free trial version that the user can try now! The demo versions help people to export 25 emails from Mailbird to commonly used email formats. Then, you can upgrade to the Pro version of the tool to transfer countless Mailbird emails to multiple formats. It is quick, efficient and fast.

Key Advantages of the Valuable Solution

  • The software is an ideal choice for directly exporting bulk Mailbird emails with attachments.
  • The user interface is easy and intuitive to use. It doesn’t require technical skills to work.
  • This application can export Mailbird emails into large email file formats with complete accuracy.
  • It is a permanent solution that gives results without losing a single bit of data.

Bottom Line

Mailbird does not provide a native export option for transferring files and folders. It can be achieved with a third party solution. In the above blog, we highlighted a quick and direct way to resolve queries, such as how do I export emails from the Mailbird account. The method is capable to move files from a configured profile as well as users can upload emails without the Mailbird installation. So, don’t lose time and try the solution now.

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