Export Office 365 to IMAP Server – Successfully Migrated!

Mark Regan ~ June 24th, 2021 ~ Move Data

A few days back, I got one challenge to migrate Office 365 to IMAP server.  The task was quiet challenging as moving data from MS Office 365 to IMAP server is not at all easy.

On the internet, one can easily get tons of solutions that explain how to export Office 365 emails to IMAP Server. But I didn’t get the exact solution for which I was looking for to perform O365 to IMAP server migration. As I was having 10 GB of data that I need to backup from Office 365 to IMAP directly.

Then, one of my friend recommended me to read the forum post as sometimes the solutions are available there too. Then, I started reading the forum post, out of which some user’s issues are mentioned below:

  • How to export MS Office 365 to IMAP server?
  • Can I move my mailbox of Office 365 to IMAP server?
  • How to migrate bulk of Office 365 emails to IMAP?
  • How to convert Office 365 mailbox to IMAP directly?

While going through these queries, I got one solution by BitRecover. I started reading about the solution Email Backup Software and found it a fully featured application. Then, I started exploring the software and got that it has a free demo version that I can use before purchasing the software.

How to Migrate Office 365 to IMAP Server?

After using the free demo of the software, I found it the exact I want. So, I invested on the software and performed this Office 365 to IMAP migration.

Let us check out the steps to perform Office 365 to IMAP migration as mentioned below:

  • Download and install Office 365 to IMAP Server Tool on your machine.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

  • From the list of email source, choose Office 365.

choose Office 365

  • Enter the credentials of Office 365 account >> click on Login button.

credentials of Office 365

  • The tool will preview all folders of Office 365 mailbox. Check the desired folder to be migrated from Office 365 to IMAP server.

preview all folders

  • From the list of saving options, choose IMAP option.

Saving options

  • Enter the credentials of your IMAP server.

enter credentials

  • If you want to migrate particular email of Office 365 mailbox then, check “Use Advance Mode” Use filter accordingly and click on Backup button.

Migrate Office 365 to IMAP Server

  • After completion of migration, you will get the completion message on the screen.

In this way, I migrated my whole data from Office 365 mailbox to IMAP Server. I found the software a straight-forward solution to perform migration from Office 365 to IMAP Server. The application is simple, easy, and error-free solution to perform migration from MS Office 365 to IMAP Server.

How can you say that the software is outstanding?

Office 365 to IMAP Server Software has been programmed with high-end spheres that permit users to execute a smooth and level-headed migration process that is highly safe for keeping data intact throughout the migration process. The utility has a lot to provide the users with along with advance feature to perform particular email migration from Office 365 to IMAP Server. The integrity of data is kept intact throughout the migration. No any external tool is needed to implement the data migration. Office 365 to IMAP Software is operable on all Windows OS both 32 and 64-bit. Easy to operate interface of the tool makes it easy to perform migration without any issue. The best thing about the software is its flawless migration of data from Office 365 to IMAP Server.

Look Out For the Pluses of Office 365 to IMAP Server Tool

  • You can execute an eased process of conversion from Office 365 to IMAP Server with this software.
  • The flexibility of the tool permits you to migrate unlimited data from O365 mailbox without any issue.
  • Migration of selective data is also done with effortlessness from MS Office 365 to IMAP Server.
  • Versions of all Microsoft Windows are supported by the tool in a way to render a smooth migration.

The tool has a range of more benefitting potentials, which makes it one of the most desired software. It also comes into various unique abilities like ones stated below:

An Unmatchable List

  • Selection, uploading, and conversion of desired data are easily possible.
  • Entire components of the Office 365 mailbox are converted into IMAP i.e. emails, contacts, journals, tasks, to-do list etc.
  • Original formatting of Office 365 mailbox is maintained.
  • Completely standalone application to execute the data migration from Office 365 to IMAP Server easily.

By ending my talk of the day, I will say that it is important to manage the data without any issue. For migration, selection of a precise solution is the very first step in a way to perform flawless and smooth migration. As in the above-discussion, I have also suggested a solution that I only trust after using its free demo version. Therefore, you also must try the tool before investing over it.

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