How to Download Office 365 Emails for Offline Use – Top 3 Methods

Rollins Duke   
Published: July 22nd, 2024 • 8 Min Read
Blog Overview: We look at multiple different methods in today’s post to download Office 365 emails. We will go over how to use the Outlook desktop app the Outlook web app and the pro utility to save emails from Outlook 365 to a hard drive or to your local device. For each method, this tutorial provides detailed step-by-step instructions that ensure you can safely save emails for future reference. You will understand how to download all emails from Outlook 365 successfully for offline access by the end of this article.

Nowadays, billions of companies are using Microsoft 365 to get cloud benefits, and many administrators want to download all Office 365 emails locally for offline use. Sometimes the process to download all emails from Office 365 becomes an urgent task for working professionals. After that, they start searching the the best solution on the Internet.

Hence, if you are also facing any difficulties while downloading emails from your Outlook 365 webmail account, then stay tuned in the next upcoming sections we will be discussing multiple manual solutions and one enterprise-level solution for resolving your problem.

Why Do Users Download All Emails from Outlook 365?

  • Users often consider download all Office 365 data as a server copy to avoid data loss scenarios.
  • Sometimes clients want to share copies of some Microsoft 365 emails with other users locally using messenger programs.
  • Many times, users want to print Office 365 emails for professional needs after converting Office 365 emails to PDF.
  • Non-technical users usually do not know where O365 stores their data hence they want to store their crucial data on their own computers.

How to Download Office 365 Emails?

  • Pro Software to Download Outlook 365 Emails Data
  • Configure M365 Email ID with Desktop Outlook
  • Manual Download Office 365 Emails One by One

There are various free and professional approaches available to download all emails from Outlook 365 user and admin accounts. As we have suggested, now this is the time to know all methods in brief with full details. Let’s start now!

How to Download All Emails From Outlook 365? Pro Solution

If you are looking for a how to download all emails from Outlook 365 with a pro utility then Office 365 Backup Software is the best tool that is compatible with all latest and previous Windows OS and Mac OS. The tool is effective to download all Office 365 data together with emails, contacts, and calendars from Office 365 Primary, Shared, and In-Place Archive emails.

Simple Steps to Download Office 365 Emails

  1. Start the suggested software, fill O365 account credentials, and press the Login button.
    enter office 365 credentials
  2. Thereafter, the software will start adding all Microsoft 365 folders in the software UI.
    loading office 365 folders
  3. Now choose the required or necessary Microsoft 365 folders under the software interface.
    select required office 365 folders
  4. Choose the desired saving format from the Select Saving Option drop-down list. In this case, we have selected the PST option.
    Download Office 365 Emails
  5. After that, set the Advance Filter options for downloading emails from Office 365 webmail. Here, we have mentioned the Date Range from which we need to migrate emails. You can also use other filter options if needed.
    advance filters
  6. Either confirm the desktop as the destination path; otherwise, press the Change button to browse the specific location where you would like your resultant output data to be saved.
    browse destination path
  7. Now press the Backup button to begin the process of downloading Microsoft 365 emails.
    Download Microsoft 365 email
  8. A message box appears on the successful completion of the process. Click the OK button
    download emails from outlook 365
  9. At last, the tool automatically opens the destination path where your resultant files are saved. Here, you can check that your Office 365 emails have been successfully downloaded as the PST file.
    downloaded data

Why to Choose Automated Software

  • It is a 100% safe and guaranteed solution to download Office 365 emails including emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and all.
  • The tool allows you to download emails from Outlook 365 admin and user accounts including entire email properties and attachments.
  • It is the best approach to download M365 primary, shared, and in-place archive e-mails.
  • The tool maintains the actual folder and subfolder hierarchy during the completion of the task.
  • This approach permits you to download Outlook 365 emails into several email and document formats.

How to Download All Emails From Outlook 365 with Desktop Outlook

How to download all Outlook 365 emails with Desktop Outlook? Now by configuring the Microsoft Office 365 email ID on desktop Outlook, you can download Office 365 emails in bulk. You will need to perform 2 stages to complete this task.

1st Phase: Configure Office 365 Email ID with Desktop Outlook

  1. Run Outlook desktop email client.
  2. Choose File >> Add Account option.
  3. Fill Microsoft 365 email address and choose advanced options.
  4. Check the set up my account manually option and press the Connect button.
  5. Thereafter, choose the account type as POP3.
  6. Fill Office 365 POP settings in specific fields.
  7. Enter your account password and press the Connect button.

Note: Now you might have to wait for a few hours or even days because after successfully configuring the O365 account with Outlook, it takes some time for all the emails available on the server to be downloaded locally for offline use at the default destination path.

2nd Phase: Export Data Locally

  1. Open MS Outlook desktop edition and choose the File option.
  2. Choose the Import/Export option under the Open & Export feature.
  3. Select Outlook Data File (.pst) and hit on the Next button.
  4. Use the checkbox for selecting required folders and press the Next button.
  5. Set the destination path, enter the name of the file, and click the Finish button.
  6. Lastly, get the downloaded data from the selected location.

2nd Phase: Drag & Drop Email Messages (Alternative)

Note: If you go with the drag and drop approach then it will allow you to download Office 365 emails to the MSG format.

  1. Create a folder on the desktop to store the dragged emails.
  2. Open desktop Outlook and choose any email folder.
  3. Select all emails from a specific folder.
  4. Drag and drop the selected emails under the newly created folder.
  5. Office 365 emails will be downloaded and saved as MSG files.
Limitations of the above approach

There are certain conditions and limitations in using this technique:

  • Desktop Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007 should be installed on your computer.
  • This method allows you to export Office 365 mailbox to PST file extension only.
  • Users should have basic knowledge of profile configuration and Outlook’s Import/Export Tool.
  • This technique does not offer any guarantee for data security. There is always the risk of data loss or corruption involved in carrying out such manual solutions
Download Office 365 Emails One by One

1st Trick: EML Saving Option

  1. Login to your Microsoft 365 user or admin account.
  2. Choose Outlook 365 from the listed apps and open an email.
  3. Click on the three-dot icon and choose Download from the drop-down list.
  4. Your email will be downloaded into the EML file under the Download folder.
  5. Repeat the same process again for downloading the next email from Outlook 365.

 2nd Trick: PDF Saving Option

  1. Sign In to your Office 365 using User and Admin credentials.
  2. Select Outlook 365 under Office 365 and open any choice email.
  3. Choose a three-dot icon and select the Print option from the drop drown.
  4. Thereafter, again click on the Print button from the Next window.
  5. Choose Save as PDF from the Destination option.
  6. Click on Save and browse the destination path to store email.
  7. Now click on Save to successfully download Outlook 365 emails.
  8. Repeat the same mentioned steps again for another email.

Keep in Mind: This is an easy approach to download Office 365 emails one by one for free. Hence, this is not useful for those who want to download Microsoft 365 Emails in bulk.

Ending Lines

In this blog, we have discussed and explained how to download all emails from Outlook 365 to your local computer. Users can pick any solution according to their convenience. The manual methods though free come with their own set of risks and limitations. As a lot of important and crucial information is stored in our emails, experts always recommend opting for a professional solution to download Office 365 emails webmail. The suggested solution offers quick and reliable results without any limitations. It also allows you to download emails in bulk and also preserves complete data integrity.

The demo version of the tool is available for you to test its features before deciding to go for the complete professional edition. For any queries, contact our technical support team.