How to Export All Office 365 Data Without eDiscovery Tool?

Mark Regan | January 2nd, 2020 | Data Backup


Considering a scenario where administrators generate an eDiscovery mailbox search in the Microsoft EAC online to export all Office 365 data. They get ready to export all licensed users of Office 365 data from the search result to the PST file. An individual simply clicks on ‘Export to a PST file’ link and then, prompted to install the eDiscovery PST export tool.

But, the main problem arises when administrators install the eDiscovery Export tool and run it. They experience one of the following issues :

  • The application tries to establish a connection but, it suddenly crashes without any error. This usually happens while using Windows Internet Explorer 9.0 or above editions.
  • ‘Cannot Download the application’ – This error message occurs when a user is operating a third-party browser during the procedure.

There are several individuals who raise the above-mentioned kinds of questions for the manual tricks. Considering the increase in issues faced by administrators, we are here with a complete remedy to export all licensed users of Office 365 tenant. The solution demands a utility, named as Email Backup Wizard.

Now finally you are going to learn about a simplified method to export all Office 365 data. This approach does not demand any PowerShell commands be executed. It is an easy, simple, and effortless method to export mailboxes from the Exchange Online account.


How to Export All Office 365 Data in Simple Way?

Office 365 export tool is a complete solution to attempt the collective export from MS Office 365 tenant to CSV / EML / MSG / PST. It keeps users far away from technical issues that they face while downloading Office 365 mailboxes locally. Also, customers can use this solution to export all licensed users of Office 365 without going through any error phase.

5 Steps to Export Data From Office 365 to CSV :

a) Install the software on your PC and select Office 365 from the list
b) Enter MS Office 365 admin credentials and then, select source users
c) Out of 10+ export options, select anyone to export all O365 data
d) Define the location where files are to be saved after process completion
e) Finally, click on the Backup button to begin exporting of Exchange Online data

Stepwise Procedure to Export all Office 365 Data

Ensure that you had impersonated users of your Exchange Online administrator account. These users need to be the ones whose mailboxes are to be downloaded via Office 365 Export Tool.

1. First of all, install the software on your system and select Office 365 option from the list of ‘Email Source’.

export all Office 365 data

2. Provide the credentials of the Office 365 administrator account and enable the checkbox of ‘I am Admin’.

export all Office 365 data

3. Click on the Login button to complete the procedure to export all Office 365 data.

export all Office 365 data

4. Now a window pop-ups whose title will be ‘Backup User Accounts’. Here, you can either select users by checking the checkboxes of the username or browse a CSV file with the required users’ information.

export all Office 365 data

5. Click on the Next button to proceed further with the procedure to export all licensed users of Office 365.

export all Office 365 data

6. Now, the software smartly loads the user’s details in its preview panel. You have to now select them again by checking their associated checkboxes.

export all Office 365 data

7. Select the Saving option field from any one of the listed options to export all Office 365 data. For the demonstration, we are selecting the CSV option.

export all Office 365 data

8. If you wish to filter out the unwanted data, utilize the ‘Advance Backup Option’ of Office 365 export tool. This is done to customize the items to be exported.

export all Office 365 data

9. Finally, define the location where exported files need to be saved and click on the Backup button.

export all Office 365 data

The same recommended solution can be used to export data of a single Office 365 user without administrator permissions.

Time to Resolve Some FAQs

Before using the solution, there are several questions that roam around in a person’s mind. People do ask different queries with the intention of getting a satisfactory answer. Therefore, we are listed down some of the frequent FAQs, which are raised by users when they came to know about this solution.

1. Is there any requirement of PowerShell commands to export all mailboxes from the O365 tenant?

No, our recommended solution does not require any PowerShell commands to export all Office 365 data. It is a simplified method to attempt the entire task in a few clicks.

2. Can I use this solution to export a list of licensed Office 365 users to a CSV file?

Yes, you can use Office 365 export tool to export all licensed users of Office 365 in CSV format.

3. Does your solution export Office 365 to PST without Outlook installation?

Yes, it is an independent solution to export data in bulk amount from Exchange Online to PST. No requirement of any supportive application like MS Outlook is needed to work with it.

4. How can I grant application impersonation rights in Office 365 tenant?

Please click on link to learn the method to apply impersonation.

Let’s Sum Up

Users from different corners of the world search for a solution to export all Office 365 data in few clicks. The manual approach for this is like a nightmare because it surrounds by lots of issues within it. Now no more to worry! We are here with an automated method to export all licensed users of Office 365.
It saves lots of time while downloading bulk amounts of data from Exchange Online tenant. And does not demand much technical knowledge to work with it. A person will definitely experience a smooth method to export data from the Exchange Online tenant if they opt for Office 365 export tool.