Microsoft Office 365 Migration Tool and Service for Professionals

Rollins Duke   
Published: December 5th, 2022 • 8 Min Read
Finding a solution for Microsoft Office 365 migration, but not able to find the correct software or service? In this blog, we will discuss about how to migrate Office 365 emails to other email services in the simplest way. It can be done through the help of the Office 365 Migration Tool and Service. Read the complete blog carefully to get over this issue.

Nowadays, everyone wants to use high-speed and painless technology to achieve things. People want to take fewer actions as well to get the results. This is the reason why companies chose to migrate Office 365 mailboxes to other cloud applications or desktop clients. Once a user decides on Microsoft Office 365 migration process, the user will need to determine its complete steps. Every Microsoft Office 365 accounts have emails, contacts, calendars, and every data user wants to keep all of them.

Some Situations to Migrate Office 365 Emails

There is no doubt Microsoft 365 is the number 1 demanding and trending cloud-based email service for working professionals. At present time most medium-sized and large-sized organizations are using Office 365. But still, some users are looking for Microsoft Office 365 migration services and tools because of some personal and business requirements.

Availability of Alternatives: Compared to the old days, nowadays several Office 365 competitors have arrived in the online market. That also provides cloud-based email facilities like Microsoft 365. These alternatives are using advance digital marketing tricks to sell Office 365 alternatives i.e., they offer a high discount and less cost per user license. Mainly Google Workspace (G Suite) is giving competition for Office 365, hence several users want to migrate Office 365 to Google Workspace.

Cost-cutting Situations: Due to Covid 19 pandemic and Russia Ukraine conflict, several businesses are affected. Thus, they are doing some cost-cutting in daily operations. Hence, they are looking for Microsoft Office 365 migration plans. Even, though there are several freeware cloud-based email services and desktop-based email clients are available free of cost. For example, recently one of our respective clients was connected to the BitRecover support team to migrate Office 365 to Thunderbird because Thunderbird is a freeware email client.

Office 365 Migration Assistant

If you want some advice on Microsoft Office 365 migration process for both individuals and enterprises. Then don’t take stress, because being Office 365 migration advisor, we are suggesting different expert-verified techniques for resolving complete M365 migration-related issues.

Here, we are discussing some advanced techniques for Microsoft Office 365 migration tasks. Click on any method and scroll down.

  1. Microsoft 365 Migration Tool
  2. Office 365 Migration Service
  3. Manually Do It Yourself

[1] Microsoft 365 Migration Tool

Microsoft Office 365 Backup Tool is a featured-ready program for completing Office 365 migration project process. All Windows and Mac OS users use it to migrate Office 365 mailboxes to other email services and clients. The tool provides 30+ saving options hence, this is much more beneficial compared to other available tools available in the online market.

How to Migrate Office 365 Mailboxes?

  1. Start Office 365 Migration Software, enter O365 account credentials, and press Login. Don’t forget to tick the I am Admin option if you want to migrate Microsoft 365 emails from several user accounts at once.
    Microsoft Office 365 Migration Tool
  2. Thereafter, select the required M365 folders from the software interface as it shows all folders in the real file explorer view.
    select required office 365 folders
  3. Choose a saving option according to your Microsoft Office 365 migration plan.
    saving options
  4. After that, use advance filter options to migrate Outlook 365 emails by preferred date range, email address, and email subject.
    advance filters
  5. Now enter the account credentials of the email source account from which you want to migrate Microsoft 365 mailboxes.
    migrate Office 365 emails
  6. Thereafter, click on the Backup button to start Office 365 migration endpoint process without difficulties.
    migrate office 365 mailbox
  7. The outlook 365 migration process has been completed successfully, see the message of completion, and press Ok to confirm.
    completed successfully
  8. Sign In to your source account to access O365 emails and other crucial data.
    login to account

Available Office 365 Migration Options

Microsoft M365 Migration Tool provides various migration choices for Office 365 users. They can feel free to pick any saving option according to their choice for completing this Office 365 migration case study.

  • Standard Emails: One of the best software to migrate Office 365 mailboxes to PST, MSG, EML, EMLX, MBOX, etc.
  • Desktop Clients: Grab this suggested application for Microsoft Office 365 migration to several desktop clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Zimbra, HCL Notes, etc.
  • Generic Documents: You can take the decision to save Office 365 emails as PDF, XLS, HTML, MHT, CSV, etc.
  • Cloud Services: This utility permits to migrate Office 365 to Gmail, G Suite, Yahoo, Yahoo Small Business, Microsoft 365, Rediffmail, IBM Verse, etc.
  • Email Server: Just get this application to migrate from Office 365 to IMAP Server, Zimbra Server, IceWarp Server, and Exchange Server.

Why Office 365 Migration Software?

Know some reasons for choosing the O365 Migration Tool as a solution for resolving complete M365 migration-related queries.

Migrate Everything: This is advisable to go with Microsoft Office 365 Migration Tool. Because the tool is capable to migrate Office 365 mailbox including complete data as mentioned below:

  • Emails: Migrate Office 365 emails including all attributes from Inbox, Sent, Draft, and Deleted Items. It maintains complete email items such as To, Cc, Bcc, From, Date, Time, Year, Subject, Headings, HTML Links, Inline Images, and all.
  • Contacts: Migrate Microsoft 365 Contacts together with complete embedded details. It preserves Names, Email IDs, Contact Addresses, Zip Codes, Websites, Profile Pictures, and all.
  • Calendars: Migrate Outlook 365 calendars to another platform inclusive of complete details such as Event Name, Start & End Date, Appointments, Meetings with Titles, and Descriptions.

Migrate All Mailboxes: This utility is a proficient way to migrate Office 365 mailboxes from primary and secondary quota spaces. Hence, they can offline download Office 365 emails and migrate them accordingly with all mailboxes as mentioned below.

  • Primary Mailboxes: Migrate Office 365 primary mailboxes into a choice source account.
  • In-Place Archive: Migrate Microsoft 365 in-place archive emails if In-Place Archive is enabled.
  • Shared Mailboxes: Migrate O365 shared mailbox items to another email service according to your choice.

I am Admin Option: Tick the I am admin option during Microsoft Office 365 migration process. Thereafter, you can select multiple user accounts using checkboxes for migrating data.

Foremost Filters: Advance filter options are available for Microsoft 365 migration between a date range, sender/receiver email id, and email subject.

[2] Hire Office 365 Migration Service

Are you planning to hire an Office 365 migration service?  Then don’t worry and contact to BitRecover support team. Thereafter, one of our Microsoft-certified Office 365 experts will remotely connect you to provide complete support for resolving your issues about the M365 migration process.

First, discuss your need for migration with complete details. Thereafter, we will give you an estimate for Office 365 migration service with zero downtime and without losing any data. We have full-proof Microsoft 365 migration plans for different types of migration needs.

Why BitRecover for O365 Migration Service?

  • BitRecover has several Microsoft-certified Office 365 experts to ensure successful Office 365 migration.
  • We have approx 15 years of experience in cloud migration and server migration-related tasks.
  • BitRecover is capable to migrate Office 365 emails into any available email program worldwide.
  • We provide free Office 365 migration assistance for all working professionals and enterprises.

[3] Manually Do It Yourself

Users can also complete Microsoft Office 365 migration process without using any software or service. However, manual techniques come with such limitations and these methods are time-consuming. But still, some users want to migrate Office emails free of cost. Follow Office 365 migration steps and do it yourself manually.

  1. Firstly, choose a source email client in your mind in which you want to migrate Office 365 mailboxes such as Outlook, Thunderbird, eM Client, and any.
  2. Thereafter, configure Microsoft 365 email address with the email client and start receiving email messages.
  3. Export all Office 365 data (emails, contacts, calendars) from your configured specific email client into a standard extension.
  4. After that, close your Microsoft 365 subscription plan and start using email addresses through cPanel webmail.
  5. Again, configure the cPanel webmail account with the email client using POP3 and IMAP settings.
  6. Also, import old exported emails into your email client for complete Microsoft Office 365 migration.
Note: You can follow the above-mentioned 6 steps to migrate Office 365 mailboxes into a choice desktop-based email client. This is a lengthy process as for completing each step, you will need to follow many sub-steps. Even non-technical users may face issues while using this method. There is no guarantee for data loss, your one wrong step may be the reason for error and data loss.

By finishing this blog, we would like to say that try above mentioned verified techniques for Microsoft Office 365 migration process. You can follow any technique as per your convenience and knowledge. Before, investing in the tool, it is suggested to go with the trial edition. The working and functionality of trial and licensed editions are the same.