3 Steps to Migrate cPanel Email to Office 365 Account Directly

Mark Regan | June 23rd, 2021 | Move Data

When it comes to migration to cloud application, MS Office 365 is the one that comes first in our minds. That is because its comes up with complete Microsoft Office suite within it.

But how cPanel users can import emails to Microsoft 365 accounts? The question seems quite tricky but interesting also. Isn’t it? I also found it challenging, when I got stuck where I planned to perform cPanel to Office 365 migration.

I support a small organization of pretty heavy email users. Recently, the heaviest mail users experienced disappearing of emails after moving to newly created folders. Even, we lost worthy of emails in a folder. And the biggest thing was, we were not having any backup. These lost emails had meant as dollars of lost data. As I have Office 365 subscription plan. So, I planned to migrate cPanel emails to MS Office 365 account.

I was crazily searching for some direct solution. But did not get anything. Then, I found a manual way but I was having a fear of data loss. I had lost almost all my hopes of performing migration. Then, one day I was reading the press release and luckily got Email Backup Wizard by BitRecover. It gave me a ray of hope. Then, I contacted to them to help me out and I was blessed as they gave just a 3 step solution to export whole data from cPanel emails to OWA directly as mentioned:

  • Download BitRecover cPanel to Office 365 migration Tool and login cPanel credentials
  • Choose Office 365 and enter its credentials
  • Just click on backup button to start the process

Let’s check out the 3 step solution in detail to perform cPanel emails to Office 365 migration.

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Step 1 – Download and Login to cPanel Webmail

Nowadays, it is important to manage all your emails in a way to avoid any disastrous situation that I faced while using cPanel Webmail. Therefore, to manage all emails on Office 365 mailbox, follow the given detailed step to transfer emails from cPanel to MS Office 365 account.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

  • Download, install, and run cPanel to Office 365 migration Tool on your Windows machine.
  • A lot of email sources are listed on left-side of software, just choose IMAP option.
  • Now, enter the credentials of your cPanel Website and click on login button to start the process to export cPanel emails to Office 365 account.

cPanel toOffice 365 migration

The application is a direct solution to migrate all emails from one platform to another. The software supports to download easily on all Windows versions to execute the data migration process. Only credentials are needed by the software. Along with your desired email application, all other email sources are provided by the tool in one software only so, we can say it as all-in-one utility. After clicking on login button, tool will start analysing all the data present on the Webmail.

Step 2 – Select Desired File Saving Option and Advance Filter Option

Selection of required option is also needed in a way to save all the migrated data accordingly. So, follow the given steps of instruction to save cPanel emails in O365 account as mentioned:

  • Check the desired folder that the software has listed along with message count of each folder.
  • Select Office 365 option from the given list of file saving options.
  • Tool gives you an option to save data at default folder, just check “Save messages in default folders.”
  • You can even change the language according to your Office 365 by clicking on option “Change Language”
  • Enter credentials of your Office 365 mailbox to execute the process.
  • To perform selective email migration, click on “Use Advance Settings for selective Migration” option.

cPanel email to Office 365

Software provides plenty of options to perform trouble-free cPanel to Office 365 migration. As, starting from desired folder migration from cPanel Webmail. It makes easy in a way to import only selected folders from cPanel to OWA mailbox. Moving on having tool gives a list of file saving options, choose Office 365 from the list saving options. Tool gives an option to directly save the data in default folder. Even, we can also change the language in the same language in which we have Office 365 mailbox. The software gives a feature to migrate only selected emails as well by using an option of “Use Advance Settings” option. In that option, you can simply choose the particular date range. Along with this, you can enter mails “From”, “To” and “subject” accordingly.

Step 3 – cPanel to Office 365 Migration

After entering all the essential details, you can simply go to last step as stated below:

  • Click on the Backup button to start the process of data migration
  • After completion of process, you will get a message of completion on your screen.

cPanel to Office 365 Migration

The tool is programmed with all the advance functionalities that directly migrates from cPanel emails to Office 365 account directly. The application comes up with user-friendly interface to execute the process of migration. Tool is accessible on all Windows OS easily. By clicking on the backup button the process begins without any hang-up issue. You get a pop-up message after completion of process. You can simply open your MS Office 365 account to check your resultant data on it.

Testing and implementing the aforementioned steps makes easy to migrate all my emails from cPanel Webmail to Office 365 mailbox. Even, software comes up with free of cost demo version for testing the tool before investment. After using the software, I found it worthy application to perform cPanel emails to Office 365 migration.

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