How to Export Email Address from cPanel on Windows & Mac OS?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Various website owners, bloggers, corporates, and working professionals wish to export email addresses from cPanel webmail accounts. Nowadays, this task became most important because of digitalization.

Therefore, traditional users are also implementing their business online because nowadays it is a trending marketing strategy. This is beneficial for reducing the business operation cost.

Hence, users want to extract email addresses from cPanel webmail account folders. Thereafter, they can use collected email addresses for email marketing and mass emailing.

Possibilities to Extract cPanel Email Addresses

  • The leaders of network marketing and direct selling companies want to export email addresses from cPanel webmail folders. Thereafter, they can send mass emails to the audience about brand awareness and joining benefits.
  • Sometimes email marketers wish to create an email address database. Later, they can use email ids to send promotional emails about products, services, new launches, etc.
  • Several target achievement-related business owners prefer to export email ids from cPanel accounts. After that, they can easily target worldwide users by sending purchase discount-related emails.
  • Some of the established business users want to collect email ids from cPanel email body, sender, and receiver details. Thus, they can easily collect information about clients who are connected through email.

cPanel Email Address Extractor for Windows & Mac OS – Free Download

Email Address Extractor Tool by BitRecover is an excellent and all-in-one software. This application has a separate option to export email addresses from cPanel account. Hence, this is also considered as cPanel Email Address Extractor for Windows and Mac OS.

Free cPanel Email Address Exporter is proficient to extract a maximum of 25 email ids from each cPanel folder. Thus, it is beneficial for checking the software’s working process. Thereafter, users can easily take the decision to purchase it.

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Preparation – Know Your cPanel IMAP Credentials

Above mentioned software will ask for your cPanel IMAP credentials. So, if you know your cPanel webmail credentials then fine. If you don’t aware of cPanel IMAP credentials then follow the below-mentioned steps.

know cpanel credentials

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the cPanel email id in a specific field and press Find.
  3. Get cPanel account details i.e., username, server hostname, and server port.

How to Export Email Addresses from cPanel Webmail?

  1. Download and start cPanel Email Address Extractor on your computer.
    cpanel email address extractor
  2. Choose IMAP Server as the source option, enter account credentials, and hit on Login.
    enter cpanel login details
  3. Select required email folders for cPanel email id extraction process.
    select required folders
  4. Thereafter, use advance filter options for extracting cPanel email addresses by date range, email fields, exclude folders, etc.
    advance filters
  5. cPanel email id extractor automatically chooses Desktop as the default destination path. Users can change it accordingly by clicking on the Change button.
    select destination path
  6. After that, press Backup to start the procedure to export email addresses from cPanel accounts.
    export email addresses from cpanel
  7. cPanel email ids exported successfully, see the flash message of completion, and press Ok.
    extract email addresses from cpanel
  8. The tool automatically opens the log report file which has details about extracted cPanel email ids.
    log report
  9. Thereafter, the software opens the destination path, so get the resultant email addresses in AllItems.csv file.
    cpanel extracted email ids
  10. Lastly, double-click on exported CSV file and view all email ids in Excel Sheet.
    see email addresses

cPanel Email ID Exporter Highlight Features

  • Export email addresses from cPanel account and store them into a single AllItems.csv file.
  • Batch extract email ids from multiple cPanel accounts at once using Batch Mode.
  • Checkbox facility to extract cPanel email addresses from specifically required folders.
  • Filters to export cPanel account email addresses from required email fields accordingly i.e. To, Cc, Bcc, From, and Email Body.
  • Export email ids from cPanel webmail account between specific date range.
  • Freedom to store collected email addresses at choice destination folder.
  • Generates log report about how many email addresses are exported from each folder.
  • Creates single CSV file to store all cPanel exported email addresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1 – Can I install your software on my MacBook laptop?

Ans – Yes, cPanel Email Address Extractor is well-suitable to install on MacBook (Air & Pro) and iMac macOS based machines.

Que 2 – Does your software permit to collect cPanel email addresses between dates?

Ans – Yes, you can use advance filter option to export email addresses from cPanel webmail between a chosen date range.

Que 3 – Is it possible to extract cPanel email addresses from the email body text?

Ans – Yes, it is capable to get cPanel email ids from all fields (From, To, Cc, Bcc, Email Body).

Final Words

Just follow the above-mentioned steps to export email addresses from cPanel webmail folders. This is a fully professional solution to extract cPanel email addresses for email marketing and mass emailing. Filter options are most helpful for collecting cPanel email ids from required email fields so let’s enjoy!