How to Extract Email Addresses from Yahoo Mail Folders?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Yahoo Mail is continuing providing its emailing services since 1997, hence a lot of users are still using Yahoo. Several working professionals are looking for a reliable way to extract email addresses from Yahoo Mail. Even some users are asking some questions on forum websites as mentioned below.

  • How to copy email addresses from Yahoo Mail?
  • How to export email addresses from Yahoo to Excel?

If you are also facing the same type of issue then keep continue reading this blog post. Here, you will get a reasonable solution to copy email addresses from Yahoo Mail.

Why Do Users Copy Email Addresses from Yahoo Mail?

  • Before launching Gmail, there was complete monopoly of Yahoo in the field of the email. Therefore, several working professionals are still using Yahoo Mail because it is still free. The process to extract email addresses from Yahoo Mail is a good habit for email marketing.
  • Yahoo Mail provides 1 TB of quota space to store email messages and other items. That is much enough compared to any other email service. Hence, Yahoo is capable to store more emails so users use Yahoo Mail. After, exporting email addresses from Yahoo to Excel, users can easily target their audience with mass emailing.
  • Several digital marketing executives and experts wish to get Yahoo email addresses from all email fields (To, Cc, Bcc, From, Email Body). Because their aim is to collect more email ids to execute the email marketing plan for brand promotion.
  • After covid 19 pandemic, customers prefer to purchase items online. Hence, traditional business owners are also started doing business online. Thus, they want to export email addresses from Yahoo Mail for sending emails about discounts and trending offers.

Yahoo Email Address Exporter for Windows & Mac OS

All-in-One Email ID Extractor Software has an independent option to extract email addresses from Yahoo Mail. This Yahoo Email Address Extractor is separately available for MacBook, iMac, and Windows Computer users.

Free Yahoo Email ID Exporter allows getting 25 email addresses from each Yahoo Mail folder. Hence, users can test the software before purchasing the license keys. The freeware version is helpful because it works same as the professional edition.

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Mandatory Yahoo Mail Settings

Yahoo allows its users to create app password if someone wants to access Yahoo’s account using third-party applications. Hence, first, you need to create a Yahoo App password to continue exporting email ids from Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo Email ID Extractor Asks for

  1. Yahoo email address
  2. Yahoo Mail app password

Go to – for creating app password.

How to Export Email Addresses from Yahoo to Excel?

  1. Launch Yahoo Email Address Extractor on your Windows Computer / MacBook / iMac.
    yahoo email address extractor
  2. Choose Yahoo Mail as your email source, fill account credentials, and press the Login button to continue. You can also check the “Use Batch Mode” option if you wish to get Yahoo email addresses from multiple accounts at once.
    enter yahoo credentials
  3. Thereafter, choose the required Yahoo Mail folders from the software GUI. Also, uncheck unnecessary folders accordingly.
    select required folders
  4. The tool provides various email filter options to copy email addresses from Yahoo Mail between dates, exclude folders, and choose email fields.
    advance filters
  5. After that, confirm the default destination path or press Change to browse another destination folder.
    extract email addresses from yahoo mail
  6. Click on Backup to extract email addresses from Yahoo Mail.
    export email addresses from yahoo to excel
  7. Extract Yahoo email addresses process has been completed successfully. Click on Ok for confirmation.
    completed successfully
  8. Thereafter, you can see a log report which has information about Yahoo’s extracted email addresses.
    log report
  9. The tool automatically opens the destination path to clients can easily get exported email ids.
    yahoo export email addresses
  10. Lastly, double-click on the resultant CSV file and preview exported email ids in Excel Sheet.
    see email ids in excel

Yahoo Email Address Extractor Specialties

  • Extract email addresses from Yahoo Mail Inbox, Draft, Sent, Spam, Trash, and all folders.
  • Copy email addresses from Yahoo Mail email fields such as From, To, Cc, Bcc, and Email Body.
  • Extract email ids from Yahoo to CSV format for opening them into Microsoft Excel Sheet.
  • Advance email filter options for collecting Yahoo Mail addresses between dates and specific fields.
  • Users can check necessary folders and uncheck unnecessary folders while pulling Yahoo email ids.
  • Batch mode option available to export email addresses from multiple Yahoo accounts at once.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q 1 – How to copy email addresses from Yahoo Mail manually?

A – Follow the below-mentioned steps

  1. Login to your Yahoo Mail account
  2. Open an email from any folder
  3. Copy email ids from email fields
  4. Paste email addresses into Excel Sheet.

Limitation – This is a time-consuming task and users can’t use this technique for copying all Yahoo Mail addresses. You can use the manual technique if you want to copy only a few email ids from particular Yahoo emails.

Q 2 – My Yahoo Mail account has approx 50 GB of emails, can export Yahoo Mail ids?

A – Yes, there is no size limitation while collecting Yahoo email addresses.

Q 3 – Can I install Yahoo email address extractor on MacBook laptop?

A – Yes, you can configure this software on MacBook and Windows laptops. We have launched separate setup files for both Windows and Mac OS users.

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We have discussed a fully automatic solution to extract email addresses from Yahoo Mail. This is a tested and expert-recommended software for completing the extraction process. All Windows and Mac OS users can go with this solution to export Yahoo email addresses for marketing purposes.