Five Easy Steps to Import MBOX Emails to Amazon WorkMail Account

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Recently I downloaded a zip file from Google mail with the Google Takeout option. These .MBOX files are of great importance to me. It comprises of my business emails as well as some confidential information. My second account is on Amazon WorkMail. And currently, I am trying to look for an application which can directly import MBOX to Amazon WorkMail. Even after enough efforts, I’m not successful in getting  a reliable solution. So, please can you guide me a workable approach that can help me to convert MBOX files to Amazon WorkMail account in batch.

Are you also suffering from a similar situation wherein you need to import MBOX emails to Amazon WorkMail? Then, you can definitely trust the MBOX converter solution. It is a reliable product which helps to migrate MBOX files to Amazon WorkMail within a couple of seconds. Moreover, the software is simple, efficient and standalone so you will not face any problem. Now, the users can launch the MBOX to Amazon WorkMail export tool on all Windows OS without any issue.

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How to Import MBOX Emails to Amazon WorkMail ?

  1. Launch MBOX to Amazon WorkMail converter.
  2. Import MBOX emails to GUI for migrating into AWS WorkMail.
  3. Enable specific MBOX folders as per need.
  4. Choose Amazon WorkMail as file saving type.
  5. Start the process to import MBOX to Amazon WorkMail.

A Short Guide for Converting MBOX Files to AWS WorkMail Account

First of all, download and launch the MBOX to Amazon WorkMail converter on any Windows machine.

Then, choose MBOX files or folders from your database to import MBOX files to Amazon WorkMail.

Now, specify those email folders of MBOX which you want to convert into AWS WorkMail.

Thereafter, go to the saving options list and pick Amazon WorkMail from it. Then, fill the Amazon WorkMail email ID and password and now, hit on the convert tab to begin the process to convert MBOX emails to Amazon WorkMail.

Once the process finishes, the software will give a completion message at the end. Lastly, check your Amazon WorkMail account to view the MBOX to AWS WorkMail migrated messages.

Save Multiple MBOX to Amazon WorkMail – Core Features of Software

1. Import single or multiple MBOX files 

(i) Add files/ folders – You can import a single file/ folder or bulk of files/ folders to import MBOX to Amazon WorkMail.

(ii) No restrictions – Using the MBOX to Amazon WorkMail conversion tool, you don’t need to worry about the file limitations. Using the pro version of MBOX to Amazon WorkMail tool, you can convert unlimited data files of MBOX into Amazon WorkMail account easily.

2. Data filter options for selective email migration – The users can also selectively choose some particular emails to convert from MBOX format to Amazon WorkMail.

3. Preserves the data integrity – During the process to export MBOX files to Amazon WorkMail, the tool maintains the integrity of data.

(i) Maintains the on-disk folder hierarchy – The software of MBOX to Amazon WorkMail converter preserves the internal folder hierarchy of MBOX emails. It will provide the results in the same order as that of original. No matter what sort of folder it is i.e. inbox, sent items, drafts, personal folders, the utility will efficiently migrate MBOX folders to AWS WorkMail.

(ii) Keeps intact the MBOX Metadata properties – The MBOX to Amazon WorkMail migration tool assures you to maintain the email properties throughout the entire process. It precisely maintains the sender and receiver information, attachments, inline images, hyperlinks, etc.

4. No compatibility issues

(i) Supports all MBOX email clients versions – The users can import MBOX data to Amazon WorkMail irrespective of the MBOX email client. You can migrate MBOX data of Apple Mail, Alpine, Claws Mail, Evolution, Google Takeout, Eudora, PowerMail, SeaMonkey, Postbox, Mulberry, Amazon WorkMail, Spicebird, Netscape, Earthlink, KMail, Opera Mail, Thunderbird, Mail Copa, Pocomail, Turnpike.

(iii) Independent application – You can move all MBOX files to AWS WorkMail account without installing the MBOX supportable email clients on your computer.

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Frequently Asked Queries

Q1: Can I import MBOX files to Mac Amazon WorkMail without any limitations?

Yes, with the full pro version of MBOX to Amazon WorkMail conversion tool, you can move unlimited emails from MBOXs into Amazon WorkMail.

Q2: Does the software has any option to import selective MBOX files to Amazon WorkMail?

Yes, with this MBOX to Amazon WorkMail conversion tool, you can choose the option to transfer MBOX emails to Amazon WorkMail.

Q3: How can I import MBOX attachments to Amazon WorkMail?

With the help of MBOX to Amazon WorkMail transfer tool, the users can also import MBOX attachments to AWS WorkMail.

Q4: Can I export Apple Mail MBOX emails to Amazon WorkMail directly?

Yes, definitely! The software is proficient enough to migrate MBOX messages of Amazon WorkMail irrespective of any MBOX email client.

Client Testimonials

I absolutely love BitRecover MBOX to Amazon WorkMail conversion tool and have recommended it to a number of other people too. As a manager of my current company, I have an obligation to retain the copies if all communications related to the our clients. Because of how I save my email folders in my Thunderbird account and each matter for that client is a sub-folder too, there are enough number of MBOX emails in my account. Using the above utility as a stand-alone product works best for me. In a few clicks of my mouse, my obligations are met and I have conveniently converted MBOX messages to Amazon WorkMail account. Hence, I must say that I gave saved many useful hours through the usage of this software.
-Adolf, New York

Now, I have used this MBOX to Amazon WorkMail migration tool on my Windows 10 laptop to import MBOX emails to Amazon WorkMail. Actually, I store all my important email messages on my computer as MBOX format. These are my business files (the emails which are routinely stored). With this software, I have accurately exported emails from MBOX to AWS WorkMail. Somehow your genius application has let me to move dozen of MBOX email messages to amazon workamail. Your application is some damn efficient. Thanks for your brilliant work.
-Acton, USA

Over to You

So, in this blog, we have discussed how to import MBOX emails to Amazon WorkMail account with the help of MBOX to Amazon WorkMail extractor. It is an efficient, reliable and independent software. The utility not only transfer MBOX emails but also the associated attachments with it. Also, it has the potential to convert MBOX data to Amazon WorkMail with attachments.The tool comes with a free demo version which you can use to analyse the tool’s proficiency before you invest your money on it. Moreover, you can use this product to convert unlimited MBOX files to Amazon WorkMail account. Feel free to talk to our technical support team for any doubts or issues.

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