Email Hassles while Import of MBOX Files to Windows 10 Mail

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


Long gone is MBOX supportable email clients like Eudora, Thunderbird, and the latest Windows 10 mail app is here to fit its role. It is simple to set up and has a new minimalist, flat touch-friendly interface. To those who have already used a version of the MBOX email client in the past, the Windows 10 Mail app will come across as a solid client for emails and calendars. It is meant to cater to all those individuals, businesses, and professionals who check their emails on a routine basis. The Windows 10 mail has evolved from Windows 8 app. If you have recently bought a new PC running Windows 10 mail then certainly you don’t want to lose the old email account messages to the new one. In such a case, a powerful MBOX Converter Tool will help you to import MBOX to Windows 10 mail app.

How Can I Open MBOX File on Windows 10 Mail – Use Issues

We have found various sorts of queries regarding MBOX to Windows 10 mail conversion. Read them-





MBOX to Windows 10 Mail App Importer – Execute Conversion for Better Facilities

MBOX to Windows 10 Mail App Software comes as a rescue for such users by helping them in executing the respective conversion with ease and guarantee. Converting data from one formatting of the mailbox to another requires techniques that can change the internal structure without altering the data within.

The application consists of the best of those techniques for changing mail structure with data as well as metadata security ensured. The application is operable on all Windows OS without compromising data quality after migration. Not only this, all the MBOX-based email clients are supported by tools.

Application migrates multiple MBOX files at once in a way to save time. No external application is needed to implement the process. Meanwhile, you are in the process to import MBOX to Windows 10 mail, the tool makes it certain to keep your data safe and intact throughout.

Once you are acquainted with this application via its freeware trial version, you can confidently invest in the suitable license and purchase the tool for availing of complete functionalities, which are barred in the demo version.

Steps to Import MBOX to Windows 10 Mail App

Follow the given steps to convert MBOX to Windows 10 Mail App.

  • Step 1 – Launch MBOX to Windows 10 Mail App Importer on PC.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

  • Step 2 –  Upload multiple MBOX files at once by saving them in one folder.

dual option to upload MBOX files

  • Step3 – Check the desired MBOX files

desired MBOX files

  • Step4 – Choose from the list of file saving options


  • Step5 – Enter the credentials of your account

Enter the credentials

  • Step6 – The import MBOX to Windows 10 mail process is running

live conversion progressive report

  • Step7 – Once the process is completed, the software will give you a message of completion.

message of completion

In this way, one can import MBOX files to Windows 10 mail app. Open to check the converted data files.

Add to Windows 10 Mail App

After having data on so, know how to import MBOX to Windows 10 WebMail App. For this, configure in Windows 10 Mail App.


  • Firstly, open Mail on your Windows 10 system. It will provide you with an option to add an account.
  • Select from the list of given options.


  • Enter credentials to import your data in Mail App.

Enter credentials

  • Now, you can check your email in Windows 10 Mail App.

Windows 10 Mail App

Easily Open MBOX File in Windows 10 – Better Facilities by Software

It is quite important to understand tools before coming to end. In a way, one can know completely about the application.

  • Software for MBOX to Windows 10 Mail App conversion has the ability to open MBOX file in Windows 10 mail app in a few clicks. The tool provides full assurance of execution of all email data migration without data loss.
  • The tool also has an advanced feature of migrating email data with all email properties along with Metadata information intact within the exported data.
  • Application has extensive support to all MS Windows Operating Systems.
  • The utility also confirms a definite migration of email data and gives the user a progress report of email files converted with all attachments.
  • A user-friendly interface of the application also permits a non-technical user to execute it easily on the machine and perform the migration process.
  • Gives an option to migrate selected or multiple files at once from MBOX easily.
  • Time-saving wizard to directly migrate all MBOX data files without compromising the quality of data.

What Do User’s Say ?

Exploring the market got me more than a dozen applications that claimed to convert MBOX files to Windows 10 Mail App. However, none seemed genuine except this Converter. Its trial edition was downloadable completely free, which made the tool desirable. I can now easily open MBOX files on Windows 10 mail!

– Suzy, US

“I like the simple user interface of MBOX to Windows 10 Mail App Importer. I am not a technical person but by using this tool, I have easily converted my files within a few moments only.”

– William Donald, Spain

Ending Notes

We hope that you liked this article and now can easily import MBOX to Windows 10 Mail App. Please check out the free trial version for the tool’s evaluation.