How to Convert MBOX to TXT Format to Save Emails in a Text File ?

Mark Regan ~ October 24th, 2021 ~ Convert Your Data


Have you ever encountered a situation where you downloaded some Google emails to your new Windows laptop and due to the great compatibility of plain TEXT files, you now want to migrate all MBOX data to .txt format? Well, if you have decided so, we are there to guide you towards your journey of how to convert MBOX to TXT format.

Different email users wish to export MBOX emails to Text file so as to open the email data in any word processor. Keep reading this blog to know about how to export MBOX files to Text format with the help of MBOX to TXT converter.

Reasons to Convert MBOX to TXT Format

You might be wondering what are the major reasons to convert MBOX emails to TXT file. If you have MBOX data of email clients like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, PowerMail, Evolution then, you can easily convert MBOX files to TXT format and avail the following benefits with the plain text files.

1. TEXT files can easily be opened on different platforms, all Windows OS such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 just as an XP machine, android phone, tablet, or mac for that matter.

2. Having text files with you will remove the headache of deciding which format is the best.

3. Since text files are really easy to work with, so you can migrate MBOX to TXT and save them in a single folder.

4. Whenever you save MBOX emails to text format, you can get rid of stuff like images, spacing, etc which usually happens in word or excel. Plain text files keeps the data loose as it was and bin the multimedia.

5. You can batch convert MBOX to TXT format, and use the output text files wherever required as they occupy a little size.

Download MBOX to TXT Converter Demo Version Now

All those hassles involved in exporting MBOX emails to TXT format can be resolved using the MBOX to text conversion tool. It comes with a free demo version which you download from the given link below.

It allows a user to convert the top 25 MBOX data items to supportable format without any problems. Later you can switch to the full pro version for unlimited email conversion of MBOX files to TXT format.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Let’s start by downloading and running the tool on Windows machines. Then, read the pointers mentioned in the software window and tap on Next.

Learn How to Convert MBOX Emails to TXT Format in Some Easy Steps

First of all, download, install and launch the MBOX Converter on any Windows compatible machine.

Then, choose MBOX files from the dual options given in the software panel. It comes in dual ways: select files or select folders. Choose as per your need.

Thereafter, check or uncheck those MBOX email folders which you wish to export MBOX emails to text file.

Now, from the saving options list, pick the TXT as saving type.

In this step, enter a location to save the resultant MBOX data to TXT format. Along with this, pick a required file naming option for better email management.

Now, click on the convert button to start to transfer MBOX emails to TXT format. Once the process ends, it will give a completion message.

Lastly, open the resultant folder comprising of the output TXT files.


Thus, in this way, one can convert MBOX to TXT file format very easily and conveniently.

Benefits of MBOX to Text Converter

A note to remember:- You can use this software for converting MBOX data of multiple MBOX supportable email clients such as Apple Mail, Alpine, Claws Mail, Evolution, Google Takeout, Eudora, PowerMail, SeaMonkey, Postbox, Mulberry, Entourage, Spicebird, Netscape, Earthlink, KMail, Opera Mail, Thunderbird, Mail Copa, Pocomail, Turnpike.

There are multiple special benefits that MBOX to TXT export tool offers to its users. Some of them are provided below:

Two options to choose files: This MBOX to text converter gives dual options to import MBOX emails into the software panel.

Convert attachments too: You can export MBOX emails to text files along with associated attachments too.

User-friendly: This application can easily be used by any technical or novice user. It has a simple and intuitive interface.

Preserves email elements: During the process to convert MBOX to text format, the tool maintains all the email properties.

Retains folder structure: It preserves the on-dis folder hierarchy of all MBOX email folders throughout you transfer MBOX files to TXT files.

No limitations: With this utility, you can convert MBOX to TXT without any file size limitations.

Windows Compatibility: This tool can be downloaded on all Windows OS including the Windows Server versions.

Frequently Asked Queries

Q: How can I convert MBOX files to TXT format?

  1. Launch MBOX to text converter on Windows.
  2. Choose MBOX emails to migrate into text format.
  3. Select required MBOX data and choose TXT as saving type.
  4. Fill a destination path and hit on the convert tab.
  5. Start to convert emails from MBOX to TXT files.

Q: Does the software will run on my Windows 8 computer to save MBOX as TXT format?

Yes, definitely! It is a Windows-based application. Hence, you can convert MBOX data to TXT format on Windows 8 too.

Q: Will the application help me to selectively move only inbox MBOX emails to text format?

Yes, with this software, you can export selective files of MBOX into TXT format.

Q: I have downloaded the zip file from Google Takeout which is now in .mbox file format. How can I convert all MBOX emails to a text file?

Use this MBOX to TXT converter to batch export MBOX files to TXT.

Concluding Words

By concluding, we would like to say that in order to convert MBOX to TXT, you need an automated solution to get fast and accurate results. And MBOX to TXT conversion tool is the most ideal choice regarding this, It is speedy, reliable, and efficient application for exporting MBOX files to text format. The best part is that you don’t require any other application installation for converting MBOX data to text files. Users can try the free demo version and enjoy its benefits. For more queries, keep in touch with our technical support team.