How to Convert MBOX to MSG Format? 2 Simple Methods

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read
Summary: Convert MBOX to MSG smoothly with simple procedure through this helpful guide. This article has explained manual and automated ways transfer emails from MBOX to MSG. If you also want to know how you can change MBOX files to MBOX within a few seconds along with all your data, then read this article.

If you want to move MBOX data to MSG, you need to understand MBOX and MSG file formats first…

MBOX: This is a file format used by email clients like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and others to store entire databases of email messages. MBOX files are handy for backing up and archiving your emails. They can come with various extensions like mboxo, mboxrd, mboxcl, etc.

MSG: This is a file format specifically for individual email messages used by Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. You can directly open and view MSG files in Outlook. They’re mainly used for archiving, backup, and migration purposes.

Difference: MBOX stores many emails in one file, while MSG files hold one email each. MBOX is used by various email clients but can’t be opened in Outlook directly, whereas MSG is native to Outlook. Well, in this write-up readers will find top ways to convert MBOX to MSG file format, so keep reading..

Why Convert MBOX to MSG?

MBOX files are not so great for storing email messages. You can’t easily manage messages in Windows Explorer or keep your folder structure intact. Plus, MBOX files can get really big, making email backups less reliable. Converting MBOX to MSG can be helpful because it:

  • Lets you move your messages to Microsoft Outlook.
  • changing MBOX files to MSG allows you to access your emails using Outlook or Exchange.
  • Helps you archive your emails in a more compatible Outlook format.
  • Makes it easier to browse and search emails using standard Windows tools.

How to Transfer Emails from MBOX to MSG Manually?

  1. Open MBOX file in an email program that works with MBOX.
  2. Save each email from the MBOX as an EML file.
  3. Open each EML file in Microsoft Outlook.
  4. Save each EML file as an MSG file to convert MBOX to MSG.
  5. Do the same process for every MBOX file you want to convert.

Consideration:This manual method can be complex and might not save all details perfectly and migrate MBOX to MSG smoothly. To simplify, you can use an EML to MSG converter.

Best Solution to Convert MBOX to MSG in Bulk

The trial version of BitRecover MBOX Converter software will enable users to export the first 25 emails from each folder for free. It is the perfect option to save MBOX emails as MSG files with maintaining folder hierarchy.

It is not necessary to have advanced technical knowledge for users to transfer emails from MBOX to MSG files. The graphical user interface of the MBOX to MSG Converter is very easy and simplified since any non-technical user can understand it.

How to Migrate MBOX Files to MSG?

By following this guide you will learn about how to export emails from MBOX files to MSG format. One can convert unlimited emails and messages from MBOX to MSG mailbox by following these simple steps:

  • Step 1 – Launch the MBOX to MSG converter and hit on the Select Files or Select Folders tab to convert MBOX to MSG.

    upload MBOX files to convert MBOX to MSG

  • Step 2 – Check all or desired mailbox files from the software interface and press the Next button.

    desired mailbox

  • Step3 – Choose MSG as a saving format to transfer emails from MBOX to MSG.

    saving format to convert MBOX to MSG

  • Step4 – The MBOX to MSG converter also gives several file naming options for storing resultant MSG files by Subject, Date, From, Auto Increment, etc to convert MBOX to MSG.

    file naming options

  • Step5 – By default, it chooses Desktop as the destination path, but users can also click on the Browse icon for selecting a different destination location. After that click on the Next button to start the conversion task.

    destination path

  • Step6 – MBOX to MSG conversion process is running, please wait.

    process is running

  • Step7 – The process has been completed successfully.

    completed process

  • Step8 – It will automatically open the destination path so that users can easily get their converted .msg files. During the process, it also creates a log report too.

    convert MBOX to MSG

From the above detail, we can easily conclude that users can export mailboxes from MBOX files to MSG file format. It is not necessary to have advanced technical knowledge or guidance for operating this software. It is considered one of the best solutions available to convert MBOX to MSG files.

Features of MBOX to MSG Converter Tool:

The software is designed with advanced algorithms to export MBOX emails to MSG. Some of the main features of this utility are listed below:

  • This application offers batch conversion of MBOX mailboxes to MSG format quickly.
  • The software will enable users to convert MBOX to MSG files.
  • The MBOX to MSG export software will save all MBOX emails as a single MSG file for each email.
  • Provide various file naming conventions by combining Subject, From, Date, etc.
  • The working graphical user interface of the tool is very easy and simplified without requiring high-level technical knowledge.
  • The software supports all the latest editions of Microsoft Windows, including Win 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.
  • The installation of any other application is not necessary for the conversion of this toolkit.

There is no doubt that this software offers enormous advantages to its users in terms of speed and accuracy.

Observational Verdict

The tool allows the users to convert MBOX to MSG in batch. The application delivers multiple File Naming options so that they can be easily identified by the users. The program will convert MBOX emails as MSG with Subject + Date, From + Date + Subject, Subject + From, Date + From + Subject, Date + Subject + From, etc. with different date formats (DD: MM: YYYY), (MM: DD: YYYY) or (YYYY: MM: DD) or many more.

We hope that you liked this blog and now can easily convert MBOX to MSG file format without any trouble. If you still have any queries, do contact our support team.

Note- You can also use this software if you want to import your MBOX mailboxes in MS Outlook format.