How to Convert MBOX to HTML File? [Free and Pro Tips]

Rollins Duke   
Published: April 12th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Nowadays various home users and business professionals prefer to convert MBOX to HTML format due to multiple reasons. After converting MBOX files to HTML extension, users can access the resultant files using any HTML editor and web browser programs.

MBOX is a generic mailbox file that is used by several open-source and proprietary license-based email clients. Several email clients store mailboxes in MBOX format at default storage locations while some of them only allow the export of mailbox folders in the *.mbox extension.

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a coding format that is highly used to design webpages and email templates. You need to define specific code to insert and use different types of components like Images, Paragraphs, Headings, etc. You can edit and open HTML files using any HTML editor or browser program.

Why Export MBOX to HTML Format?

Easy Access: Everyone can easily access HTML files, just double-click on the HTML file to open it using the default web browser.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: All Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS users can easily access converted HTML emails without difficulties.

Sharing Purposes: Sometimes professionals want to share some specific emails from MBOX files, so they choose HTML as a saving option because of its cross-device compatibility.

Save Emails Individually: An MBOX file stores a lot of emails but sometimes users want to create separate HTML files for each email with different renaming.

Editing Capabilities: It is very difficult to edit an MBOX file due to its complexity. But after converting .mbox to .html format, users can easily edit output HTML files.

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Manual Method to Convert MBOX to HTML Free via Thunderbird

  1. Download, install, and start Thunderbird client.
  2. Setup ImportExportTools NG add-on in Thunderbird.
  3. After that, manually import MBOX file to Thunderbird.
  4. Then, choose the imported MBOX mailbox and open an email.
  5. Select More and then choose the Save As option to continue.
  6. Save as type i.e. HTML Files (*.html, *.htm, *.shtml, *.xhtml).
  7. Press the Save button to convert MBOX email to HTML format.

What Are Manual Method Limitations?

  • The manual technique permits the export MBOX email to HTML format one by one.
  • It is not an effective way to batch MBOX to HTML conversion
  • It is mandatory to install Thunderbird and ImportExportTools add-on to perform this task.
  • Overall, this is a time-consuming task that requires knowledge of technical aspects.

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Pro Method to Export MBOX to HTML in Batch

To appropriately convert MBOX to HTML file format, a user is suggested to utilize the BitRecover MBOX Converter software.

It is one of the best tools that is widely used to export emails from an MBOX folder to HTML files. This utility is a simple and easy-to-use program that migrates the bulk of MBOX files to HTML format.

In addition, it does not impose any limitations on the file size during the MBOX to HTML conversion. Furthermore, it retains the complete hierarchy of the folder structure on the disk through the conversion task. To facilitate the task for users, the software offers multiple naming conventions to save the resulting HTML data files.

The trial version of the MBOX to HTML converter will allow users to export 25 emails from the MBOX mailbox to HTML files completely.

How to Convert MBOX to HTML Automatically?

  1. Run MBOX to HTML converter with Windows & Mac Machines and insert mailbox files in the software panel using the Select Files or Select Folders option.
    Run MBOX to HTML Converter
  2. Tick desired mailbox files from the software GUI and press the Next button to continue.
    Tick desired mailbox files
  3. The software comes with 30+ saving formats, choose HTML as saving format.
    Choose HTML
  4. After that, choose the file naming option as per your need for renaming resultant files.
    File naming option
  5. Then, click the Browse icon and pick a specific destination location to store output.
    Pick destination path
  6. Hit the Convert button to convert MBOX to HTML format and wait for a while.
    Convert MBOX to HTML
  7. MBOX to HTML conversion process completed successfully. Click on the OK button to confirm the completion of the task.
    Export MBOX to HTML
  8. At last, it will automatically open the destination path, where you can see converted HTML files. It maintains all attachments in a separate folder.
    Converted HTML files

MBOX to HTML Converter Premium Features

  • Bach Mode: The MBOX to HTML converter software enables users to convert emails from MBOX files HTML in bulk. There is no limitation to the amount of MBOX emails you wish to transfer.
  • Convert Selective: The tool gives a special feature that allows you to make a selective conversion only of the required mailboxes instead of transferring the entire MBOX mailbox.
  • Standalone: The MBOX to HTML converter tool is a completely independent utility. To export emails from MBOX to HTML, it is not necessary to install any external software or third-party tools.
  • Set Location: The software offers an option to choose the desired destination route for converted HTML files. Therefore, you can convert MBOX to HTML and store output at your preferred location.
  • Safe Utility: The MBOX to HTML converter is a completely trustworthy solution. With this tool, you can safely change MBOX to HTML file format without facing any problems. Also, it gives fully accurate conversions.
  • Renaming: This utility provides several renaming options so you can store resultant HTML documents using various renaming choices.

User Questions with Expert Replies

Q 1: How to convert MBOX to HTML using Python?

  1. Make sure Python and the necessary Libraries are installed.
  2. After that, create a Python script with the required functions.
  3. Utilize the mailbox library to open and iterate MBOX emails.
  4. Use a script to convert MBOX emails to HTML format.
  5. Then, save each converted email into HTML using a script.
  6. Combine all the functions and execute the script.
  7. Check the output directory and ensure mailboxes are converted successfully.

Q 2: Can I perform the above-disclosed techniques on a Mac machine?

Yes, above mentioned manual method and professional tool can work on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Q 3: How do I open MBOX file in Chrome browser?

First, convert MBOX to HTML format, then choose Google Chrome as a default web browser. After that double click on the resultant HTML document and open it in Chrome.

Q 4: Does your software export MBOX to HTML with attachments?

Yes, the MBOX to HTML converter creates a separate folder to store attachments in actual formats during the conversion process, so don’t worry.

Final Thoughts

Above we have explained the top 2 methods to convert MBOX to HTML format with complete details. We have also explained brief instructions to export MBOX files to HTML using Python in the FAQ section. If you want to change a few emails from .mbox to .html extension then use a manual approach. Use professional software to batch-convert mailboxes. You can use any approach according to your preferences to fulfill your requirements.