How to Convert Maildir to Office 365 Cloud Account?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 6th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Is your important email messages saved in Maildir or Maildir++ format? If you are looking for a professional method to import Maildir to Office 365 cloud-based email service then now you can end your search. In this blog post, we will assist you with every step to solve the problem in a few mouse clicks.

Users Queries

Hi BitRecover Support, I have approx 7000 emails which are saved into Maildir format but I want to transfer Maildir files to Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based account without loss of any information. Is it possible?

– Melissa, United Kingdom

Jag letar efter en lösning för att migrera Maildir ++-filer till MS Office 365-molnbaserat konto. E-postbilagor är viktigast för mig, så alla bilagor ska bibehållas under uppgiften.

– Filippa, Sweden

I want to get my Dovecot Maildir files into Office 365 account using a professional technique, do you have any solution? I am your satisfied client as I have previously purchase BitRecover OST Converter Wizard.

– Adrian, Spain

Import Maildir to Office 365 – Step-by-Step Process

1) Download Maildir Converter Software from the given download button and after that follow step by steps procedure for Maildir files to O365 migration.

2) Run Maildir to Office 365 Software and choose one option from Select Files or Select Folders for adding Maildir files in the software interface.

Maildir to Office 365 Software

3) After selecting Maildir or Maildir++ files from computer, click on the Next button.

selecting Maildir

4) Select Maildir folders/files from the software panel and press Next button.

Select Maildir folders

5) Next, users have to select the “Saving Option” a separate option for Office 365 conversion as shown in the screenshot.

migrate maildir to office 365

6) Enter O365 account login details, you can also change the language of imported data i.e. Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, etc.

Enter O365 account login details

7) Maildir to Office 365 Software also gives I am Admin option which is helpful to import Maildir files into the specific O365 account. The tool also gives an option to copy Maildir files to Office 365 default folders. Now press Next button to start the task.

I am Admin option

8) Maildir to Office 365 backup procedure is running by showing the live conversion progressive report.

live conversion

9) Maildir files have been imported successfully to Office 365 account.

imported successfully

10) At last login to your O365 account and check the imported Maildir files into Office 365.

 imported Maildir files into Office 365

11) The tool automatically creates a log report too which has complete information about imported data, saving type, destination folder, status, etc.

creates a log report too

Prime Features of Maildir to Office 365 Software

  1. It is a fully automatic software which is fully competent to import Maildir to Office 365 directly.
  2. The tool comes with simple to use GUI with advanced features as it asks only for O365 credentials for completing the task.
  3. Maildir to Office 365 Wizard is fully authorized to convert unlimited Maildir files to O365 directly without size limitation.
  4. It permits to convert Maildir files as well as Maildir++ files of Dovecot, Thunderbird, Exim, Qmail, GNUMail, Gnus, etc.
  5. This utility allows to change the language of resultant data in Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, etc.
  6. This software offers “I am Admin” option so that O365 admin can choose any specific user account for importing Maildir files to MS Office 365.
  7. Maildir++ to Office 365 Software gives a separate option to copy Maildir files to O365 default folders.
  8. It keeps all Emails, Attachments, Signature, Subject, Sender Information, Receiver Information, Text Style, HTML Links, etc.
  9. This product shows the live conversion progress report and also creates a log report automatically.
  10. It is compatible with all latest as well as old Windows OS inclusive of Windows Server editions.

Why Office 365?

  1. Microsoft Office 365 is capable to fulfill the requirements of today’s digital world as it is an online platform which provides facility to send & receive emails, online office (Word & Excel), etc.
  2. Moreover, being a cloud platform it can easily be accessible from any worldwide location by using any computer as it asks only account credentials.
  3. Microsoft Corporation provides high-level end-user security features for Office 365 users, it is fully secured from viruses and unwanted users.
  4. MS O365 saves the data on the cloud storage but if someone wants to backup emails then it provides backup facilities too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1 – I have various Dovecot IMAP Server exported Maildir files in my computer, can I import Dovecot Maildir files to Office 365 account?

Ans – Yes, BitRecover Maildir to Office 365 Software supports Maildir files of various email clients and email servers.

Que 2 – Can I import the same Maildir files into 2 different Office 365 accounts, using your product?

Ans – Yes, of course, the tool is capable to import the same Maildir files to multiple Office 365 user accounts.

Que 3 – Is internet connectivity mandatory for Maildir file to Office 365 migration?

Ans – Yes, internet connectivity is necessary for Maildir to Office 365 migration. Moreover, users can easily operate this utility on all editions of Windows and Mac OS.

Que 4 – Does it support Maildir++ files?

Ans – Yes, it is well suitable with Maildir & Maildir++ files.


Maildir to Office 365 Software is obtainable with free demo edition which is capable to import 25 Maildir files to Office 365 account directly free of cost. It’s recommend to install the trail edition first, and once you are satisfied with the working of toolkit, then you continue with pro edition of Toolkit. Additionally, there is technical team available to assist you 24*7.