How to Import Maildir to IMAP Account in A Few Clicks?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


Read Me First: – This article presents a step-by-step process to directly import Maildir to IMAP email account with complete information. By following this user guide, you can import all new and old emails from the Maildir ++ file format to the IMAP account. First, we will give an explanation of the software and then we will explain how to work to convert Maildir folders to IMAP with attachments. So here we start.

Maildir is a desktop-based email client that creates separate files with unique names to hold a single email message. According to the requirement that people use to migrate emails to another mail server. So here we are going to help users who want to import Maildir folders to IMAP server with email attachments. First of all, download the Mailbird Converter. It is fully Windows compatible and simply converts Maildir to IMAP in less than 60 seconds. So, let’s understand the software.

Read about Maildir to IMAP Converter Tool – You go to Solution

As we know perfectly well, that manual solution is not available to import Maildir to IMAP server, so it is better to opt for safe and reliable Maildir migrator. The software was integrated with amazing features and functionality, such as batch migration, saving attachments, etc. The software’s batch function allows the user to perform a large database conversion at the same time.

All in all, it is a time saving utility for all technical and non-technical users as it comes with a simple GUI. So feel free to go with this reliable solution to migrate Maildir files to IMAP server.

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Get Ready to Import Maildir to IMAP Account by Following the Step-by-Step Instructions

It is suggested to download and use the demo edition first to check the working. It allows converting 25 data items from each folder of Maildir account to IMAP mailbox. Later, upgrade to licensed edition for unlimited migration.

Now, follow the stepwise guidance mentioned below along with screenshots.

Start the recommended tool on your Windows computer by clicking on the download button.

Now, choose Select Files and Select Folder to upload Maildir emails in the software application. Then, click on Next.

Here you will find software analysis folders from your Maildir account. After that, it will list files and folders. Select as per requirement and continue the process.

Choose IMAP as the saving option as shown in the screenshot. Fill the credentials such as username, password, IMAP Port No., and Server Name.


Finally, click on the Next button and see the live conversion in the software interface.


Get your Results: – When all your Mail emails messages are imported to an IMAP account, you will get a complete conversion. Then, click on OK but and you’ll get the log report containing all the information about the Maildir to IMAP migration.

Let’s Know About the Advanced Features of the Software

  • Maildir to IMAP Import Tool is 100% safe and reliable solution for users.
  • It offers batch file functionality where you have the option to perform unlimited email conversion from the Maildir account to IMAP.
  •  This software is capable to import Maildir emails to IMAP user account along with attachments.
  • The tool directly converts Maildir & Maildir ++ folder to IMAP does not require any supportive application for conversion.
  • There has no file size limitations with the Maildir to IMAP migration tool.
  • The simpler graphical interface of software can be easy to handle by any user.
  • During the conversion from Maildir to IMAP account, it maintains the email properties and folder structure throughout the process.
  • To migrate Maildir to IMAP Server, you can use the program on any Windows OS platform.

Few FAQ’s about the Maildir to IMAP Migration Tool 

Can I export a group of Maildir files to an IMAP account at once?

Answer. Yes, with the batch functionality of Maildir to IMAP Import tool, anyone can migrate Maildir files to IMAP account in batch mode.

The tool requires my IMAP account credentials. How can I trust it?

Ans. Not to worry, the Maildir to IMAP migrator needs the correct login details of your IMAP account so that it can safely transfer all Maildir data into IMAP account.

Is this utility workable on Windows 10 edition?

Ans. Yes, it is a completely Windows-based application that supports all previous and latest Windows editions including Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and more.

The Concluding Thoughts

Converting Maildir data to IMAP is not an easy task to do, but using Maildir to IMAP migration tool is the only way to make the process much easier. So, you can download the tool and import the first 25 Maildir emails to IMAP account for free at no cost. Later, you can to purchase the licensed version for this program to import Mailbird to IMAP without any limitations.

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