How to Compress Opera Mailbox Files – Complete Guidance

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 12th, 2023 • 6 Min Read

Several Opera Mail client users want to compress Opera mailbox files due to its planning. Even some users want to convert Opera Mail to Thunderbird but before doing that they prefer to reduce Opera Mail MBS file size. Sometimes this task becomes unavoidable due to the 4 GB mailbox size limitation.

Nowadays Opera Mail is a discontinued email client, however, some users are still using this. Opera Mail released its last stable version on 16 February 2016 and now it is not releasing any update for this. Even now Opera Mail stopped its support for users so due to security reasons some users may have a desire to convert Opera Mail to Outlook.


The Necessity to Compress Opera MBS Mailboxes

  • Opera Mail client doesn’t provide any inbuilt option to compact Opera Mailbox folders like other email programs.
  • Opera MBS files are best suitable to store up to 4 GB of email data, so users search for Opera Mailbox compression solutions when they nearly reach a limit.
  • Some users may have large-size Opera Mail MBS files and they want to compress Opera MBS files before using them somewhere else.
  • Sometimes Opera Mail client becomes slow then users want to boost their speed by compression technique.

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Manual Steps to Compress Opera Mail MBS Files

  1. Export Opera Mailboxes to MBS format.
  2. Rename Opera MBS extension as MBOX.
  3. Import MBOX file to Thunderbird client.
  4. Compact Opera MBOX using Thunderbird program.
  5. Export Opera MBOX file from Thunderbird.
  6. Import MBOX file to Opera Mail client.

You can follow these mentioned steps to compact Opera mailbox quickly, if you want to get complete guidance on all steps then continue to read these steps in detail.

Step1: Export Opera Mailboxes to MBS Format

  • Launch Opera Mail and choose a folder to compact.
  • Right-click on the folder and select the Export option.
    export opera mailbox
  • Browse a destination path and press the Save button.
    save opera mailbox folder
  • See Opera Mailbox folder is exported in MBS extension.

Step2: Rename Opera MBS Extension as MBOX

  • Go to the storage location where you have stored the MBS file.
  • Right-click on the Opera MBS file and choose Rename option.
    rename opera mbs file
  • Rename the Opera file extension from MBS to MBOX file.
    opera mbox file
  • Now Opera Mail file will store in the MBOX extension.

Step3: Import MBOX File to Thunderbird Client

  • Start the Thunderbird email application.
  • Right-click Local Folders and select ImportExportTools NG.
  • Choose the Import MBOX file option from the drop-down.
    import mbox file
  • Select Import directly one or more MBOX files and press Ok.
    import directly one or more mbox files
  • Select the Opera MBOX file from your pc and hit the Open button.
    select mbox file
  • Now see the process to import MBOX to Thunderbird.
    import completed

Step4: Compact Opera MBOX using Thunderbird Program

  • Launch Thunderbird email client.
  • Select the Compact Folders option from the File menu.
    compact folders
  • Wait to compact Thunderbird folders.
  • All Thunderbird folders compacted successfully.

Step5: Export Opera MBOX File from Thunderbird

  • Select the Opera MBOX file from Thunderbird.
  • Right-click on the folder and choose ImportExportTools NG.
  • Choose the Export Folder option and select a folder to store the exported file.
    export folder
  • Opera Mail MBOX file exported from Thunderbird.

Step6: Import MBOX File to Opera Mail Client

  • Run the Opera Mail client on your machine.
  • Choose File and then select Import and Export option.
    import and export
  • Select the Import Mail option to continue.
  • Choose Import generic MBOX file option and press the Next button.
    import generic mbox file
  • Select Add MBOX button to browse the MBOX file from your pc.
    add mbox
  • Choose the compacted Opera MBOX file and press Open.
    select mailbox
  • Select the file and press the Next button.
    press next
  • Please wait until the MBOX file is imported to Opera Mail.
    compress opera mailbox files
  • Press Finish to complete the Opera Mail compress process.
    reduce opera mailbox size

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Professional Method to Compress Opera Mailbox Files

BitRecover MBOX Compress Wizard is the best expert-recommended solution that allows compressing Opera Mail MBS files without renaming them as it supports all MBOX variants. Even this software comes with a free demo version so you can easily evaluate it before upgrading to the licensed edition.

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This Opera Mail Compress Software provides 3 different choices to reduce Opera Mail MBS file size.

  1. Remove Attachments: Enable this option to delete all attachments from Opera mailbox files.
  2. Remove Email Header: This feature allows the removal of extra unnecessary information from email headers. Your crucial email header information will be maintained in an exact way.
  3. Detach Attachments: Use this option to extract MBOX file attachments and store them in a separate folder accordingly.

How to Decrease Opera Mailbox Size via Software?

  1. Launch Opera Mail Compress Tool and add mailbox files in the software GUI.
    opera mail compress software
  2. Select the required Opera mailbox files from the software panel and press Next.
    select files
  3. Enable an option to compress Opera MBS files and hit the Next button.
    compress opera mailbox mbs files
  4. Set the destination path and click the Next button to start the Opera Mail compression process.
    opera mailbox files compression
  5. The opera Mail compression task has been completed successfully.
    reduce opera mailbox size

Manual Methods Vs Opera Mail Compress Software

  • You will need to complete 6 different phases to compress Opera mailbox files and each phase has multiple steps, so this is quite lengthy. Opera Mail Compression Tool is suitable to compress Opera mailbox files directly.
  • Users should be technically sound to perform manual methods to decrease Opera mailbox size. Professional software comes with a simple graphical user interface to both technical and non-technical users can use to resolve their problems.
  • Manual technique is capable to compress Opera Mail MBS files one by one while Opera Compress Tool is suitable for batch Opera Mailbox compression.
  • You will need to install the Thunderbird email client and ImportExportTools NG add-ons to perform the manual way. While recommended software is a standalone software that works without other programs’ dependency.
  • The manual way is suitable to decrease only a few KB or MB data so if you want to reduce enough Opera Mailbox size then this is mandatory to go with the suggested software.

We have explained complete detailed information to compress Opera mailbox files using 2 different techniques. You can go with any method to reduce Opera Mail MBS file size according to choice and need. However, the manual method is not effective because it will reduce only a few KB or MB data from Opera mailbox files.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1: Where does Opera Mail store its mailbox folders in MBX format?

Ans: Choose Help << About Opera Mail option to locate Opera Mail storage location.

Que 2: How to export the Opera Mail folder in MBS format?

Ans: Right-click on any specific Opera mailbox folder and choose the Export option.

Que 3: Does the Opera Mail client provide an inbuilt compact option to reduce Opera mailbox size?

Ans: No, Opera Mail does not have the option to compact Opera Mailbox folders, so can do this with the help of the Thunderbird email client.

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