How to Compress SeaMonkey Mailbox Files to Boost Performance?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Is your SeaMonkey email client working slowly, and do you want to speed up its performance? If yes, then you need to compress SeaMonkey mailbox files. There are multiple techniques available to compact SeaMonkey email folders that we will discuss in upcoming sections.

delete selected messages

When users delete SeaMonkey messages from a folder then it marks them as Delete under the header so that deleted emails seem hidden from the preview, but these emails exist under the mailbox folder and use SeaMonkey storage space. SeaMonkey provides an inbuilt option to compact SeaMonkey mailbox folders to recover space from deleted emails.

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The Necessity to Compress SeaMonkey Mailbox Content

  • If your SeaMonkey application is working slowly and you want to speed up its performance.
  • When the compact SeaMonkey folder option seems not effective to boost SeaMonkey email client’s performance.
  • If the SeaMonkey mailbox folder is near to exceeding its size limit and you want to reduce SeaMonkey mailbox size.
  • Some users continuously delete unwanted SeaMonkey messages, but they don’t aware of compact features.

#1 Method: Compact A SeaMonkey Email Folder

  1. Start the SeaMonkey email application.
  2. Choose a folder to compact and Right-click on it.
  3. Select the Compact This Folder option from the drop-down.
    compact seamonkey folder
  4. SeaMonkey folder compacted successfully.

Note: You can repeat this technique to compact SeaMonkey email folders one by one.

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#2 Method: Compact All SeaMonkey Folders

  1. Launch the SeaMonkey email client on your pc.
  2. Select File >> Compact Folders option.
    compact all seamonkey folders
  3. SeaMonkey is compacting all folders, please wait.
  4. All SeaMonkey email folders are compacted.

Limitations of Manual Approaches

  • Manual techniques are not much effective to decrease SeaMonkey mailbox size. When we tested it in our lab then it recovered only 253 KB of space from deleted items.
  • If your SeaMonkey email application is slow to load emails, send emails, and receive emails, then the manual method cannot improve its performance due to the large mailbox size.
  • SeaMonkey email client should be installed to compact SeaMonkey mailbox folders, without installation manual way will not work.
  • The compact folder option only recovers storage space from already deleted emails, so it is not considered best to compress SeaMonkey mailboxes.

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#3 Method: Software to Compress SeaMonkey Mailbox Files

All-In-One MBOX Compress Tool is a great software to compress SeaMonkey Mailbox contents. This software provides several effective options to reduce SeaMonkey mailbox size so everyone can easily enhance its performance.

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Just download and install this SeaMonkey Compress Software on your machine and follow these 3 main steps to compress SeaMonkey mailbox file.

  1. Export SeaMonkey Email Folders to MBOX Format
  2. Use Software to Compress SeaMonkey MBOX Files
  3. Import Compressed MBOX File to SeaMonkey Again

These are 3 main steps to compress SeaMonkey mailbox folders, if you are unable to understand them then continue to read all steps in detail.

Step1: Export SeaMonkey Email Folders to MBOX Format

  1. Start the SeaMonkey application and choose Tools >> Add-Ons Manager.
    add ons manager
  2. Choose Extensions and add ImportExportTools Add-ons.
  3. Select the SeaMonkey email account and right-click on it.
  4. Choose ImportExportTools >> Export all the folders (with structure) option.
    export seamonkey mailboxes
  5. Export all SeaMonkey folders at a specific destination path.

Step2: Use Software to Compress SeaMonkey MBOX Files

  1. Run SeaMonkey Compress Tool and add SeaMonkey exported MBOX files.
    seamonkey compress software
  2. Enable required SeaMonkey mailboxes and hit the Next button.
    required seamonkey mailboxes
  3. Choose a compress option and set desired destination path.
    browse destination path
  4. Click the Next button to start the SeaMonkey mailbox compression process.
    compress seamonkey mailboxes
  5. The process to compress SeaMonkey email files is running, please wait.
    compress seamonkey email files
  6. After compression, it will automatically open the destination path, so you can get compressed SeaMonkey mailboxes.
    resultant data

Step3: Import Compressed MBOX File to SeaMonkey Again

  1. Launch your SeaMonkey email client and right-click on Local Folders.
  2. Select ImportExportTools >> Import MBOX file option as shown in the figure.
    compress seamonkey mailbox files
  3. Choose Import directly one or more MBOX files and hit Ok.
  4. Select multiple compressed MBOX files and press Open.
  5. Compressed mailboxes imported to the SeaMonkey application.

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SeaMonkey Compress Software Features

  • The tool is specially designed to decrease SeaMonkey mailbox size so this is suitable to boost email client’s performance.
  • It is capable to detach SeaMonkey email attachments and hidden header information for a better SeaMonkey compression process.
  • SeaMonkey Compressor permits you to compress multiple SeaMonkey folder content at once so you can see your valuable time.
  • It is suitable to reduce enough storage space in SeaMonkey mailboxes and store extracted attachments in a separate folder.
Ending Lines

This article has detailed instructions to compress SeaMonkey mailbox files using the 3 best techniques. The first 2 methods allow us to compact Thunderbird folders and recover less space from deleted emails. As mentioned BitRecover software is tried and tested solution to reduce SeaMonkey mailbox size to speed up SeaMonkey application.