How to Compress Eudora Mailbox Files to Improve Its Performance?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 12th, 2023 • 5 Min Read

If you’re experiencing slow performance from Eudora Mail, the following article outlines the steps to compact and compress Eudora Mailbox files, enabling you to maximize the speed of the Eudora Mail client.

Eudora is a free and open-source email client that supports Thunderbird Add-ons so you can easily add new functionality to it. A lot of users use it to send, receive, and manage their emails. Sometimes users compact Eudora Mail folders to boost its performance but they are unable to do that.

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Why Is Necessary to Compact Eudora Mailbox Folders?

When users delete Eudora Mail emails, emails are disappeared from folders because Eudora Mail adds ‘Moved to Trash’ in the headers. But these emails are not actually deleted from the database, so your mailbox size does not reduce after deleting Eudora emails. After compacting Eudora Mail folders, you can reduce the mailbox size to make it run faster.

delete eudora emails

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How to Compact a Eudora Mailbox Folder?

  1. Start your ‘Eudora Mail’ client on your pc.
  2. Choose a ‘Eudora Folder’ for compacting.
  3. Right-click the folder and choose ‘Compact’.
    compact eudora folder
  4. Eudora Mail folder is compacting, please wait.

How to Compact All Eudora Mail Folders at Once?

  1. Launch the Eudora Mail application on your computer.
  2. Choose File < Compact Folders option.
    compact all eudora folders
  3. Eudora Mail folders compact process is running.
  4. See a message like ‘Done compacting (approx 500 KB saved)’.

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What Is Eudora Mail Default Storage Location?

Eudora Mail users can go to the default storage location to find Eudora mailbox folders. If don’t know where Eudora Mail stores its mail folders, then follow the below-mentioned steps.

Steps to Find Eudora Mail Default Storage Location

  1. Start ‘Eudora Mail’ on your computer.
  2. Select ‘Account Settings’ under the ‘Tools’ menu.
  3. Click on the ‘Server Settings’ option.
  4. See ‘Local Directory‘ and copy the storage location.
  5. Paste‘ the storage location on the ‘Windows Search‘ bar.
  6. Press ‘Enter‘ to open your default storage location.
    eudora mail storage location

Note: Eudora Mail saves mailboxes as MBX files, while newer versions save them without an extension as MBOX files.

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Software to Compress Eudora Mailbox Files Size

BitRecover MBOX Compress Wizard is an excellent software to compress Eudora Mail files without losing any information. The tool is capable to batch compressing Eudora MBX or MBOX files. The tool provides 3 different ways to decrease Eudora Mailbox size.

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How to Reduce Eudora Mailbox Size to Speed Up?

  1. Start Eudora Compress Software and add MBX files using dual options.
    add eudora mailbox file
  2. Select Eudora Mailbox files from the software GUI and press the Next button.
    select eudora mailbox files
  3. Choose an option to decrease Eudora’s Mailbox size and hit Next.
    compress eudora mailbox file
  4. Eudora Mailbox compression process is running, please wait until it is completed.
    eudora mailbox compression
  5. Go to the destination path and get compressed Eudora mailbox folders.
    resultant data
  6. Later, you can import compressed files into Eudora Mail.

Eudora Mail Compress Tools’ Core Features

  • Suitable to remove and extract Eudora mailbox attachments to decrease size.
  • Enable the ‘Remove Email Headers’ option which removes extra unnecessary header details.
  • A separate option is available to maintain or not maintain email labels accordingly.
  • Eudora Mail client installation is not mandatory to perform the Eudora Mail compress process.

Eudora Compress Software Vs Eudora Compact

  • The Eudora Compress Tool can reduce mailbox size significantly, whereas the Eudora Compact option is useful for reducing only small amounts of space.
  • Software successfully works with Eudora MBX and MBOX files. Sometimes compact folder option shows a message like ‘The folder cannot be compacted because another operation is in progress. Please try again’.
    cannot be compacted error
  • The tool gives 3 ways to reduce the size of a Eudora Mailbox. The ‘compact folder‘ option is best for recovering space from emails that have already been deleted.
  • Software is suitable to boost Eudora Mail client’s performance while the compact folder option does not seem suitable to improve performance.

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Additional Ways to Speed Up Eudora Mail Client

Check Spam Folder: Spam folder stores unwanted emails or those emails which were failed to reach your Inbox folder. First, open the spam folder and check if it has crucial emails or unnecessary emails. If you see all emails are unwanted, then right-click on ‘Spam Folder’ and choose the ‘Empty Junk’ option to delete Eudora junk emails.

empty eudora mail junk

Empty Trash: When Eudora users delete emails, the messages are automatically transferred to the Trash folder. To delete the emails from this folder, select the ‘Empty Trash‘ option from the ‘File’ menu.

empty eudora mail trash


In the above article, we have discussed complete details to compact and compress Eudora mailbox files by using multiple manual methods. We have also suggested software to reduce Eudora mailbox size and additionally, we provided some tips to boost Eudora Mail performance. If you have any other questions, then feel free to contact our support team.

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