How to Compress Google Takeout Mailbox Files?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 12th, 2023 • 6 Min Read

Sometimes users wish to compress Google Takeout mailbox files for various reasons. If you are also looking for a technique to decrease Google Takeout mailbox file size without deleting email messages, this article is especially useful for you.

This blog post explains 2 different proper techniques to compress Google Takeout MBOX files, like Manual and Pro methods. But before going to the solution first be aware of some situations due to which most users want to reduce Google Takeout mailbox files.

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Why Do Users Compress Google Takeout MBOX Files?

Google Takeout allows you to export MBOX files from your Gmail account and store them in 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 10 GB, and 50 GB Size. Thereafter, users want to import Google Takeout mailboxes to Thunderbird email client. But after importing large MBOX to Thunderbird, its performance will be slow because Thunderbird recommends importing a maximum of 4 GB of size mailbox files. Hence users search for a solution to compress Google Takeout mailbox files.

Users download Gmail emails for offline view and after that, they open Google Takeout mailbox files using several email programs such as Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora Mail, etc. But these all-mentioned email clients are capable to handle a maximum of 4-5 GB size mailbox files. Even if someone tries to use large mailbox files with these email clients then it affects the performance of email clients. So, Users prefer to compress takeout mailbox files.

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Quick Manual Way to Compress Google Takeout Mailbox Files

  1. Configure Thunderbird with ImportExportTools NG addon.
  2. Import Google Takeout MBOX to Thunderbird client.
  3. Compact Google Takeout mailbox file.
  4. Export compressed takeout file from Thunderbird.

You can follow these 4 manual steps to reduce Google Takeout mailbox file size. Now we are explaining complete detailed information about each mentioned step so anyone can easily resolve their Google Takeout mailbox compression-related queries. Take a glance at the detailed guidance.

Step1: Configure Thunderbird with ImportExportTools NG Add-Ons

  • Go to the official Thunderbird website and press Download.
  • Configure an email account with your Thunderbird client.
  • Set up ImportExportTools NG add-ons on your Thunderbird.
    install add-on
  • Restart your Thunderbird email client.

Step2: Import Google Takeout MBOX to Thunderbird Client

  • Select Thunderbird Local Folders and right-click.
  • Choose Import Export Tools NG >> Import MBOX file.
    import file
  • Enable Import directly one or more MBOX files and click Ok.
    import directly one or more mbox files
  • Select Google Takeout exported file from your pc and hit Open.
    select google takeout file
  • Google Takeout mailbox to Thunderbird importing completed.
    import completed

Step3: Compact Google Takeout Mailbox File

  • Select File >> Compact Folders option.
    compact folders
  • Thunderbird is compacting takeout mailboxes.
  • The compact process is completed successfully.

Step4: Export Compressed Takeout File from Thunderbird

  • Choose Google Takeout mailbox from Thunderbird.
  • Right-click on the takeout mailbox file.
  • Choose ImportExportTools NG >> Export Folder option.
    export folder
  • The process to export takeout MBOX from Thunderbird is completed.

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Pro Way to Compress Google Takeout Mailboxes

MBOX Compress Tool by BitRecover is suitable for the Google Takeout mail compression process. This software supports takeout exported MBOX file extension and comes with a free trial version which is helpful to provide user satisfaction before purchasing the license keys.

This Google Takeout Mailbox Compress Software is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, and all other editions. This is a fully standalone software to decrease Google Takeout mailbox size.

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Google Takeout Mailbox Compress Tool offers some useful features to handle takeout mailbox size, know them now.

  • Maintain Email Labels: Google Takeout exports mailboxes with labels but after completing Google Takeout mailbox compression, you can store emails with or without labels accordingly.
  • Remove Attachments: Enable this option if you want to remove Google Takeout attachments permanently to reduce google takeout mailbox contents size.
  • Remove Headers: Check this feature to erase extra hidden information from email headers. Your visible crucial header data will be maintained.
  • Detach Attachments: Select this option to extract Google Takeout mailbox attachments and save them in a separate folder.
  • Maintain All Emails: Google Takeout Mailbox Compress Tool maintains all email messages with associated items during the Google Takeout mailbox compression process.

How to Reduce Google Takeout Mailbox Size?

  1. Start Google Takeout Mailbox Compress Tool and choose Select Files/ Folders option for adding mailbox files.
    google takeout mailbox compress tool
  2. You can enable the required Google Takeout mailbox files and hit the Next button to continue.
    select required takeout mailboxes
  3. Select an option to decrease Google takeout mailbox file size and press Next.
    compress google takeout mailbox files
  4. Set the destination path and click Next to compress takeout mailbox files.
    google takeout mailbox compression
  5. The Google Takeout mailbox compression process has been completed.
    mbox file size reduced

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Manual Method Vs Google Takeout Mailbox Compress Software

Manual Method Pro Method
Lengthy method to compress Google Takeout mailbox files that require multiple phases for completion. A fully automated solution to reduce Google Takeout mailbox file size by following a few simple steps.
Thunderbird email client should be installed including ImportExportTools add-ons. Standalone software that works without dependency on other email clients and services.
It requires technical knowledge to install, configure, import, export, and compact mailbox folders. An easy-to-use software that can be easily operable without having technical knowledge.
The manual method is suitable to decrease only a few KB sizes of Google takeout mailboxes. This professional software can reduce enough space from Google Takeout mailbox files.
There is no option available to manage takeout email labels. You can enable maintain email labels option accordingly.
This is suitable to compress Google takeout MBOX files one by one. The pro method is authorized to batch compress Google takeout mailbox files.


In the above article, we have discussed the detailed knowledge to compress Google takeout mailbox files using the 2 best techniques. Experts recommend Google Takeout Mailbox Compress Software to decrease google takeout mailbox size because the manual way is not much effective.

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