How to Migrate Eudora to Office 365 Account Directly – Complete Guide

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Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


Miss. Kelvin shared her best practice to import Eudora profiles into Office 365 mailbox. She had researched and got a direct solution to upload Eudora emails to MS Office 365 account.

I know it is somehow important to implement the desktop to cloud data migration, said Miss. Kelvin. I know that the main concern and also know the requirement to implement the email conversion process from Eudora to O365 account.  Even I was also trapped in somehow the same situation of data conversion.

Therefore, I researched for some solution to transfer multiple Eudora profiles to Office 365 accounts. It was really difficult to get the direct solution and by exploring more I didn’t get any solution. However, I wanted to export- How? was the biggest question mark.

Exploring for Solution to Import Eudora to Office 365 

Having an appropriate solution is important to accomplish the data migration. I initiated to read various forums to get a solution. While searching forums posts, I got some user’s problems such as:

Q1- How to save Eudora profile to Office 365 account?

Q2- How to export Eudora emails to O365 mailbox?

Q3- How to migrate Eudora to Office 365 mailbox?

Q4- How to import Eudora to Office 365 cloud?

Q5- How to upload Eudora files to Microsoft Office 365 mailbox?

It gains my confidence that there were several other users who were searching for the same solution. With some more boost, I started exploring and got a solution by BitRecover in one of the forum posts.

I got Eudora Mail MBOX Converter Wizard, a tremendous application. As it provides many features and a direct way to move data from Eudora to Office 365.

Then, I decided to directly contact technical support to know in detail about software. The person at support helped me totally and told me that I can even try the tool before spending. Did I ask how? Then, he said to me that the Eudora Converter comes up with its demo version to understand the complete software’s functionality.

After utilizing free of cost demo of the software, I purchased the full version of Eudora to Office 365 migration tool and simply implemented data migration from Eudora to Office 365 directly.

How to Migrate Eudora to Office 365 Account ? – Steps Explained 

Let us check the process to use the software to migrate Eudora files to O365 mailbox.

  • Download and install Eudora to Office 365 migration tool on your Windows machine.

Download for Windows

  • For multiple Eudora files migration just choose an option Select Folder. If you need to move the selected Eudora file then, choose the option Select Files.

  • After browsing data files from the saved location, Eudora to Office 365 migration tool will show you its path. Click on the Next to proceed further.

  • Check preferred Eudora files, which you need to be stored in MS Office 365 account >> click on the Next button.

  • Choose Office 365 from list saving options. Enter your Office 365 credentials in the software panel.

Note- If you are an admin then, you can simply check the option “I am Admin” and map all multiple user accounts. For utilizing user accounts just make sure that the Application Impersonation and mailbox delegation is allowed.

  • To check an option, open MS Office 365 account >> enter its credentials.

enter its credentials

  • Select permissions and select Hygiene Management after that click on plus “+” icon for addition of Application Impersonation role.

Select permissions

  • Click on the ApplicationImpersonation then, click on the Add >> click on OK.

click on the Add

  • Click on the Plus “+” icon for addition of admin account members list.

account members list

  • Select member >> click on the Add button >> click Ok.

Add button

  • Click on Save button >> after completion of an update, you will have a message of completion, just click on Ok.

Save button

  • Now, add mailbox delegation usage for administrator >> Click on Recipients.

Click on Recipients

  • Select Mailbox Delegation >> click on “+” icon for addition of Full Access to Admin. After the addition, click on its Save button.

Full Access to Admin

Once it is completed, let’s go back on the tool’s panel.

  • Click on the Next button to begin to migrate Eudora to Office 365.

  • Once migration is completed, you have a message of completion on the screen.

With this process, I imported batch Eudora profiles to Office 365 account directly. It only takes few moments to implement the data migration procedure. The best thing I found is that data integrity is preserved intact after moving data from Eudora to O365 mailbox. No, external application is required to migrate unlimited data files from Eudora to Office 365 mailbox. Moreover, it is operable on all Windows OS versions without any trouble. Simple, easy, and trouble-free solution to transfer Eudora to Office 365 mailbox directly.

Bottom Line

By closing my topic of discussion, I only say that keep searching the technology to absorb more and new things. Also, utilizing a precise solution is important to accomplish data in the proper way.

Still, if you have any technical issue then, feel free to contact us anytime. We are available round the clock for your assistance.

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