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MBOX Attachment Extractor Wizard

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  • Extract all attachments from MBOX files i.e. PDF, DOC, TIFF, XLS, PPT etc.
  • Readily Remove Attachments from MBOX files to reduce original file size.
  • Bulk Extraction of MBOX Attachments from miscellaneous files concurrently.
  • Supports MBOX files of Thunderbird, Entourage, Apple Mail, Eudora etc.
  • Dual choices to select *.mbox files / folder in MBOX Attachment Extractor toolkit.
  • Consistently Maintains Email Labels while extracting MBOX file attachments.

MBOX Attachment Extractor - Key Features of Software
Know the functionality of the software to Extract Attachments from MBOX files.

Extract All MBOX Files

Finest Software to Extract MBOX Attachments

BitRecover MBOX Attachment Extractor software allows to extract all attachments from MBOX files such as Image, PDF, DOC, XLS, XPS, TIFF, vCard, DWG, HTML, DjVu, etc. which is beneficial for users because there is no need to think about the file format of attachments.

Clear MBOX Attachments

Delete MBOX Attachments to Reduce Size

The tool of MBOX Attachment Extraction provides a separate option to eliminate attachments from MBOX files so that users can easily reduce the MBOX file size. This feature helps to decrease the MBOX file size and thereby save the efforts.

Dual Methods to Select MBOX Files

Dual Methods to Select MBOX Files

MBOX file attachment extractor tool comes with dual options to choose MBOX files i.e. Select Folders... or Select Files... so that users can easily choose single as well as multiple *.mbox files to extract MBOX attachments. After selecting any option, click on Folder icon to load MBOX files. You can keenly stack wanted files or folders and easily extract MBOX file attachments.

Batch Extract MBOX Attachments

Batch Extract MBOX Attachments at Once

The software gives permission to extract MBOX attachments from various MBOX files at once so that users can save their valuable time and efforts. This feature of MBOX Attachment Extractor is most significant because it is helpful to avoid same repeated process again and again and efficiently extract attachments from MBOX file in bulk.

Maintain Email Label

100% Confirmation to Maintain Email Labels

The MBOX Attachment Extractor offers a total security confirmation to all selected file. There is no damage and file debasement indications chances with this robust utility. It pulls out attachments from MBOX files in the accompanying manner so that all the email labels or elements of MBOX emails like subject, CC, beneficiary/ sender, etc stay unaltered.

User Defined Destination Location

User Defined Destination Location

MBOX attachment extractor permits to uninhibitedly store output files in a user defined target location. The toolkit needs the selection of the destination path so that the end-user can save the extracted attachments from MBOX files in a chosen location. Moreover, you can even save the output to external storage devices like pen drives or hard disks.

Supports All MBOX Files

Compatible with All MBOX Files

BitRecover MBOX attachment extractor software supports all MBOX files exported from various email clients or services i.e. Mozilla Thunderbird, Google Takeout, SeaMonkey, Incredimail, Mac Mail, Eudora Mail, etc. It supports all variants of MBOX files also successfully.

Extract MBOX Attachments without Limitations

Extract MBOX Attachments without Limitations

There is no file size limitation to extract MBOX attachments as this toolkit is an appropriate utility which is compatible with large sized MBOX files. Our team tested this software again and again with large sized MBOX files, it works perfectly without any error message.

MBOX File Attachment Extractor Free Download
Know Minimum System Specifications to Download & Use the App with Ease
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Take a Trial - Demo edition of MBOX Attachment Extractor allows to extract maximum 20 attachments from each MBOX file which is helpful to understand the working process of this product.
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Trial Limitations

Free MBOX Attachment Extractor Tool is the most helpful way to understand the working procedure by extracting first 20 attachments from MBOX file. After testing the tool, grab its license keys for extracting and removing attachments from unlimited MBOX files.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
25 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 512 MB is required

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor(x86,x64) or equivalent

Supported Editions

Win 10 & All Below Windows Versions

Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked User's Questions and Answers

⭐ How to Extract all Attachments from MBOX File?

Follow these steps to Extract Attachments from MBOX Files:

  • Step 1 : Launch BitRecover MBOX Attachment Extractor Wizard.
  • Step 2 : Choose MBOX files or folders from PC.
  • Step 3 : Pick required folders to extract MBOX Attachments.
  • Step 4 : Enable Extract Attachmentsoption from tool.
  • Step 5 : Select destination and click on Next to Extract Attachments from MBOX files.

The major benefit of extracting attachments from MBOX files is that you can save it into a specific folder and utilize it for future uses.

Yes, it is highly recommended software to extract PDF attachments from Thunderbird MBOX file. The tool is well suitable to extract Thunderbird attachments in case of Thunderbird corruptions.

Yes, it is preferred software for archiving MBOX format attachments into external pen drive.

Yes, MBOX file contains the attachments, when email users send and receive email messages with attachments then attachments are saved in MBOX file. MBOX file is capable to contain various types of attachments in emails such as PDF, DOC, XLS, JPG, PNG, TIFF, XPS, etc.

In order to extract MBOX file attachments from Google Mail, you can try another software Email Attachment Downloader. With this software, you can directly download all attachments from Gmail.

Since all the attached files are combined with the MBOX document, so with time, the MBOX files gets larger than average and there is a danger of file debasement or harm. The users can confront a few blunders in getting to their significant information. And furthermore, the huge size MBOX document will take more extra room. So, to maintain a strategic distance from such circumstances, user needs tools like MBOX attachment extractor to let loose some space and restore the significant MBOX file into a sound format. This will boost the proficiency and execution of the email client application.

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