Where Does Opera Mail Store Email Messages in Windows? Easy Tutorial

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

The Development of Opera Mail was discontinued in 2016, and technical support for it reached the last stage of its life cycle. If you are still using it, you may lack customer guidance, security patches releases, and other minor updates.

Opera Mail Interface

Opera Mail stores all email messages in MBS format. But no one knows how to locate Opera Mail folder in Windows OS. Well, in the upcoming section of the blog, users will get a detailed guide on where does Opera Mail Store email messages? So, let’s move straight to the solution section.

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Where Opera Store Email Messages in Local Directories of Computer?

To find Opera local directories in Windows 10, follow the steps mentioned above for good.

  1. Open Opera Mail on your Machine.
  2. Now, Open the Menu Bar, and navigate to Help >> About Opera Mail.
    manual way to locate opera mail location
  3. In the Next Window, you will get version information and the default path for Preferences, Saved Sessions, and Opera Directory & Mail Directory.
    Opera Mail Path Location

I hope it’s clear now. Where does Opera Mail store email messages? Now, copy the file path and paste it into Windows File Explorer to know the exact location of the emails.

Note: Once you get Opera Mail directories, you will find multiple data files with different extensions. Users have to browse for MBS file format, because MBS file stores all the email messages and attachments.

Locate Opera Mail folder in Windows OS – Using Automated Solution

From the above snapshot, it is clear that Opera Mail stores the email messages in the MBS file extension, but now the question is how users can access their email data files. Well, don’t be afraid. We have an ultimate solution, i.e., BitRecover Opera Mail Converter.

These smart solutions automatically detect the Opera Mail file location from the source and let users export their data across multiple file-formats without failure.

Additionally, the utility offers multiple advanced data filters to sort the file as required. Users can download the trial edition of this toolkit to know its potential.

Download for Windows

Steps to Export Opera Mail Data to Multiple Formats

In this section, users will answer the following queries: Where Does Opera Mail Store Email Messages, and how to export Opera data files to another file extension. So, follow the number of steps mentioned below:

  1. Download and run the wizard on the Windows operating system. Once you come across the first screen of the software, you will see all the Opera Files listed on the left panel.
  2. Select the required folder, and the software will list all the mailbox content. Click on the Mail file to preview its content.
    Preview Opera Mail Content
  3. Next, click the “Save” button and select the saving option per requirement. Also, it offers multiple advanced data filters. Users can apply them accordingly.
    Select saving option
  4. Afterward, click on the browse icon and select the designation location for good.
    browse location to save data file
  5. The conversion process will start after the last click on the “ok” button.
    Click ok to start the process
  6. Once the process ends, the software will automatically redirect you to the Output location for good.
    Output data file

That’s it for an automated solution to locate the Opera Mail folder in Windows 10. Also, the automated solution successfully solved the user query where does Opera Mail Store email messages. Now, let’s check out some commonly asked questions by users.

Where Opera Store Email Messages? Common FAQs With Answers

Q) Is Opera Mail Still Available?

Users can download the old edition of Opera Mail, but you will get any technical support. The last update for Opera was in 2016, then discontinued for further development.

Q) Does the Demo Edition of Toolkit Works Similar to The Licenced Version of Software?

Yes, the trial edition software works similar to the pro edition of the toolkit, but in the trial edition, it only allows the export of a limited number of emails.

Q) Where Opera Store Email Messages and Bookmarks?

The Opera Mail Store messages in local “App Data” directories and the bookmarks are stored in the bookmark manager panel.

So There You Have It

In the above post, users will learn about where does Opera Mail Store email messages with other data files. Also, we have outlined the entire procedure to locate Opera Mail folder in Windows 10. Users can take the help of manual as well as automated solution to find the Opera local directories. Our suggestion to readers is to stick with the smart solution as it automatically detects data from the source and allows users to export data to more than ten file formats.

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