How to Save Google Emails to Computer, Flash Drive Easily ?

Mark Regan | June 11th, 2021 | Data Backup


From changing one Google email account to other email service or just wishing to create a local Google mail backup for record keeping purposes, there are so many reasons to save Google emails to computer. This article describes how to save Google emails to hard drive regardless of how much computer experience do you carry.

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Why It Makes Sense to Save Google Emails to Computer ?

By noting this fact that Google itself has thousands of employees who are cyber security professionals with huge industry experience. You might be wondering that these expert trained employees are better suited than any individual to protect your data and you won’t be wrong.

However, considering the past experiences, it is clear that hackers always search a convenient way to achieve what they want. If you are a Google mail user then it is not far fetched to think some hackers executing a malware attack on your Gmail account.

Of course, data loss is not just one reason to save Google emails to computer storage. Also, when you save Google emails to hard drive, you can access all your Google account database when internet is down.

Luckily, this situation can be certainly avoided when it comes to a reliable software such as Gmail Backup Tool. With the help of this expert solution, one can quickly save Google emails to computer hard drive within few seconds. Even if you are having multiple Google accounts and want to store all information present in them to your local storage, then use this application.

How to Save Google Emails to Computer, Flash Drive ? – Understand the Whole Process

Please Note:- We suggest you to take a free trial of Google email saving tool. It is absolutely free of cost and will help you check the tool’s functionalities. After getting a complete satisfaction, upgrade the license keys.
Download for Windows Download for Mac

Step-1:- After downloading the software, enter the Google email account details into the software panel. Also, enable the ‘Use Batch Mode’ option to save multiple Google account emails to computer. Press on the Login button to continue.

Step-2:- Now, the software will load all the Google mail folders into the GUI. Just enable the desired Google mail folders or sub-folders which you wish to save into your computer.

Step-3:- Select any saving option as per your need.

Step-4:- Choose any file naming option from the software for a better email management.

Step-5:- Enable the ‘Use advance mode for selective backup’ option if you intend to selectively save Google emails to hard drive.

Step-6:- Set a saving location on computer as per your requirement and hit on the backup button to start the task.

Step-7:- The process to save Google emails to computer is running successfully on your computer. It will take some time and will give a completion message at the end.

Where to check the results? Once this whole process finishes, the software will automatically open the output folder containing your Google mail data.

Want to save Google emails to flash drive? Don’t worry! Now your have save Gmail emails offline on your PC. Just insert your flash drive into your computer and copy the emails into it.

Save Google Emails to Hard Drive – Top Benefits of Software

1) Keeps all Google mail messages together with attachments safely downloaded on your computer.

2) No data loss issues while saving Google account emails to computer.

3) The software allows to batch save multiple Google accounts at once to computer.

4) You can save Google emails to hard drive, flash drive easily with this tool.

5) It’s a trustworthy product as it never saves the user account details in the software’s database.

6) Gives option to selectively save Google emails to local storage.

7) Consistent with all latest and older versions of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

Commonly Asked Queries

Q- How do I save Google emails to my computer?

A- Follow these steps to save Google mail to your computer:

  1. Download and start the Google mail saving tool on computer.
  2. Enter Google mail details and press login tab.
  3. Enable desired Google mail folders which you want to save locally.
  4. Choose any file saving option from the software.
  5. Start to save all emails from Google account to computer.

Q- I want to save four of my Google mail account data on my computer. Is it possible with the recommended solution?

A- Yes, with this wizard you can easily save multiple Google email accounts to computer.

Q- There are hundreds of folders and sub-folders in my current Google mail account. Will the software save all Google folders and sub-folders correspondingly to my Windows 10 laptop?

A- Yes, you can save selective Google mail folders, sub-folders to your computer. Also, since it is Windows-compatible so you can use it on your Windows 10 machine too.


In today’s age, there is no guarantee that your personal information on a webmail is safe. Even though Google does a lot to safeguard your information, still the issues such as cyber threats and hacking are frequently reported by users. So, the fact remains the same that to save Google emails to computer is a good idea. In this article, we have explained the best method to save Google emails to hard drive and how to save Google emails to flash drive. If you ever lose access to your old or new Google account, then we assure you that you will be glad that you have spent few seconds to download these to your PC for email backup process.

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