How to Import Google Takeout to Gmail’s New Account?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read
Overview part: Millions of home and business users use Google Workspace (Gmail / G Suite) services. Most of these users wish to save their Google data as MBOX files (basically Google archived mailbox). These MBOX files can then be migrated to new Google mail accounts. Here, we will explain the direct solution to upload Google Takeout to Gmail’s new account. This write-up aims to give you complete guidance on how to upload a Google archive to a new account.

Google Takeout is a free data export service provided by Google, that allows you to download everything you have ever used in your Google account. This means that a Gmail user can download emails, contacts, images, videos, etc., and pack them together in a simple .zip or .tgz file. After extracting the zipped archived file, you can get data in the MBOX format. This is a great option for taking a backup of Gmail data locally on your computer.

However, even after you have Google Takeout mail, the problem is how to import Google Takeout data to Gmail’s new account.

What User Wants?

For certain reasons, I got to delete all my personal data from my Google account. But, before that, I have downloaded the emails with the traditional Google Takeout method. Now, I need to upload Google archive emails to a new account. What is the appropriate solution to upload the Google Takeout archive to a new account?

Here, we will explain how can you import Google Takeout to another account in some simple steps.

Steps to Import Google Takeout to New Account

Follow below instructions:

  • Start the Google archive converter.
  • Select Google Takeout MBOX files.
  • Select email folders to upload them into the new account.
  • Choose Gmail as the saving option and enter the credentials.
  • Press Next to upload archive data to Gmail.

Upload Google Takeout Data to Gmail – Brief Insight

There is no direct option in your Google account through which you can upload Google Takeout to a new account. Hence, the best option is to use a reliable software solution that can easily import Google Takeout data to Gmail account. BitRecover Google Takeout Converter Wizard is specifically designed to upload Google archived data to a new account.