How to Clone Gmail Account to Your Computer or Other Email?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Google Gmail is the world’s most widely used cloud-based email service because it is available free of cost with great features. Gmail comes with a simple graphical user interface (GUI) so anyone can easily use it without facing any problems. Sometimes users have a desire to create clone Gmail account due to various reasons.

If you are an active Gmail user and want to know the best technique to clone your Google account. Then stay tuned with this blog post as this article explains the complete details to clone Gmail app to a local pc or another cloud-based email account.

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User Concern about Gmail Cloning

Query 1

Recently an incident happened with my friend, he was using his Gmail account since 2015. But suddenly his Gmail account got blocked due to entering the wrong credentials and later he tried to recover the password but was unable to do that. Now I have also a concern about my Gmail account data so I want to clone my Gmail account to the local computer. I want to do that because after cloning my Gmail account, I can avoid the situation like my friend faced.

Douglas Williams, Arizona

Query 2

I am using the Gmail email service since 2007 but now this is near to full. Later, I also purchased Microsoft 365 subscription plan for my business needs, and now I 2 different email accounts. Now I want to clone my Gmail account into my Office 365 account as it has enough space. Please suggest to me how to mirror a Gmail account under my Office 365 business suite program.

Thaddeus Davis, Scotland

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Manual Method for Cloning Gmail Account

  1. First login to your specific Gmail account and start Google Takeout ( service.
  2. Deselect all Google programs and enable only the Gmail option.
    deselect all
  3. Now set the Delivery method as Send download link via email as shown in the figure.
    delivery method
  4. After that, select ZIP as the file type.
    choose zip option
  5. Choose the maximum file size for cloning data i.e., 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 10 GB, and 50 GB. Click the Create archive button.
    clone archive size
  6. Gmail data archiving is being prepared, please wait it will take some time according to data size.
    google takeout archive process
  7. Later, you will receive an email subject like “Your Google data archive is ready”, now hit the Download archive button.
    download archive

Note: Your Gmail account data will be downloaded in a ZIP file. You can extract the ZIP file and get your data in MBOX format. Now you can use FREE Google Takeout Viewer to read archived emails.

Limitations of Manual Method

  • As you have seen above, the manual method can export MBOX from a Gmail account so if you want to clone a Gmail account to another format then this is not possible.
  • The manual approach is effective for cloning your Gmail account to your local computer. But if you want to clone your Gmail account to other cloud-based accounts like Gmail, Yahoo,, Office 365, etc. then this is not possible.
  • This technique may take several minutes to several days for mirroring a Gmail account as it shows a message like your data is being prepared.

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Professional Way to Create Clone Gmail Account

BitRecover Gmail Backup Wizard is authorized to create clone Gmail accounts on multiple desktop and cloud-based platforms. You can use this Gmail Email Cloning Tool to clone an existing Gmail email address according to your choice.

This Gmail email cloner software offers approx 30 cloning choices for you. Even it comes with a free trial version. The demo edition of this application permits you to clone 25 emails from each Gmail folder to your preferred platform. Let’s see its working steps.

Note: Please enable IMAP Settings and create a Gmail App Password before using this software. In the upcoming section, the software will ask for an app password.

How to Clone a Gmail Account?

  1. Start Gmail Email Cloning Tool, enter account credentials (Gmail ID & App Password), and press Login.
    gmail email cloning tool
  2. Thereafter, the tool will add Gmail folders in the software panel, you can select the required folders.
    required folder
  3. Gmail Cloner Tool also provides several filter options for selectively cloning Gmail accounts.
    filter options
  4. Now select an option where you want to create a clone Gmail account. We are selecting Office 365.
    clone option
  5. Enter Office 365 account credentials and hit the Backup button.
    create clone gmail account
  6. Now software is creating a cloning Gmail account to Office 365, so please wait.
    gmail cloning
  7. The process to clone Gmail account has been completed successfully.
    completed successfully
  8. Lastly, log in to your Microsoft 365 account and see the clone Gmail account.

Gmail Email Cloning Tool Features

  • This software has approx 30 cloning options for your Gmail account including PST, MSG, EML, MBOX, Yahoo,, Office 365, Zoho Mail, etc.
  • Gmail Email Cloner Software provides several filter options to create clone Gmail account between date range, by email address, and subject.
  • This application is capable to clone multiple Gmail accounts at once by creating a CSV file having account credentials.
  • The tool is suitable to create clone Gmail accounts including attachments, to, cc, bcc, subject, signature, inline images, and all.
  • You can choose only specific folders according to your preference to clone Google accounts.


We have explained the top 2 methods to create clone Gmail account effortlessly. If you want to do Gmail cloning on your desktop in MBOX format then use the manual technique. If you want to clone a Gmail account anywhere according to your choice then use the Gmail email cloning tool mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: Can you clone a Gmail account manually?

Ans: Yes, we have already mentioned the complete steps for creating a clone Gmail account on your computer. However, the manual method has some limitations.

Ques 2: Is Gmail cloning possible on desktop-based email clients?

Ans: Yes, this utility gives freedom to create Gmail cloning on most desktop clients such as Thunderbird, Outlook, Mac Mail, eM Client, etc.

Ques 3: How to clone email in Gmail account?

Ans: The tool provides multiple cloning choices, choose Gmail from the list to clone emails in your Gmail account.