How to Export Gmail Folders or Labels?

User Asked – I have been using Gmail for the past four years, and I use this account on many platforms like Zomato, online shopping, and many more. But I can’t delete all the messages because some of them are important to me. So I create a folder and import particular emails into a folder via drag and drop. Therefore, I export the Gmail folder for backup purposes. But it is difficult for me to download Gmail folders manually. Please help me.

So, I read this concern on the forum site. This blog will talk about this question. In this blog, you will get the answer as well as the solution easily.

As we all know, Gmail is a versatile email service. Many users are aware of the Gmail service and blindly trust it. Gmail keeps on adding and modifying its features to increase its popularity so that it is easy for users. But not every email is important, so they want to protect only select Google emails on the computer.

Is it Possible to Download Gmail Folder?

Frankly, no. There are many manual methods available on the internet, but in reality, they do not give you 100% accuracy. You can use the Google Takeout service provided by Google. It is absolutely free of cost. The only method is available for users who want to export Gmail folders.

With Google Takeout, you cannot preserve the internal folder hierarchy and attachments. But don’t worry, I will give a manual method. If this process is not practical for you, then you can use a reliable solution which I have mentioned below.

But, many users are confused about folders and labels. They cannot understand the difference between the two. And asks questions. So, let me explain it in simple words.

Are Gmail labels the same as folders?

In Gmail, you use labels to categorize your emails. Labels are like folders, but with a twist—you can apply multiple labels to an email, then find the email later by clicking any of its labels from the left panel. You can also search by a label.

I think this is enough to clear your mind about whether the label and folder are the same or not. Now let me tell you the direct solution without getting bored, by which you can move your Gmail folder automatically.

A Direct Solution to Export Gmail Folders

There are many solutions available, but very few provide you with the option to download Gmail folders as per your requirements. The BitRecover Gmail Backup Tool gives you the option to export Gmail labels and folders. Sometimes you need to download only selected email folders from Gmail, and you are in a hurry to transfer emails from Gmail to another account with labels. This tool is fantastic for downloading Gmail email folders for backup purposes. Just take a look at the software features.

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Entices Feature of the Tool

  1. This tool allows you to export specific Gmail emails to a flash drive or external drive along with the entire email properties.
  2. It also provides you with the easiest way to download Gmail folders to cloud-based email services.
  3. It preserves the folder name and internal folder structure during the downloading process.
  4. This software provides the option to export Gmail folders from multiple @gmail accounts at once.
  5. It will ask for your Gmail account credentials to be able to connect to your account.
  6. It is built with high-tech algorithms and has a user-friendly interface. So, both technical and non-technical users can easily work with this tool.

Preparation Before Using the Tool

#1: Enable the IMAP Setting

enable Gmail IMAP

#2: On two Steps Verification

  1. Click on the Gmail profile >> Manage Your Gmail Account.
  2. Then hit on the Security option as seen on the left panel.
  3. Click on the 2-Step Verification option under the Signing into Google box.
  4. After this, the option of App Password will appear.

#3: Create Google App Password

Steps to Export Gmail labels

  1. Firstly, download the software and login using your Gmail account details.
    (Use the app password because your regular password will not work.)enter Gmail details to download Gmail folder
  2. Secondly, the software will display all Gmail folders. Now you can quickly select the required email folders from the software Gmail folder
  3. After that, choose the saving option from the 20+ common saving options.choose saving option
  4. Choose the destination path where you export the Gmail folder.choose location to download Gmail folder
  5. Live conversion is on the screen with counting conversion to export Gmail labels

Manually Migrate Gmail Folder

  1. First of all, go to and sign in using your Google account.
  2. Then, click on the “Deselect all” to deselect all
  3. Scroll down and choose the “Mail” Mail option to export Gmail label
  4. Now click the “All Mail Data Included” option in the “Mail” box.
  5. Uncheck the “include all messages in mail” option and select your particular label or specific folder
  6. Lastly, hit the Ok tab.
  7. After clicking the “Next Step” option, select the “download link via email” from the delivery delivery method to export Gmail folder
  8. Scroll down, and choose the .zip option from the file type option.
  9. Choose the file size (1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 10GB, and 50GB). If your data is huge, then this size will be split into multiple files.choose size
  10. Click the Create Export button to start the process of downloading Gmail emails.
  11. After that, it will ask for your Gmail password.
  12. It will show you the completion message, but it will take time depending on the size of your folder.Download Gmail labels successfully
  13. Lastly, download the exported file.exported file


  1. It will take time for the Gmail folder to be downloaded.
  2. This process may not work if your Gmail folder is very large.
  3. After downloading the result file in MBOX format. So you need a supported application to open MBOX.