How to Download Gmail Folders or Label ?

Mark Regan ~ April 15th, 2021 ~ How to

There are many solutions available, but very few offers you with the option to download Gmail folders as per your requirement.

Sometimes you need to download only selective email folders from Gmail and you are in hurry to download a Gmail folder.

Now in this post, we will detail you how to download Gmail folders and quickly export Gmail labels in your desired file type.

Download the Gmail Backup software and login using your email credentials.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

Software will display all Gmail folders from your email account.
Now you can quickly select required email folders from the software window.

Gmail folders

From the Saving options you can select desired Saving file type like EML, PST, MBOX or PDF etc as per your need.

desired Gmail folders

How to download selective Gmail messages

Now, let me tell you how you can download email messages which meet your particular search criteria.

Use the Google native search feature using advance operators and you will get your emails filtered as per your custom search.


Create a New Label and assign your search results same Label.


Now again start the suggested toolkit and login into it to see all Gmail email folders.

Now this time in the folder list, you will see the newly created Gmail Label too.

Select this particular Gmail Label or folder and then you can easily export Gmail labels.

Select Saving Option. And it’s done.

How to transfer selective email messages to another email account or email service.

To transfer your desired email messages as per your search criteria, you can take help of Advance Search of Gmail.

Advance Search results will show you all matching results.

Again select all such messages and assign them a New Label.

Now again start the above-mentioned toolkit and select this New Label and from the Saving Option select Gmail, Yahoo or IMAP as the Saving option to migrate Gmail labels to desired email service.