How to Transfer Gmail Account to Another Person with Attachments ?

Transfer data, June 11, 2021


Introduction – There are times when you need to transfer Gmail account to another person. It can be due to many good reasons such as job change, backup of data, etc. So, if you are looking for a detailed guide explaining the easiest trick to move Gmail address to another person, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we have put together the best solution and easiest method to transfer a Gmail account to another account. Now, let’s get started.

Google provided Gmail is a popular email service to exchange emails and other information. A large portion of the total population uses Gmail for data management. Thanks to its simple interface and security features, the user decides to move data from one Gmail account to another person. But, they do not want to leave Gmail.

In general, user searches solution for two scenarios:

  1. How can I transfer Gmail account data to another person?
  2. How can you transfer Gmail address to another person account?

Now having discussed all that, let’s move to the expert solution for transferring Gmail account to another person with attachments.

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Read about the Best Solution to Transfer Gmail Account to Another Person 

Gmail Backup Tool for PC is an online solution to move data from existing Gmail account to another person. It is capable to transfer large Gmail files to another person account with all accuracy. This application is easy-to-use on all the available Windows OS. Also, the user can transfer Gmail account to another person’s account by applying advanced filters. If you are someone who just wants to move specific emails from an old Gmail account to another person, it is possible. The utility is tested and gives 100% exact results.
Download for Windows Download for Mac

The following are the steps to transfer your Gmail account to another person

Follow the detailed explanation with the screenshot to learn a simple way to transfer data from a Gmail account to another person’s account.

  • Download and start the application on a Windows computer.
  • Now, fill the Username and Password of your Gmail account and tap on the Login button.

  • Choose the folder you wish to transfer from Gmail account to another person.

  • Next, select Gmail in the saving list from the software.

  • Enter Gmail credentials to continue.

  • Here, you can check the advanced option to move a selective Gmail email to another person account.

  • Finally, click on the Backup button and watch live conversion.

  • So that was all. Now, open another person account (Gmail) and see the final results.

Give a Try to Free edition 

If you think you can use the software by making the payment only then it is not the only solution. This software comes with a demo version that the user can use free of cost. You can download the software from the official website. It allows you to transfer the first 25 emails from Gmail account to another person with attachments. The working process is the same as mentioned above. Next, you can upgrade to Pro edition to move all emails from Gmail account to another person with attachments.

Amazing Features of Software

It is a pretty good software and brings multiple features:

  • The application is helpful to transfer all folders from Gmail account to another person.
  • The utility is the best choice for users who want to transfer Gmail emails, not ownership.
  • Offers multiple options for transferring Gmail emails to multiple file formats, email client formats, email services, etc.
  • The program maintains the original folder structure during the transfer process.
  • When transferring emails from Gmail account to another person account, it will retain the email properties and header information.
  • The software comes with a simple and consistent interface. Both technical and non-technical users can understand the process.
  •  Users can quickly transfer Gmail emails to another person’s account using advanced selective filtering options.
  • It is completely autonomous to perform its work without requiring third-party software.
  • The program supports all editions of the Windows operating system, including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.

As we have said in the introduction, we will explain everything about Gmail account transfer process. It’s time to shed some light on the user query – how to transfer Gmail address into another person account. So, here we go.

A freeway to Transfer Gmail Address to Another Person 

If you want to transfer your Gmail address to another person, first make sure that person is trustworthy. After this, grant your Gmail account access to another person. He/she can read, send, delete, modify your data, manage your contacts, etc. on their name. This solution is simple and safe than any other approach.

But before going for the grant, confirm that the person also has a Gmail account. Without a Gmail account, no one can serve as an assigned delegate.

But before applying for the grant, make sure that the person also has a Gmail account. Now, let’s move to the step-wise process to get the job done.

Step1. Start your Gmail account and go to gear icon on the top.


Step2. Now, select a setting option in the File menu.


Step3. Click on Accounts and Imports Tab as shown in the image.


Step4. Choose “Grant access to your account” section and tap on Add another account.


Step5. Now, fill the email address to transfer email address to another person.


Step6. Get a confirmation mail. Enjoy!


The Final Thoughts

The above blog details a quick way to transfer Gmail account to another person with attachments. It is a simple task with an expert solution mentioned in the guide. You can accomplish the complete process without any technical knowledge. It also explains the complete procedure to migrate Gmail ownership to another person account in the simplest way. So, try the solution now.

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