Migrate Hotmail Email to Office 365 – Know How?

Mark Regan ~ April 26th, 2021 ~ Import Emails

Mr. Devin shared his whole experience to batch migrate Hotmail email to Office 365 account. He had expounded the whole process to execute Hotmail to Office 365 migration procedure.

Mr. Devin is Senior Head in a firm who keep on the search for some new things related to technology.

He said that one day I got an idea in my mind that I can also move all my Hotmail emails to MS Office 365 account. I found it something stimulating.

Then, I explored on the internet to understand that if there are other users like me who need to move Hotmail emails to O365 mailbox. After searching countless forum sites, I had several user’s queries who wanted to export Hotmail mailbox to Office 365 as stated:

  • How to export Hotmail emails to Office 365?
  • How to move Hotmail mailbox to O365 mailbox directly?
  • What is most effective way to migrate Hotmail emails to Office 365?
  • How to transfer Hotmail emails to O365 account?

After understanding the need of other users, I began to explore for a resolution to move Hotmail emails to MS Office 365 account..

Finally! I had one solution Email Backup Wizard, I got the resolution someway the actual for which I was examining. But I was having several questions that were coming in my mind. So, I contacted at technical support to clear my doubts. After having words with technical person, he said to me that tool comes up with demo edition that I can utilize to know about tool completely.

After utilizing the demo version, I spent on the software as it was exact solution to migrate Hotmail email to Office 365. Using this wizard, I was able to convert Hotmail to Office 365 account without any hassle.

How to Migrate Hotmail Email to Office 365 ?

Follow these steps to migrate emails from Hotmail to Office 365:-

  1. Launch BitRecover Hotmail to Office 365 migration tool.
  2. Choose Hotmail email source for transferring into Office 365.
  3. Select Office 365 account credentials and hit on Login tab.
  4. The transfer of Hotmail emails to Office 365 begins.
  5. Open Office 365 email account to view migrated Hotmail data.

How to Transfer Email from Hotmail to Office 365 ?- Swift Migration

To execute data migration from Hotmail to O365 mailbox follow the given steps of instructions:

Firstly, download and run the software on your Windows machine.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

From the list of file saving options, choose Hotmail email application to perform data migration.


Enter credentials of your Hotmail account on software panel and click on Login button to move further.


After login, the software will start analyzing the folders and load it on tool’s panel. This ends the first phase to import Hotmail to Office 365 account.


Check the desired folder that you want to migrate from Hotmail account to Office 365 mailbox.


From the list of saving options, choose Office 365 option.


If you want to save the messages in default folder then, check an option “save messages in the default folder.”


If you are an admin then, check an option “I am Admin.” It helps to perform multiple account mapping.

For using the user accounts be to ensure that Application Impersonation, as well as mailbox delegation, is allowed.


Explanation of How to Use I Am Admin option 

For checking this option, open your MS Office 365 mailbox >> enter credentials.


Click on the permissions and select Hygiene Management. Then, click on plus “+” icon for addition of Application Impersonation role.

Select ApplicationImpersonation and choose Add and click on OK button.


Now, choose “+” icon for adding admin account members list.


Select member >> click on Add button >> click Ok.


Select Save button only after completion of an update, you will receive the message of completion and then, click on Ok.


Now, add mailbox delegation permission for the administrator. Click on the Recipients.


Click on the Mailbox Delegation >> click on “+”icon for addition of Full Access to Admin. After the addition just click on Save button.


After this, let us go back on application panel.

If you need to change its language then, just check for an option change language.


Enter the credentials of your Office 365 account on tool’s panel.


If you want to migrate selective emails then, check an option of “Use Advance Settings for Selective Backup.”


Enter the date range and other required details for particular email backup and click on backup button to start to migrate Hotmail email to Office 365.


After completion of procedure of how to migrate Hotmail email to Office 365, you will have completion message on screen.

With this way, I was enabled to move Hotmail emails to Office 365 mailbox directly. It takes some moment to implement data migration procedure. The best thing I got in this Hotmail to Office 365 Backup is that data integrity is kept intact after export process. The application is easy and trouble-free way to migrate all Hotmail emails to Office 365 without any error.

Import Hotmail to Office 365 – Learn with this Video Tutorial

Eye-Catching Features of Hotmail to O365 Migration Software

  • Migrate unlimited data from Hotmail to Office 365 mailbox.
  • No external application is required to execute the migration process.
  • Integrity of data is kept intact during the process to migrate Hotmail email to Office 365.
  • 100% secure tool to execute the data migration of Hotmail to O365.
  • Operable on all Windows OS easily without any problem.


By ending my topic, I would only say that keep searching the technology to know more new things. Also, utilizing a defined solution is also significant to manage data in the proper way. So, download this software and easily migrate Hotmail email to office 365 with accuracy. 

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