How to Migrate Hotmail Email to Office 365 Mailbox Account?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 7 Min Read

Summary: This write-up explains the complete steps to migrate Hotmail email to Office 365 Primary and In-Place Archive mailboxes. Here, we have explained the two best possible ways for Hotmail to Office 365 migration together with emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes.

As we all know that Hotmail is a discontinued web-based email service that was acquired by Microsoft in 1997. Later in 2013 Microsoft replaced it with and moved more than 300 million users from Hotmail to Its old email addresses like [email protected] are still in working condition.

Nowadays, various users search the tips and tricks to move Hotmail to Office 365 because of their personal and professional needs. If you are also one of those who want to migrate Hotmail to Microsoft 365 mailboxes. Then continue reading this blog post till the end, but first, know some reasons behind the migration.

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Reasons for Hotmail to Office 365 Migration

  • Several Office 365 users who still have a Hotmail email account want to manage all emails into one account. Thus, they can easily access all the emails at once place.
  • Office 365 is the first choice if someone wants to upgrade Hotmail. This is necessary if users’ business is in the growing phase as they want to use professional email addresses having their own business domain name.
  • Most business professionals consider to use Microsoft 365 because it comes with some online productivity applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, OneDrive, Planner, SharePoint, etc.
  • Microsoft 365 comes with enhanced features hence, if someone needs more licenses. Then he can easily purchase Office 365 license according to his needs and choices.

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Expert Suggested Software

Download BitRecover Backup Tool which allows to migrate Hotmail to Microsoft 365 account. This is a fully automated software that asks only for Hotmail and Office 365 account credentials. Even this is developed in such a way that it doesn’t store the user’s account login details in the database.

Even this application is obtainable with a free trial version that is helpful for understanding its working process. As freeware Hotmail to Office 365 Migration Tool is authenticated for transferring of 25 items from each Hotmail folder to M365 mailbox accounts.

How to Move Hotmail to Office 365 Account?

  1. Start Hotmail to Office 365 Migration Tool on your computer.
    Hotmail to Office 365 migration tool
  2. Fill Hotmail email address / password and press the Login button.
    hotmail credentials
  3. Thereafter, the software will start uploading Hotmail folders in GUI.
    adding hotmail folders
  4. Now choose the necessary Hotmail folders that you want to move.
    select folders
  5. Use advance filters to migrate choice data between accounts.
    advance filters
  6. Afterward, set Office 365 as a saving option as shown in the screenshot.
    choose office 365
  7. Enter M365 account email address and press Backup to continue.
    enter O365 email address
  8. Fill O365 account password and click on Sign In.
    enter M365 password
  9. The process to migrate Hotmail email to Office 365 is beginning.
    migrate Hotmail email to Office 365
  10. Hotmail to Office 365 migration process has been finished successfully.
    migrate Hotmail to Microsoft 365
  11. Lastly, log in to your targeted Office 365 account and see imported data.
    login to office 365

Why Hotmail to Office 365 Migration Tool?

  • This utility is capable to move Hotmail to Office 365 mailbox including emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and all.
  • Users can use checkboxes for selecting only important folders for migration instead of all folders according to their choice.
  • Hotmail to M365 Migration Tool comes with various advance filters. Users can use them to move specified data between dates, by email address, and by email subject.
  • It has a separate option to move Hotmail to Office 365 primary and in-place archive mailboxes according to the user’s demand.
  • This application permits to forward Hotmail to Office 365 default folders by selecting the “Save messages in default folders” option.
  • I am admin option is especially available to migrate Hotmail email to Office 365 by choosing a specific user account.
  • The tool has a separate option to extract email addresses from Hotmail which is also beneficial for creating an email database for marketing purposes.
  • Hotmail to Microsoft 365 Migration Tool automatically generates a log report that has details about migrated data.
  • This application maintains the actual folder structure during the completion of the task.
  • The tool preserves all associated email properties such as To, Cc, From, Subject, Date, Time, Inline Images, Body Text, HTML Links, Signature, etc.

Is Manual Approach Available?

There is no direct manual approach available to migrate Hotmail to Microsoft 365 mailbox account. However, if the manual method is your last hope, then you can complete the migration process. But you need to follow multiple phases for resolving this query.

Phase 1: Configure Hotmail Account with Outlook Desktop

  1. Open desktop Outlook and choose File >> Add Account.
  2. Enter your Hotmail email address and choose Advanced options.
  3. Choose Let me set up my account manually and select Connect.
  4. Select the Other option from Advanced setup screen.
  5. Choose Server Type and fill required details.
  6. Hit on the Connect button to complete the configuration.

Note: Thereafter Outlook will start downloading Hotmail emails in a database. It may take a few hours or days that will depend on the size of the data.

Phase 2: Get PST File from Desktop Outlook

  1. Run Outlook and choose File >> Open & Export >> Import / Export.
  2. Thereafter, choose Export to a file and press Next.
  3. Select Outlook Data File (.pst) and click on the Next button.
  4. Choose the folders that you want to export and press Next.
  5. Afterward, browse a location to store the exported file.
  6. Click on the Finish button for successful completion.

Note: Following the 2 phases as mentioned earlier, you can easily export Hotmail emails to PST file(s). Thereafter, follow up on the next and last phase for completing this task.

Phase 3: Use Network Upload Technique

The network upload method is Microsoft’s official technology to import PST files to Office 365. You can follow the mentioned network upload steps.

  1. Download PST Import Tool and keys to the private Azure storage location.
  2. Add PST files under the Azure storage location.
  3. Thereafter, generate a PST import mapping file.
  4. Now create a PST import job.
  5. Filter data from PST file for importing.
  6. Start the PST import job and complete the task.

Note: After completing all 3 phases, Hotmail to Office 365 migration query will be resolved.

Drawbacks of the Manual Method

  • If you want to perform a manual method to move Hotmail to Office 365 mailbox. Then this is necessary to have Office 365 administrator-level knowledge about the POP, IMAP, Azure, Mapping, Admin Panel, etc. Hence, non-technical users may phase the problem while completing this task.
  • For completing Hotmail to Microsoft 365 migration process with manual steps. You need to follow and complete the 3 phases and each phase has multiple steps. Hence, this is a long and time-consuming method.
  • Microsoft Outlook desktop version should be installed on your pc if you want to migrate Hotmail to Microsoft 365 account. Even Outlook is not available free of cost. This is a part of the Microsoft Office suite which is paid program.
  • Your single wrong operation may become the cause for losing your data forever. Even there is no guarantee of losing your crucial data. Hence, this is advisable to follow manual steps carefully.

By ending this topic, I would only say that keep searching technology to know more new things. Also, utilizing a defined solution is also significant for managing data in the proper way. So, download this software and easily migrate Hotmail email to office 365 with accuracy. You can also use manual steps for resolving your problem as mentioned in the above part of this write-up.